By Carol Sandford


Chapter 01


Will was waiting for Deanna to arrive at her quarters in precisely three minutes time. He had been waiting for this moment for ages. All day long Will had been sending her signals, the barely unrestrained emotions and thoughts driving him insane with the promise of what he had to offer. And now, now she was going to get what had been tormenting him with since they had arrived in the planet's orbit.

Emotions had blown through the roof as soon as they had approached cordanalana, but so far had only affected the men on board. (Reports later concluded that it had only affected men who had romantic attachments on board.)

His mind had assaulted Deanna's with every feeling of desire and lust that Will Riker possessed. And frankly, now he was on the verge of considering rape. His body had been whipped almost to a state of frenzy. He had practically run from the bridge at the end of his shift and made his way to her quarters. Punching in his access code, he had entered, ordered her lights to remain off, then entered her bedroom, and waited.

Deanna had never felt so out of control in her life, except when she was making love. She had sensed the instant change in Will as they had approached the strange planet. As they had entered orbit she found his thoughts becoming very, very erotic, and they had all been focused on her.

It had been a long time since she had thought of him in that way, and it had become clear to them early on to them both that this was not going to be part of their unique relationship. So they had both pushed their traitorous feelings right to the back of their minds, but now, he had called them back, with a vengeance, and three fold.

As Deanna entered her quarters, she spoke to the computer, "Lights."

There was no response and Deanna felt the first inkling of apprehension, her mind automatically searching out any presence, but she found nothing. She tried again, "Computer, lights."

Still nothing. She cautiously headed for the bedroom area and tried again, "Computer, lights."

She sighed when she still didn't receive any illumination. As she turned to retrace her steps, the warning signal in her head came too late as she felt the strong arm fly from behind the door and grasp her firmly around her waist, the other hand covering her mouth to stop the scream. As she bit hard on the finger, her assailant's grip loosened, his cursed oath revealing his identity,


Deanna frantically screamed in her mind for him to stop, but this wasn't her Will. This was someone who was intent of assaulting her, and she was at his mercy. She tried again to reach him, *Will, IMZADI!, stop, don't do this. Please!*

Will didn't even hear her. She felt herself being backed up and she thought he was going to push her onto the bed, but alarm bells rang in her head as she felt herself being slammed hard against the wall.

Coming face to face with the only man she had ever truly loved and worshipped, Deanna found herself now faced with a stranger. His normally kind blue eyes were now smouldering, passion aroused pools of hunger. There was no mistaking the wild, fever-like craving that poured from their depths.

Will looked into her frightened eyes, unmoved by the terror he saw. He was out of control and nothing in the Universe was going to be able to stop him. Pinning her hands above her head, his giant hand sought the deep v of her tunic. Without breaking the contact with her eyes, he ripped the lilac cloth clean from her body. Deanna had been too shocked to realise that he had freed her mouth, but when she did, she opened it wide to scream. Will saw the action, and before she could get a sound out, his mouth had covered hers in a brutal kiss. Forcing her mouth wider, his whole tongue invaded her tiny one.

Deanna's head pressed painfully against the solid wall, forcing her to push back against the onslaught of his mouth, the action spurred the giant man on. She could feel his arousal against her stomach painfully digging into her soft flesh, triggering off a deep ache within her own body.

Will felt the change, and knew he had got passed the stage of frightening her. She was getting as aroused as he and although he couldn't stop the feeling of inevitability happening, they were going to make love, one way or another, with or without her consent. But at the back of his mind he was relieved that she had at last conceded.

Will let her tiny hands go as he continued to plunder her mouth. The first guttural moan escaped as she wound her arms around his neck and deepening the kiss even further. He felt her movements against his groin as she slowly began to gyrate. Gradually the action become frenzied. His surprise registered as he realised she was working herself up to an orgasm.

Clutching her buttocks, he slowed her erratic movements to co-ordinate with his own heated response. As her mind and body spiralled higher and higher, he pressed into her harder and harder, the pain highlighting the ecstasy while kissing her with a carnal fever.

Then it happened. Deanna gasped at the intensity of the orgasm when it hit. The tightly coiled spring finally burst free of it's restraints and the rippling shudders flowed on and on. The tremors made her tremble violently as she found herself whimpering into his shoulder until the earth-shattering orgasm abated. Her nails dug into his muscles but he was still so highly aroused and hadn't even noticed the pain.

Silence invaded the room as they desperately tried to settle their breathing and Will dared to ask her, as he gently stroked her thick wavy hair, "Dee, are you o.k?"

Her frantic nod indicted her acute embarrassment. The heavy scent of their arousal hung like a blanket around them. Will took in the aroma, feeling his own unfinished craving beginning to escalate once more. This time it was Deanna who felt the movement against her. Pulling away from him, she looked up into his heavy seductive eyes, the feint indication of a smug smile made itself known.


The sound of the zipper sounded throughout the small room, and this time when she felt his hardness against her, it was him, and only him. Finding herself being lifted by the buttocks, she instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist. Will pushed her against the wall and this time she welcomed the intrusion.

