By Carol Sandford


Chapter 09


"Deanna...touch me."

And as her small fingers reached for him, Will's head dropped back as Deanna shoved his tunic top up and teased his broad, masculine hairy chest with feather-light kisses, feeling and hearing his pounding heartbeat beneath her hands. She tugged lightly on one tiny bud and then swirled her hot tongue around it before transferring to the other, twinning the movement she had shared with it's mate. Will moaned to the ceiling with ecstasy.

All rational thoughts of promises and assignments were long forgotten as the Imzadi couple renewed their acquaintance in the the only way they knew how, and wanted. With love.

Impatient for more, Will tugged the tunic top over his head and threw it to one side as Deanna's hands ran over his skin, setting it ablaze with her unique touch. Growing frantic to feel the same, Will hastily but gently pushed her hands away and reached for the hem of her own top. "My turn," he said thickly.

Feeling, seeing and needing Will to explore her, Deanna chuckled and raised her hands above her head saucily. "By all means, lieutenant, go right ahead."

Breathing heavily, Will was within one inch of feasting his eyes on the breasts that had tormented his mind and his body for eons when a shrill noise came from the communication panel somewhere behind them and broke through the sexually charged illicit reunion.

Both Will and Deanna halted in mid movement at the intrusion before the reality of what they were doing, and about to do, suddenly cleared their befuddled mind. What if it was the Wicked Witch of Betazed? What if Homm had gone against his promise and had warned her that they had broken their own promises and succumbed to the inevitable? And, God forbid, what if it had been the admiral?

For a long tense moment, Will and Deanna eyes locked in mutual fear, regret and longing. Desire, and something infinitely more deeper than they could say without words until, finally, Deanna whispered hoarsely, "You should go."

At her quick turn about Will pressed his lips together, his blue eyes sparking with anger. But deep down, even he had to acknowledge that she was right. Reluctantly taking a large step back away from her many temptations, least of all the eyes that betrayed her ultimate request, Will swept up his tunic from the floor and made to leave.

But then as suddenly as he turned, he swung back and yanked Deanna into his arms and gave her a hard, punishing kiss, a kiss that held more than regret for being denied. A kiss that he somehow knew, deep down inside was going to be the last for a long while. But not forever he vowed. "I'll be back, Imzadi" he growled at her startled face, the threat a promise that he intended to uphold. One day. "I'm not giving up on us that easily. Not now." And with one last hesitant long look at her, Will tugged his tunic over his head, straightening it as he went and swept out the door, it's closing echoing in her ears long moments after he'd gone.

Deanna couldn't tear her eyes away from the solid structure, pleading silently with her heart and soul for him to come back to her, but she wasn't answered. He'd gone. He'd left her. It seemed all too familiar. Too painful.

Eventually Deanna abruptly brought back to the present by the persistent shrill chime beside her and belatedly tugging down her own clothing to cover her heated and wanting skin, she approached it with trepidation. But as she reached down to touch the offending panel, and before she could chicken out, knowing that to do so would not do her budding academy career one ounce of good, another pounding at her door halted her fingers descent.

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