By Carol Sandford


Chapter 04


The fatigue of the days travelling and the heat, and now the cold of the limpid pool, began to reduce Will to little more than a lethargic log. He watched his companion still floating peacefully beside him, seemingly unaware of the fraught chill beginning to invade his loins, but even he couldn't take his eyes off her face for a long minute. The moonlight danced across her features highlighting her high cheekbones and giving her now saturated jet black hair a purplish almost luminous hue.

Will silently let loose an oath when he dimly realised his body was responding to the tantalising scene before him. Feeling a need to remove himself from her close proximity Will struck out for the rocky bank, muttering tight lipped, "I'm getting cold, Deanna, I'm getting out."

But Will didn't know whether the cold excuse was towards the temperature of the water or his need to throw ice to the sudden inner heat that bubbled up from a place that hadn't felt warmth for longer than he cared to remember.

Dragging himself up onto the large smooth boulder, Will huddled his body close to himself, hugging his knees to his chest to ward off the chill that swept over him as he hit the night air, along side the chill within as he tried to valiantly switch off to the woman that continued to float in the in gloomy water.

Will watched Deanna through half-lidded eyes as she gently turned on her stomach and began taking long leisurely strokes, making her slender body move with the elegant grace of a dolphin. Will couldn't drag his eyes away from her as with each stroke revealed a part of her body for the fraction of a moment, but that moment gave him more trouble than he cared to admit to himself.

Will wondered why a long buried memory had chosen to erupt at this point in his life for no apparent reason. Surely it couldn't be the tantalising image that continued to innocently perform a highly erotic water dance before his very eyes, because he'd seen Deanna swim before in a darned sight lot less clothing. Maybe the desert had fried his brains enough to consider himself insane.

And that's how he exactly felt; insane. Insane with desire for the woman that was now making her way toward the edge of the pool,k and him. Will's whole body and his heart came to a halt with what he was about to see. What he couldn't help but see.

What he wanted to see.

He heard the rush of adrenaline surge through his body, the pounding echoing in his ears along with his heartbeat seemed to try its hardest to break its way out of his chest. As Deanna began to push her saturated limbs to a stand on the pool's edge, her eyes rose to meet his. He saw several emotions, each of them holding him captivated with their spell. Passion, want, love and defiance.

It was the defiance that captured him most of all. All the others he'd seen over the years in one guise or another, whether it had been when he'd battled for his life in sickbay, or when he'd played a song for her on his trombone. Or when they had simply been reminded of their past; a past that reminded them of who they were and what they were together.

Will held his breath as Deanna slowly surged out of the ebony water like a apparition of his wildest fantasies. Her clothes, darkened by the water, moulded against her sylphlike form, clinging to breasts that were ridged with cold making them look hot, perky and enticing. Will groaned as she rose her arms to push the sodden mass of hair away from her face, highlighting her sensuous curves, the moonlight creating a shimmering halo around her.

Will crossed his legs, aware that his own sodden clothes clung to his intimate betrayal, but his eyes couldn't leave the vision that continued to make its way towards him. She was so close that Will could now make out the different shades of her skin; the darkened nipples, tight with the cold. The outline of her panties hiding her away from him. But Will didn't need to see her to know what lay beneath, he had a memory to linger on and savour.

At last, Deanna came to a stop barely a few feet away from him and Will leaned back upon his arms as he studied her face. His blue eyes glittered in the moon's glow. If Deanna ever wanted evidence of Will's desire, she saw it there, felt it in his heart, let it caress her soul.

All around them the sounds of the desert invaded the questions that were running amok between them. The dripping water that still drained from her clothes, splashed onto the smooth boulder beneath them both, the drip, drip, drip matched their heartbeats.

Will swallowed painfully and noisily as Deanna's mouth broke into a sensual half smile, her eyes darkening even further to match the pool behind them. Deanna's chest heaved with the awareness of what was about to happen between them. Will watched the movement unable to stop his own excitement creating the same motion.

Her sultry voice broke the silence, "Will?"

Surprised, she stepped back when Will suddenly pushed himself to his feet and reached for her hand, his eyes beseeching hers, his voice low and demanding, "Deanna, think about what you're doing, if this is what you really want, because in a few seconds from now, there will be no going back, for either of us."

She answered him by stepping into his waiting arms, circling her own around his neck and lifted her face to his. The mutual sigh slipped from between their lips as they met and forged into one desperate, long-awaited union. God had given them another instant in time to rejoice their bond, only this time it was going to be forever.

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