By Carol Sandford


Chapter 01


Will paced around the room. What had he forgotten, what the hell was it? It was driving him insane trying to remember.

Ever since Bev had stopped him in the hallway, Will had tried everything in his might to try and recall what was so special about today.

He slapped his thighs with an exasperated sigh of frustration and then gave up. "Well, I guess she'll be the first one to remind me later and then I'll know for sure, won't I? And you can bet your bottom dollar she'll make sure I put it in my diary for next year, if Deanna lets me live that long!


Will was surprised when he entered their quarters after his shift. His ears were immediately assaulted with soothing bluesy music. The lights were low, and so were Deanna's dress straps when she slowly came from the bedroom.

Will felt the heat rise from the very tip of his toes to his eyes as he scorched a path from her unclad feet to her hair that fell in a mass of wild, tumbling waves. She looked as sexy as hell. Within seconds, he had pulled her into his aching arms and was giving her the deepest, most sensuous kiss that he had given her for a long time.

Too long, he silently admitted, as her groan was swallowed into the moist recess of his mouth. Lord, he wanted her, here and now. His fingers found the loose straps, and without breaking the searing kiss, he forced the dress's bodice down her body, leaving it to pool around her bare toes.

Except for a tiny scrap of material hiding her from him, Deanna was naked. His huge hands trailed a rapid sensual trail up and down her silky body, his own burning fever bringing his breath to a tortured gasp as he continued to devour her. But still it wasn't enough, because he wanted more.

Threading his fingers through her hair, Deanna winced with a tiny squeal as Will grasped her hair and tipped her head back even more, invading her mouth with his whole tongue, drinking her, consuming her, delighting in her, desperately loving her.

Deanna felt herself gently lifted, and she vaguely realised, to her surprise, that he was heading for the couch. She was shocked when she found herself put down on the backs edge as Will knelt on the seat between her knees. She grinned knowingly at him, egging him on with her eyes and her teasing smile, and her naked body as it almost radiated her need of him.

Within seconds he was inside her and both became lost on the tidal wave of ecstasy that threw all caution to the winds as the eternally bonded Imzadi couple gave each other everything they wanted, and more. Their hearts, their souls and their bodies as they paid homage in the only way they knew how.

Will gathered her close as the rippling aftershocks surged through their spent bodies and his gentle whisper teased the damp tendrils that clung to her head, "I love you so much, Imzadi."

Deanna's feather-light kiss barely touched his sweat soaked cheek as she answered him. "And I you. I'm glad you remembered, Will."

Everything came to a halt as her words filtered through the foggy aftermath of their explosive love-making.

He chuckled nervously as he pulled himself away enough to look into her face. "I'm glad too."

But seconds later his heart hit the floor when he suddenly remembered what it was that he was supposed to have done today, "Oh, no..."

Deanna looked mortified as she realised what he was admitting. "Oh, Will, what have you done? You knew that your inhibitor shot had run out today. Will, you know I haven't taken mine, because you said you were going to deal with protection. Oh God," She cried, "what have we done?"

Will was speechless as he stared into his wife's beautiful face, now contorted with stunned grief at what had just occurred. Because of his absentmindedness, because of his inability to keep his pants on until he was safe, he had probably just got his wife of three months, well and truly pregnant.


Suddenly he found himself grinning. Hell, this wasn't so bad. He planted a kiss on her surprised lips, his eyes alight with joy as he broke away and watched her response. "A baby, Dee, our very own baby. Imagine it, sweetheart."

Ever so slowly Deanna's stunned expression turned from one of sheer terror, to resignation, until finally, one of equal joy. "A baby."

Before pulling her husband back for another searing kiss, Deanna's grin turned to one of desire. "But just to make sure, Imzadi, I think we should do that again..."

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