By Carol Sandford


Chapter 01


Deanna slowly made her way towards Will's quarters and her fatigue made her head buzz. It had been an exceptionally long day and she was tired, crabby and in desperate need of a shower, a comforting cuddle, and good nights sleep.

Arriving at the door, her finger reached up to punch in the access code until she heard the odd sound drifting through the corridor and her finger hovered mid-air, just for a moment.

"Lala la la la la la, Jack frost nipping at your toes, yuletide Carol's being sung by a choir, la la la la la la..."

Unaware that Deanna had entered his cabin, Will continued to boom the strange tune out at the top of voice. He wallowed in the luxurious sensations as he scrubbed at his skin, revelling in the soapy suds as they cascaded down his body.

The words temporarily forgotten, Will continued to mumble the tune that had plagued him for hours. He simply could NOT get the song out of his head and it had driven him beyond distraction, particularly as it was a Christmas tune, and Christmas had been over for weeks!

Tiptoeing into the bedroom, Deanna giggled to herself as she listened to the slightly off-key mumble amongst the water spray. She perched herself on the edge of the bed and waited for the priceless picture that was sure to happen when he stepped from the shower and come face to face with the eavesdropper.

"Mm mm mm, la la that Santa's on his way, la la lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh, and every mother's child is gonna spy to see, if reindeer really know how to fly..."

Deanna heard the faucet shut off, the shower door slide open and he was still singing to himself, and once again the words long forgotten, replaced with the now familiar, 'la la's' until the very last line, and then he burst into full crescendo as he stepped into the room.

"Do do do do do, Merry Christmas to yo....DEANNA!!" Will cried, with complete shock.

Will didn't know who was more surprised, himself or Deanna, until he followed her gaze to his midriff. He was still clutching the loofah and to anyone looking, it appeared that he'd been using it as a microphone. Hell, he had been using it as a microphone!

Will's eyes fell shut as he inwardly groaned with embarrassment. He had never, ever been caught in such a compromising position in his life, and he was mortified. He heard himself muttering inwardly, *How can I remove this without betraying my cool exterior?* And then he had a brainwave.

Looking from the loofah to Deanna, and then back again, Deanna saw the devilish grin spread across his face, effectively wiping the smile from her own. Will walked towards her, his hand held out in invitation, waving the offending loofah with the other hand.

"Care to share another shower with me, sweetheart?" he asked, boldly. "And perhaps by the time we've finished with this, there will be something else in my head besides that God-awful Christmas Carol."

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