By Carol Sandford


Chapter 07


Two months later

Deanna knew it was going to be hard, but not this hard.

Every relationship that Will had had with other women had never bothered her before, not even when he had fallen in love with Soren. But this one, this relationship between Will and Beverly was killing her.

This relationship was slowly tearing her heart apart.

Day by day, Deanna had to sit and watch her two best friends become closer and closer as her heart tore further and further apart.

And the strange love affair showed no sign of dissipating. If not anything, it seemed to be getting stronger, and it was extremely odd seeing Will and Beverly as a couple.

Oh, you never saw them, Deanna had to give them credit as they were very discreet. They never ventured from either of their quarters. Were never seen in public, and never gave any indication to the rest of the crew that there was a relationship happening between them.

Nobody knew of their affair except herself and the Captain.

Deanna still visibly blushed when she recalled the conversation between herself and Picard.


"Are you trying to tell me, Counselor, that my First Officer and the Doctor are having a relationship?"

Deanna knew exactly how he felt. The situation seemed preposterous. But it was happening and Picard seemed to be finding it as hard to deal with as herself. "Yes sir, they are. Beverly needs Will's emotional support at this time and it involves Will to be 'intimate' with her to help her through the emotional turmoil she is going through.

Deanna almost gagged on the word intimate and the bile rose to her throat as an image of them together plagued her night and day. But she could do nothing about it. She had given the couple her blessing and so now she had to sit and wait it out.

And the wait was driving her insane.

Picard pondered on her words for a moment before quietly asking her. "But what if they fall in love, Deanna and decide to go public with their relationship. What then?"

Deanna's senses swam as the implications of what he was suggesting slammed home. She fought for the breath that somehow floundered in her ribcage, and it hurt, so much.

" that will not happen. It cannot happen. Will and I are destined to be together sometime in the future. He cannot and will not fall in love with Beverly."

The surroundings went black and Deanna had to sit down before she passed out when Picard asked her, his voice troubled, "But how are you going to stop it Deanna? Nobody can stand in the way of love, not even you."


From that day onwards, Deanna changed.

Before, she had remained far in the background. She had never said anything to Will to discourage his relationship with Beverly. She had been a silent angel in disguise and Will had loved her dearly for it.

But Will's relationship with Beverly was a different matter.

Every day Will had discovered something new about her, and as the days wore on now, he could not imagine a day without her by his side.

Will Riker was slowly and surely falling in love with Beverly Crusher.

In bed, she was insatiable and he was getting to like having a regular partner to wake beside. To make love to her whenever he chose. To have cosy, intimate evenings with. And with every day that passed by, he thought less and less about if and when it was going to end.


He had noticed that since he had begun his intimate relationship with Beverly Deanna had purposely closed her mind to him. But now, on occasion, Will could sense her, usually as he lay in bed just before he drifted off to sleep.


Tonight the call was persistent. Beverly was deeply asleep beside him, flat on her back with her hair splayed everywhere, the coverlet pushed down to her waist. He smiled at her naked form, watching the gentle rise and fall of her creamy breasts.

And then Will heard her call to him again.

Imzadi, can you hear me?

Will knew it was wrong, but he could not help himself. He missed this side of their relationship, and he sometimes missed her. But she was not very far away from his thoughts and he had been content with that.

Until now.

Opening his mind, Will let Deanna in. He felt the warming sensations flood through him and he smiled in the darkness. But her next words made him gasp aloud.

Come back to me, my beloved

His gasp caused his sleeping partner to stir beside him and Will instinctively reached out and placed a tender hand upon her shoulder. He grinned as she took the hand and moved it to her heart. Well, he thought it was her heart.

Beverly moaned as she turned and snuggled up closer. Bringing her leg up over his, Will groaned as the moist juncture of her thighs brushed against his hip.

Dragging her body on top of his, Will heard the husky, sleepy chuckle as she manoeuvred herself onto his rapid growing hardness, and seconds later Deanna was forgotten as they lost themselves to the passionate embrace.

Deanna was devastated. Will had pushed her thoughts aside, and pushed her aside to make love to Beverly. The remainder of night was spent with her weeping, her loss growing more and more with each passing day.


Will spotted Deanna on her way to the bridge and he jogged to catch her up. Halting her with a hand upon her shoulder, he was taken aback when she swung around, a huge smile lighting up her delicate features.

"Hi, Will, what can I do for you?"

It was several seconds before Will remembered just why he had stopped her. Mesmerized by sparkling eyes that were full of mischief, he shook himself as he spoke. "About last night, why did you send to me, Deanna?"

Will was taken aback when Deanna laughed openly at him, her apology sounding as false as the laughter. "I'm sorry Will, I must have been dreaming about you. I seem to be doing that a lot lately. I really can't think why, but I'll try not to let it happen again, okay?"

Will was dumbstruck as she left him standing in the middle of the corridor with his mouth wide open, but by the time Deanna turned the corner, out of his sight, she was crying quietly to herself.

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