By Carol Sandford


Chapter 03


Stepping hastily back into the gloomy room Will searched for her. Beverly had left the bed and now lay in a heap on the bathroom floor, out cold.

A quick indifferent perusal of her body found the source of her unconsciousness as a small lump on her forehead began to make itself known, Beverly had obviously knocked herself out on the doorjamb. In her drunken and miserable state he figured that she had probably blundered her way to the bathroom and stumbled.

Scooping Beverly off the floor Will lay her gently back on the bed. Taking off her shoes and easing her upper body from her jacket, he deliberated upon calling sickbay. Slapping her lightly on the face, he tried to rouse her before calling in the medics.

"Beverly...Bev, can you hear me. Are you okay?"

Moments later, her eyelids fluttered open. Matching blue eyes cautiously looked into his before filling with tears.

Will gut twisted as he watched her lips began to quiver and she began to cry quietly. Gathering her up into his arms he let her cry. It was what she needed, he knew that, and he was glad that he had been there for her. At least he partly understood her loss.

Will was intimately aware of how much Odan had loved her. There was no denying it, he had adored her, and she him. Will was just sorry that it had ended for her.

And ultimately for them.

Will rocked her gently for some time, the calming motion having a lulling effect on both of them. So much so that Will did not notice the change in her until it registered that her hands were trailing a sensuous path down his body. Drawing lazy circles over his back, she edged lower to lightly caress his buttocks.

Pushing himself up onto his elbow he looked down onto her face. The desire was unmistakable. But what was also unmistakable was the desire within himself and each others names slipped from their lips,



As Will's lips touched hers and withdrew just as quickly, their eyes met once more, feeling the need to confirm that this what they both wanted, what they both needed.

It unmistakingly was.

This time when their lips met, there was nothing standing in the way. No illicitness. No questions. No answers, and no Deanna Troi to stop them.

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