By Carol Sandford


Chapter 05


Deanna began to lower her sex infused body down to the ground, but Will tightened his hold on her, halting her descent with a gentle whisper against her mouth,"No, Imzadi."

Deanna's legs trembled as she quickly realised Will's intent and relinquished her hold around the tall man's neck. Quickly stripping her cooled body of its sodden clothes he took barely a moment to divest himself of his own. It had all been done so rapidly that Deanna's heart hardly lost its erotic pace as she welcomed his now cool naked body against hers, the evidence of his desire glistened in the moonlight along with the barely concealed hunger in his eyes.

Fixing a powerful hand amongst Deanna's matted curls Will devoured her mouth with a drugging kiss that would have subdued a raging tiger. Deanna opened her mouth wide as Will's tongue consistently plunged and swirled, leaving her gasping not only for breath, but for more, much, much more.

She couldn't stop the whimper from rising deep within her, or her creamy thigh from grinding against him, wanting him closer and aching to have him inside her. Will needed no more encouragement.

His hands slid down to span her buttocks,lifting her with ease, her inner thighs falling either side of his hips as naturally as if they had only done it yesterday. Both hesitated their ultimate joining, seeking each others hearts and minds out once more before they become totally lost.

Deanna thread her fingers through his spiky damp hair, leaning back to allow Will the luxury of caressing her breasts, breathing renewed fire into the taut, still chilled mounds, the rigid nipples begging to be suckled with his hot breath. Will didn't need the silent blatant request as he would have gladly followed her into oblivion for just one moment of loving her body the way that he had dreamed of so many times.

Will felt her liquid feminine heat moistening the firm muscles of his waist and his own throbbing desire reach for her blossoming, welcoming inner softness.

With a mutual understanding they both pulled away from their clinging upper bodies needing to see each others faces. Needed to see the desperate desire in each other's eyes. Everything came to a grinding, silent standstill as they adjusted to what was about to happen between them and the changes it meant for the rest of their lives.

Their breaths, tiny, expectant and laden with want joined in harmony until, at last, unable to stand the wait any longer, with their eyes still locked, Will moved her barely an inch allowing his straining rigid hardness slide into her in one, slow, tantalisingly, agonising movement, the motion unwillingly forcing their eyes to drift shut with the sheer force of each others emotions.

Clinging onto each other in an extreme need for support, Will hadn't been prepared for the feeling when he gently moved Deanna's body away from him, bringing her back against him in one powerful action, filling her to capacity, taking not only her breath away, but his too as he fell to his knees in awe of the sensations that rocked through him leaving him gasping.

Hugging Will's body close to her, Deanna rasped breathlessly against his ear, "Oh, my God, Imzadi, I never knew. I never knew it could be that way for us again."

Will searched for her lips, muttering, "I know, I know." before kissing her so deeply that Deanna couldn't stop her still locked body from moving of its own violation, until too quickly, so, so quickly, they both shook with the violent culmination that went on and on until they collapsed against the cold stone beneath them, their own searing heat counteracting its frigidity.

It was twice more that night that the moonlight had the pleasure of shining down onto the shadowy forms of the intimately entwined couple giving them its blessing as they loved and laughed together, joyous in their unity again.


It was a different couple that arrived at the rendezvous point a few hours later hand in hand, their secretive smiles giving away only a hint of what really happened out there, in the desert with only the moon as their witness.

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