By Carol Sandford


Chapter 05


From his viewpoint in the bar, Will could see Deanna, plain as day. Surrounded by four fawning men, she appeared to be lapping up the attention. Her sultry laughter reached his ears from across the expanse of tables and chairs that separated them and twisted his gut, sending a ripple of awareness to his loins. He wanted to be with her. He wanted to be the one looking into her eyes, making her chuckle, and going home with him at the end of the evening.

A long fingernail physically pulled his face away from her. "Hey, Tiger, are you here with me, or am I doing this dating thing on my own tonight?"

Without a trace of guilt, Will smiled at the woman barely inches away from his lips. "Sorry, guess I'm not very good company tonight. Do you want me to take you home?"

"Sure!" She grinned, her blue-green eyes lighting up with the prospect of the hot and steamy night ahead, deliberately misreading his real intent. "Let's go."

He couldn't resist it. He had to look over at her again. Deanna's eyes met his and held, oblivious to the chatter going on around her. DON't GO, the black orbs pleaded silently, holding the fake smile for those beside her.

Will's feet slipped to the floor as he stood from his stool. his hand automatically reaching out to take his companions arm to assist her off the tall stool. But still his eyes never left Deanna's.

"Do you know her?" Sharri's voice turned petulant and sulky as her own eyes curiously studied the beautiful black haired girl that had caught her guys attention for the best part of the last hour or so.

"Not really," Will mumbled, distractedly. Suddenly realizing that he was being incredibly rude, he guiltily broke his gaze away from Deanna's and turned to Sharri, smiling regretfully. "A little," he finally admitted.

Flexing her shoulders so that her ample bosom captured Will's full attention, Sharri leaned closer and whispered huskily, "Was she as good as I am, sugar?" Licking her full lips, giving Will's libido a swift kick to remind him that he hadn't been laid since Deanna had stepped on his home planet.

Caught up in the moment, Will grinned widely at her, slipping his arm around her waist and pulling her closer to his long form before whispering hungrily. "Actually, now that you come to mention it, I've nearly forgotten what you're like. Wanna remind me?" Only his heart was aware of the double entendre.

Her elfin face lit up like a beacon as she lifted her hand and dragged it across his chest, making sure she scraped his hardened nipples before dropping it to lace her fingers with his. "Sure. Take me home, tiger." She growled, pulling him along behind her like a bitch on heat, deliberately making sure that the woman watching them across the room saw them leave, throwing her a triumphant smirk as she her passed by.

Will couldn't keep his hands off Sharri once they made it outside into the darkness of the late Autumn evening. Pulling her up hard against his body he let his hands roam at will. "Come here, tease. I've been dying to do this for hours."

Sharri saucily chuckled as she allowed herself to be led out of sight around the corner, spinning in his arms so that she could a little exploring of her own, the sounds on the other side of the wall vanishing, replaced by the harsh, hurried tempo of their breathing. "Guess we're not going to make it back to your place, huh?" she purred before devouring his mouth with hers.

Will growled as he laced one hand through her hair so that he could manoeuvre her head, whilst the other hand slid down her slender hip and cupped her bottom as he ground himself against her and then kissed until they were breathless, their moans, loud in the evening's quiet. Eventually Sharri tore her mouth away from his and leaned in to kiss and lather his throat.

Will looked up at the heavens, closed his eyes and lost himself. His loins pulsed with desperation as he held her snug against him, allowing her the freedom to do what she wanted with him.

But it wasn't Sharri that was making love to him, it was Deanna, as it had taken Will absolutely no effort at all to replace the Betazoid with the blonde before him. He wanted Deanna and this was as near as he was going to get to her, so long as he kept his eyes shut and his mind trapped in times past.

Will's hands had settled on Sharri's waist and he realized that she was now raining tiny kisses all over his upper torso, leaving tiny hot, damp patches upon his top. He swallowed thickly as it dawned on him that she was heading south and sure enough a moment later, he found his hands instinctively encasing her head as she went lower still.

Closing his eyes again, he lifted them to the darkened skies and let himself believe that it was Deanna that was sending him to heaven. He felt her fingers reaching for the snap on his pants and he swallowed again and sucked in his breath, flattening his already smooth stomach. He wanted this. God how much he wanted this.

Deanna's presence on Earth had sent him reeling. She was so close, so, so close to him but he couldn't even touch her, couldn't tell her how he was feeling, and didn't even dare to think about her in case she listened in on his thoughts and desires.

He wanted to cry out her name, He wanted it to be her that was before him now. He wanted her in his arms and back in his heart where she belonged. He wanted Deanna, pure and simple.

Something shifted in his train of thought, bringing him back to the present. He wasn't sure what caused the shift until he opened his eyes and looked down at the blonde head, now intent on taking down his pants as she squatted down in front of him. He could see the tip of her tongue between her teeth as she struggled with the snap, concentration etched upon her delicate features.

WHAT AM I DOING? he gasped silently, suddenly conscious of exactly where he was. Embarrassed, Will turned his head, somehow already knowing that he was going to see something, or someone that he didn't want to.

And he did.

Deanna stood some twenty feet away from him, her silhouette standing rock still at the edge of the club house building, watching him, he knew, with disbelief and sorrow. He couldn't see her features in the darkness, but then he didn't have to. He was more than aware of how it looked to her, he only wished that she knew that it was Deanna that was making love to him and not the blonde bimbo oblivious to what was happening around her.

Will didn't know how long she had been standing there watching them and dropping his head back against the wall, not even noticing the sting of pain as his skull hit the brickwork, Will swallowed again. GOD, NO, he murmured wordlessly, remembering the last time he'd been caught out. NOT AGAIN.

Turning to face her again, he spoke aloud, his deep voice echoing in the stillness. "Deanna. I...."

But she hadn't heard him, nor wanted to. With tears streaming down her cheeks, Deanna turned and walked away from the haunting scene, already knowing that she would never eradicate the memory that now scorched her heart and mind.

But another woman had heard him. Sharri stopped just as her fingers reached inside his pants when all she found was his suddenly surprisingly soft flesh. Still almost kneeling, Sharri looked up. Seeing the torment on Will's face as he continued to stare at the space where she assumed they'd been witnessed, she realized that he'd known the brunette a damn sight more than the little that he had proclaimed.

Wordlessly Sharri came unsteadily to her feet and for a long moment she looked into Will's eyes and saw the truth there. Truth that she hadn't wanted to see. Will was clearly and hopelessly in love with the brunette. "I guess you knew her more than a little, huh?" She asked, sadly. When Will didn't deny it, Sharri took an unsteady step back and whispered brokenly, her head shaking slowly in heartbreaking disgust. "You bastard."

Will couldn't even move as he watched Sharri walk the same way that only moments before, Deanna had stood and watched them both. Once more he dropped his head back against the wall, this time deliberately wallowing in the sting of pain that it caused. And then he did it again, and again, emitting expletives that only he and the night could hear.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck."

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