By Carol Sandford


Chapter 15


Deanna flicked off the troublesome bug that fluttered up her arm, but still it persisted. She tried turning over and huddled lower under the heavy quilt, it began to tickle her temple. Slapping at her head, she woke up with a start, groaning at the self-inflicted pain that she had just caused herself. Sighing loudly, she opened one eye to peer dazed at the clock. She jumped back with shock as her one eye came face to face with two sparkling blue ones.

Instantly alert, she reached out to touch him, her voice husky with drowsiness. "Will, is something wrong, can't you sleep?"

He smiled secretly at her, tugging at her hand he beckoned with his eyes to follow him. Swinging her legs around, she noticed that he was partially dressed. Puzzlement amongst the daze of sleepiness made Will's heart skip a beat as he watched Deanna come awake before him. Her hair circled her head in a huge fuzzy black halo, stray tendrils kissed her cheeks, and the moonlight steaming through the window surrounded her form with an ethereal glow.

She looked like an angel. For Will, she was an angel. Without her he would have probably been dead by now. It was his Imzadi that had brought him back from the depths of despair, and he loved her beyond any logical reasoning. Deanna Troi had given him back his life.

Taking her hand, he pulled her gently towards the window. Deanna watched his animated face, aglow with his secret. Despite her fatigue, she smiled at his obvious pleasure.

As she stood in front of the window, Will circled her from behind, cradling her close within his arms. Reaching out, he pulled aside the shutter and pointed to the distant skies. Deanna followed his outstretched hand and gasped as her eyes met the most beautiful sight she had ever seen.

The blackened skies were ablaze with brilliant hues of varying colors, dancing across the heavens in zigzag formations as they shimmered and undulated off into the distance. Deanna felt his lips by her ear; his whisper sent a shiver of delight throughout her body.

"It's called the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. The native's believe it to be torches carried by the old souls to lead the new dead to the after world. The scientific explanation is an interaction between the solar winds and the Earth's magnetic field.

Still mesmerized, Deanna whispered to the icy air, "I like the native's version better, it's much more romantic."

Deanna sank into Will's embrace as the emotional impact soaked through her senses leaving her feeling warm and cherished.

Puzzled, she questioned him further, "Why didn't you tell me about this before, Will?"

Rocking her slightly, he quietly told her. "I wanted to wait until my mind was healed enough to share the experience with you."

Will rested his lips on top of her curls, savoring the closeness. Hugging her closer still, his arms enfolding her totally, he felt a deep longing begin to surface. Sliding his hands down her sides, he pulled her hips against his body. Deanna gasped in surprise. Swinging her face round to his, she took in the mischievous grin. Turning in his arms, Deanna found herself swung up into his strong arms and carried over to the bed.

Deanna searched his eyes, she wondered if Will was ready for this. This was the first time that he had initiated anything more than the comfortable companionship that had become a sacred part of his healing process. But Deanna sensed the change within him. Will was ready to take things further. Her own body's needs had been pushed away as Will's mental needs needed her more, but now her body, woken up at last by just his very touch cried out for more. Deanna silently begged for him to be ready. Heaven help her, she hoped Will was ready.

Will lay along side of her, his head rested upon his hand. His finger traced along the outline of her face, gently pushing the wayward curls from her cheeks. In the silence, only their expectant breathing could be heard. Deanna ached to reach out and touch him, but instinct told her that Will needed to do this on his own. Instead, she held herself still and let him take the lead.

Gradually his finger ended up upon her mouth and he delicately traced her lips. His eyes, heavy with desire watched the movement, until he could no longer resist the pull. Needing to devour her mouth's sweet recess, he slipped his finger inside. He groaned out loud as she gently suckled its tip. Seconds later, he gave up the fight and easing her mouth open, Will replaced the finger with his tongue. Deanna surrendered herself to him. To the feelings that had laid dormant for so long. She felt the difference in the kisses. These were much more subtle; it eventually dawned on her that he was experimenting...testing. He was getting used to his own emotions and his body's responses.

But with each thrust of his tongue Will became stronger until he became merciless with his onslaught.

Deanna felt herself become breathless. Her throaty cries spurring him on into near oblivion, until at last, they surfaced, momentarily catching their breath and their scattered emotions. But within seconds, Will was plundering her mouth once more, positioning himself above her tiny frame, totally capturing her beneath his body.

The kiss deepened further, until suddenly, Will's lips left hers. She felt the loss immediately. Her eyes flew open along with the tears that dragged themselves up with the pain of being rejected along with the hunger that raged within.

Will searched her face in the dimness of the room, the only sounds to be heard were their labored breathing as they regained their momentum.

But precious moments later, Will finally whispered huskily, "I am ready, Imzadi."

Deanna cried out aloud with jubilation and the tears that had threatened, cascaded down her face. She had waited so long for this moment, and at last, it was here.

"Oh, Will, I love you so much."

And before his mouth claimed hers once more, he murmured "And I love you, Deanna, with all my heart"

They had waited for a long, long time for this moment, and now, it was finally here.

They had come out of the darkness into the light.

They had finally reached that speck in the distance,

They had made it.

Outside, as the torches blazed across the hemisphere, the spirits left behind one soul that they thought they once might have been taking with them. A soul that had been given a second chance of life.

Inside, silhouetted by the moonlight, two naked bodies became one. One rejoicing in having his life saved by the woman that lay beneath him. The other filled with a joy that would never leave her. Her Will had returned, but not the original version. This one was ready to finally commit, finally ready to give every part of himself to her. He was ready to become her husband. The father of her children. Their children.

Her Imzadi had returned.

Two lovers had gone to hell and clawed their way back, and had come out the other end, more in love than they ever imagined possible.

And as their bodies claimed the ultimate release, the chains that bound their souls together, pulled tightly together, and locked them together, for always.

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