Will began to nudge his way inside her, and then he too began his own erotic dance. Deanna was processed. Never had she felt so filled, body and mind. His accelerated emotions washed over her and through her as his love surrounded and embraced her. Deanna refused to acknowledge that the only reason he was doing this was because of the planet's atmosphere.

She knew Will Riker loved her, they were Imzadi, after all. But this side of Will was a whole new ball game as he hadn't even been this passionate in their time on Betazed. Deanna let her head fall back as she began to feel her own arousal begin to build again. Will took the opportunity to fix his mouth upon her full, ripe, swollen breast. She gasped as the sensations became even more heightened, the gentle sucking, and the rhythm of his love-making began to pulsate through her senses. Deanna heard the low grunt but didn't realise the sound was coming from deep within herself.

She found her arms started to flail about as she unconsciously searched out for something to hang on to; to help push him deeper inside her. "The bed, Will, I need the bed."

Will backed up, collapsing as the back of his knees found the edge of the bed, toppling them both across it. Still embedded deep inside her, Deanna moaned with delight as he plunged even further now that barely a hairs breath separated the coupled pair.

Will stilled and watched in awe as Deanna blossomed into full glory before him. Her head was thrown back in quiet abandonment and her luscious breasts rose and fell with her excited breath. A feint sheen of sweat made her skin slick. Once more she began to gyrate against him, but now it was her turn to be in control, Will didn't complain.

Holding her gently by her delicate rib cage, his thumbs just grazing the underside of her heavy breasts, the erotic sensation forcing her hands to reach for his to place them over the now aching mounds. Will began to flick the dark buds and Deanna felt the tug deep within her as she began to pant. The tension began to build again. This time Will was ready for her, and he was ready to let go himself.

He dropped one hand to find the centre of her womanhood, and as he barely touched her secret nub, he felt her stiffen, inside and out, her eyes wide as she stared with awe at Will's excited, expectant face, "That's it, Let it go for me, baby."

Will had never heard anything as sexy as Deanna in the midst of an earth-shattering orgasm. She convulsed endlessly and gasped for air. Her nails dug painfully into his ribcage as she tried desperately to hold on. Will felt her warm, liquid release saturate his nether regions, but was surprised when he realised that his own hadn't happened.

After some moments, Deanna collapsed upon his body, her energy spent. Will chuckled as she tried to utter her amazement. "Geez, Will, Have you... been... working out, or what?!"

He felt her shift slightly, and then pause when she found that he was still rock hard inside her. Shocked, she looked into his eyes, "Will?"

Will placed both of his hands behind his head with a smug grin plastered across his face, "Yes, Miss Troi, something I can do for you?"

Taking her completely by surprise, and before she knew it, he had pushed her back, flipped her over so that he was now leader. But instead of lying over her, he knelt on the floor, pulling her to him, and with one quick, forceful push, he was back inside and embedded to the hilt. The action made her sit up suddenly, but he roughly pushed her back down with a devilish glint in his eyes,

"My turn."

Hoisting up both her knees, he loved her with such a quickness, Deanna thought he was suddenly in a hurry. Mind you, she wasn't complaining as the rapidness of his thrusts created a sensation all of their own, and within seconds, Will felt himself explode once more. But he ended up groaning when he knew he hadn't gained his release.

By now his entire groin ached with a heaviness that was fast becoming a desperate need to get rid of, but he still felt so damn horny that he felt compelled to have another go. Deanna read the intent in his eyes, and struggling to remove herself from his intimate embrace, she scuttled back on the bed, but he held her fast. "Oh, no you don't, I haven't finished with you yet."

Deanna knew she had made a major mistake when she tried to roll herself away. She felt herself roughly gabbed by the hips, only now she was face down, she grasped hold of the edge of the bed to try and stop the assault, but knew she was too late when she felt him pushing into her again, "Will, stop, your making me sore!"

She felt him pause and thought he had taken notice. Deanna sighed with relief, then almost as quickly jerked when she felt the cold trickle of something wet and she groaned when she remembered that she hadn't put her moisturising lotion away. "Come on, Dee, one last time, please, I have GOT to get rid of this erection!"

Deanna sighed, "O.k, but this is the absolute last time. Oooh!"

She found herself being lifted as Will manoeuvred his hands to stroke her again. Deanna felt the familiar heat surge through her lower body, and once more, the rhythm of Will loving her and the steady stroke of his hand had her writhing. Soon she felt Will's own urgency begin to build again, but she readied herself for the onslaught.

Deanna felt him lift her so that her back was against him. Never had she felt so aroused. His hardness filled her as one hand created it's own erotic dance, while the other had kneaded her aching, heavy breast.

Sweat soaked the pair as they both felt the imminent orgasms rising once more. Turning her head, she pleaded with him, "Kiss me."

Their mouths touched briefly, but they were so intent on completing the intimate bond that they couldn't hold the kiss. Their tongues snaked out to caress each others, sighs and groans made the magical moment almost perfect. It would be a long time before either forgot this union.

As Deanna felt her release coming, Will held her hips still as he gained his own. An expectant air filled the room, and then disappointment moments later. It hadn't worked.

