By Carol Sandford


Chapter 11


Deanna woke first. At first she was puzzled by the heavy weight across her waist, but turning her face slightly, her eyes met Will's closed ones. He was still heavily asleep and Deanna took the opportunity to study the man that she still deeply loved. Lightly tracing every feature on his face, Deanna heart ached as she touched the newly formed worry lines that now marked the handsome features. But even so, the lines seemed to heighten even more, the potency that oozed from every pore of his body. His hair, now sprinkled with gray only accentuated that potency even more. Deanna felt her insides grow warm. What she would do to have the man beside waken and take her in his arms like he once used to. To kiss her until she begged him for her release. To connect spiritually, to rejoin the bond that no other could even understand. She closed her eyes and let the once familiar sensations wash over her.

She dreamed of Will's lips touching hers, his tongue forcing its way to the inner sanctum of her mouth, igniting the flame that smoldered deep within her loins. His hands feeling their way around the all too familiar territory, burning their own trail over her secretive spots. Unconsciously, her body moved gently against his, seeking out anything that the sleeping man had to offer. But eventually, remembering where she was and the futile position that she had put herself in, she groaned quietly to herself.

Opening her eyes that were still suffused with the passionate thoughts that now raged throughout her body, she came face to face with Will's bright blue gaze. Deanna felt the blush rise, she knew that she had no right to behave this way with a man that could clearly not give her what her body screamed for.

She went to pull away, needing to put some space between him and her traitorous body signals, but was surprised when Will's hands held her fast. Deanna searched his eyes that were barely inches away from hers. Both stayed silent. Deanna did not know what to do, or what to say, unsure if she was misjudging his actions. As the intensity of Will's gaze lingered on, she finally, questionably, hesitantly, whispered his name.



As Will's head approached hers in slow motion, Deanna's eyes fluttered shut. Not believing this would happen, she waited for Will to change his mind and leap from the bed like a scared rabbit. But seconds later his warm lips lightly touched hers. She felt the spark ignite the ache that had been forced to the very depths of her soul, Deanna held herself still but could not suppress the moan that slipped through her lips as the hunger that she had woken up only moments before, surfaced to give her a pain that she could only describe as someone grabbing her heart, and her womb, and squeezing them with all their might.

She felt Will's body move closer to her until every part of each other touched. Deanna could feel Will trembling against her, and she began to gently caress his arm, until she felt him begin to relax. The kisses remained feather-light, but they were enough. As his tongue lightly circled her own, his body slowly moved gently against hers. And even though Will clearly could not have made love to her, Deanna did not need the physical intrusion of her womanhood. The magical kisses were creating their own erotic torture, and as she felt her arousal build up within, her own sensual emotions brought her all the release that she needed, and within minutes, a cascade of climatic abandonment surged throughout her body, shaking her to the very core, leaving her quivering with desire within Will's arms.

Eventually when her spiraling emotions had settled, she opened her eyes. Will silently watched her. Deanna lifted one finger to his lips and whispered, "Thank you, Imzadi". Will smiled briefly, then turning away, he swung out of the bed and disappeared into the bathroom. Deanna sighed, and swinging her own body out of the warmth of his bed, she put on her tunic.

Another day had begun.

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