By Carol Sandford


Chapter 01


Both Will and Dee gazed out of the shuttle's window as it touched down on the landing pad just a few feet away from the outskirts of the settlement.

The tiny moon that paced its way steadily around the barren planet of Cladius was the true haven in this particular solar system. Its surface, lush with tropical forests and idyllic waterfalls with crystal clear pools, surrounded settlements that were alive with an assortment of settlers from every walk of life.

And it was here that Will and Deanna had chosen to take a much needed break. Three - whole - luxurious days to themselves. Three days to lay back, lay down, and love to their hearts were content.

Three whole days.

The couple grinned with happiness as they stepped from the pad hand in hand. Their other hands clutched their overnight baggage which held little more than a tooth brush and a swimming costume. They didn't intend to wear them at all if the could get away with it.

The after effects of the Briar Patch's rays still lingered on in their hearts and they both still felt the giddiness of youth's exuberance and they were both still in total awe of what they had re-discovered about themselves.

Neither one could keep their hands off each others bodies.

They were in love again. Neither one ever thought they would ever have this second chance of happiness. It had been barely hours after arriving in the Briar Patch before its first affects began to emerge. Just one touch was all it needed to spark the dying embers into life. Now it roared like an insatiable furnace, constantly hungry for more to keep its heart alive.

They giggled like naughty school children as they stood in the hotel's foyer requesting the key for their pre-booked room.

The hotelier hid the smile that tugged at his lips, having heard the same line of what seemed like the thousandth time. These two were no more married than the last couple that stayed in the hotels only honeymoon suite. He handed over the key to the strikingly tall man with the brightest blue eyes he had ever seen on male human. The woman with him having the opposite; the blackest eyes he had ever seen. One as clear as day, the other's as dark at night. A striking combination.

Will pulled Deanna up the ornate winding staircase as fast as he could without making it painfully obvious what was going to happen as soon as their door was closed behind them. But Deanna's girlish giggle gave the game away, and by the time they had reached their room, their laughter could be heard right across the second floor until the firm slam of the door once they had stumbled through it, severed the delights of things to come from listening ears that craned to hear the distinctive sound of lovers. Red hot lovers.

The exited couple looked around their room gasping with awe as they did so. Decorated in the richest red, everything was plush, luxurious and designed purely for sensuality. Unable to resist the pull to the bedroom, Will clasped Deanna's hand and led her silently through the door. The same red adorned the heavy satin coverlet on the huge circular bed, and everywhere that there was a space, there was a candle lit. The room was heavy with the scent. They both sniffed the air as they tried to discern the separate aroma's.

"Cinnamon." Said Will, with a twinkle in his eye and a grin on his lips.

"Oranges." Echoed Deanna as she stepped closer to him, already beginning to feel its heady effects.

Their lips met in a desperate plea to satiate the mounting ache that saturated their senses. Towering over her tiny form, he devoured her lips as though he hadn't touched her soul for years. Deanna gladly let him play the master. The promise of the night ahead only heightened the pleasure of letting Will take control.

Breathless sighs mixed with gentle sucking sounds as they struggled to lock onto each others mouths as the actions of their dancing, darting tongues tormented their bucking bodies into a frenzy that silently screamed for mercy. But they weren't ready to go beyond kissing yet. They were here to play and learn. There were things that had to be discovered. There were words that had to be spoken. Dreams to realised before they could even begin to satisfy their innermost want.

And the dream was just beginning.

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