By Carol Sandford


Chapter 04


Will plundered her mouth with a savagery that left them gasping for breath. It was a kiss that was born out of his sudden desperation to have her. It was a kiss that was designed to rid him of the guilt that had surfaced as soon as their tongues had collided.

Will needed to remove Deanna's image as it swam throughout his senses. Being ruthless with Beverly somehow dispersed her beautiful face from his mind. He would never have kissed Deanna in this brutal way, but Beverly seemed to welcome it and within minutes she was tugging at his clothes needing the feel of his naked skin against hers.

She needed him within her because he was the only man that could now give her what she wanted; A link to her lost love.

As Will entered her, he kissed her deeply, capturing the guttural moan that left her lungs. Embedding himself to the hilt, he pushed himself up. Needing to see her, Will suddenly had to see who he was making love to.

Pinning her hands beside her head, Will watched as Beverly lost herself to the magical moment. He watched as the tiny beads of sweat formed on her skin and he watched as the tears began to trickle from her eyes and make a trail to her temple. And as he steadily loved her, he closed his eyes and let himself be taken over by the intimate joining.

Moments later, absorbed in their own private ecstasy and agony and driven beyond all sense of reason and control, they both reached the pinnacle of their desire and reached the edge of the waterfall together, each falling over it's edge in a cataclysmic torrent of orgasmic heaven, both crying out in unison as the emotional turmoil took over giving them the most soul-destroying and heart-wrenching experience either had ever had, making them both cry out with the intensity that their love making had created.



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