They both collapsed in a heap on the floor and Deanna laughed when she looked down at Will groin as he tried to hide the enormous erection. "It's not funny, it hurts Dee. Maybe... maybe you can get rid of it for me. Please!"

Unsure, she looked into his eyes, until understanding kicked in. Blushing she murmured, "Oh, you mean...?" Making the gesture with her hands, he nodded, "Oh, o.k."

Will lay back on the floor handing her the lotion bottle as he did so. Uncertainty showed in her eyes along with compassion. Will whimpered when she trickled a trail of the liquid along his length, sighing with pleasure as she started the intimate massage.

Shyly at first, she gained bravado as she progressed, shifting her position, her eyes silently begged for more of the same treatment. Will stared at her incredulously, "More!?"

She blushed as she tried to find an excuse, "It'll help you."

Will chuckled again, scooting down so that they were almost touching head to toe. Her breasts touched his nipples as his hands stroked in harmony with her own stroking. Slowly, they began to bring each other back up to heaven once more.

Kissing so deep, one almost imagined the sexual act within their mouths. Deanna began to move against his hand as she neared her goal, her own hand movement becoming faster to match, "Now Will, let go now."

Once more Will felt himself erupt, and as they both looked down to his throbbing manhood, their breath held as they waited for the white fountain to burst it's banks, only to crumple back to the floor together when it didn't happen.

Deanna felt so sorry for the large man who now lay prone on her bedroom floor. His arm covered his eyes as he grimaced against the pain. "Maybe Beverly can help"

Will laughed bitterly, "Oh yeah, I'm really going to go into her sickbay and say, 'Gee, Beverly, can you deal with this please?' No, Deanna, I'm not doing that, I would never hear the last of it. Every time I saw her, I would know. Hell, she would know!"

"Maybe we should ask the Captain if we can leave the area. There is obviously something in this atmosphere that's causing it. You were o.k. until you got here, weren't you?"

He nodded as he sat up looking a little more hopeful, "Do you really think it'll work?"

Deanna nodded, "I can't see why not, we can only try. If it's not that then you have no option but to visit Be..."

Will held his hand up to stop her from saying anymore. He braced himself to speak to his Captain. "Riker to Captain Picard."

Nothing but silence. "Commander Riker to Captain Picard."

Eventually they heard a muffled response which appeared to be panting. "Yes...yes, number one."

Will and Deanna looked at one another puzzled, "Are you alright, Sir?"

After another poignant pause, Picard answered, "Yes, I'm fine. Can this wait, Will?"

"No, sir, I don't think it can, I'm having some....difficulties Captain, and I would like to request that we move out of the planet's orbit."

After many moments, the Captain came back with a dejected note in his voice, "Very well, Commander, make it so."

Will sighed with relief, but Deanna looked at him, clearly perplexed, "I wonder what he was doing?"

Will shrugged, "Beats me, perhaps he's been affected too."

Realisation dawned and they stared at each other open-mouthed and eyes wide. Then they began to giggle, eventually stopped long enough to choke out, "I've got to know, Dee. Computer, location of Captain Picard,"

The monotone voice answered, "Captain Picard is situated in Doctor Crusher's quarters."

Once more the mischievous couple erupted into fits of giggles until eventually, sanity claimed them again, and Will summoned Data, "Mr Data, take us out of orbit, Captain Picard's orders."

A slightly puzzled Data responded, "Aye Sir, Is there a problem, Sir?"

"Yes, Mr. Data, there most certainly is, I'll explain later. Just get us out of here."

"Aye, Sir"

Within minutes Will felt his body and mind begin to relax, and heaving a grateful sigh he muttered, "I have never, ever felt so relieved in my life!"

Deanna chuckled again, but stopped when she saw the twinkle in his eyes, "What?"

"How do you feel about relieving that last sexual experience again, Counselor, medicinal purposes only, of course!"

Deanna reached out to gently pull him towards her, "But of course, Commander."


Two hours later after they had showered and dressed, the reunited couple made their way back to the bridge. The atmosphere was decidedly odd and as they made their way to their seats, Will asked Data. "How long has the Captain been missing from the bridge, Data?"

The golden tinged android swung around in his seat, seemingly puzzled as he responded, "Approximately thirty seconds after you left sir. I am clearly puzzled by his behaviour as he seemed to be growling as he left the bridge in some haste, sir. Do you know the cause of his strange behaviour, Commander?"

Will and Deanna did all they could to hold their laughter in check. Will caught Worf's glare, which finally broke down the last barrier and the entire bridge crew watched in amazement as the Commander and Counselor dissolved into an hysterical outburst.

All eyes turned to the turbo lift doors as they watched their Captain enter. Will and Deanna managed to contain themselves before he had reached his chair. As he looked at his two senior officers, they both noted the feint blush high upon the Captain's cheeks and the sparkle in his eye.

He also knew that they knew the same had happened to him as it had obviously happened to them, and sitting himself down he decided to make light of the situation, which left everyone speechless

"I think we should christen this planet Risa two, and I intend to return here when I next have some leave. How about you two?."

The End

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