By Carol Sandford


Chapter 14


Their days had begun to follow a familiar pattern. Sometimes they rose together. Sometimes Deanna slept in her own bed, but more often than not, she woke beside Will.

They never attempted to make love. Because of their unique bonding, for them to reach that magical moment when they joined, it took everything their hearts, minds and bodies could give, and Will was not capable of achieving that depth of union.

Despite Beverly's pleading Will had steadfastly refused to take any medication with him when he left the Enterprise. Understanding that he finally needed to stand on his own two feet, Will knew that he had to break the drug stupor that he seemed to be forever in. Deanna would be his drug now. She was all he needed to help him get through this, and together, he had no doubts that they would.

After breakfast, they would bundle themselves up in warm clothes and take a walk through the woods that surrounded the house. Usually it was done in silence, but every so often Will would point out something that had caught his eye, a bear, or a moose, or an eagle and say the one word that connected with it. Deanna always made a point of holding his hand whenever they were outside. Mostly to dispel the feeling of loneliness that she sensed within him. But day by day, slowly but surely he improved.

Will began to speak more words. The nightmares gradually lessened, and if they happened, she was there.

Deanna was always there.


September soon rolled into October, life became settled. Will was almost back to his normal self, only a quieter version.

Talk still only happened when Deanna forced him to have a conversation. But it was the quiet times that did the healing. Day after day, Deanna forced Will to talk about the tragedy he had left behind until it came to a point of what it should be, a distant bad memory. A harsh lesson learned. At first, Deanna hated making her beloved an emotional wreck. Hated making him reduce to tears, day in, day out. But slowly, the tears lessened.

Commander William T. Riker was coming back.

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