By Carol Sandford


Chapter 03


The woman was on a mission. From the moment Deanna Troi had entered the room, she had positioned herself in such a way that no one had a chance of getting in, or out, without her zooming in on them.

It was a big night for Deanna; the object of her fantasies on her arm and a chance for her best friend to have the same. She was doing the right thing, she was sure of it. Everyone was entitled to their shot at happiness, even Will and Deanna.

It wasn't long before she spotted Will's overly tall form enter the room, but he seemed to be hovering near the door. Deanna figured he was waiting for Ros to arrive. She continued to dance with Simon, but her mind was only half on the man's body close to hers. The other half was with Will, willing the elusive Ros to arrive.

There was a slight commotion at the door with new arrivals and Deanna searched the faces for someone who looked like a Ros. It didn't take long to find her; The woman was beautiful. She was tall, and she was willowy. She was also blonde and buxom, Will's favourite kind of woman.

In an instant Deanna had a brainwave, and before Simon had even stopped circling the floor, Deanna had left him and had flung herself into Commander Riker's arms and proceeded to dance with him. He wasn't sure who was more stunned; herself or Will.

"Wha....what are you doing, Deanna?!"

"Shut up, Will and behave as if we are a couple. Pretend to be gazing into my eyes, like this." Sparkling black met surprised blue, as Will tried to listen to her with his ears and devour her with his eyes. "You've got to be more ruthless, Will. You've got to let Ros do the chasing. If she wants you bad enough, she'll come running."

Will's heart thumped painfully as he considered her words, "You think?"

"She rolled her eyes at him, exasperated, "Yes! Absolutely. You know, you're far too nice. Some women like to take control sometimes, and Ros certainly looks the type to want that. "Come here."

Before Will could even begin to ask why, Deanna had reached up and pulled his head down to hers. He almost leaped into the air as he felt her lips gentle lick his ear lobe, her urgent whisper tickling the sensitive spot. "I'm trying to make Ros jealous, you idiot, at least try and behave like you think something of me, Will."

Even before the words had left her mouth, Will felt the familiar pull of the woman in his arms. He didn't need any reminders of how to feel when she was near. It was almost as if Deanna had been born to be his lifelong fantasy. If he walked away from her right now and never, ever saw her again, one image, just one picture in his mind of her beautiful face would culminate in the same feeling that rocked through him right now. It always did. It always would.

Deanna felt Will's submission and acceptance to her plea. Within seconds she felt him pull her against his body, his movement slow and comfortable, his breathing low and breathless. She threw her head back and wasn't disappointed when Will instantly knew her intention and began to nuzzle her neck.

She heard his groan against her throat, and she couldn't stop the husky laugh from bubbling through her, "Hey, down boy, otherwise we'll scare her off for good."

Will came back down to earth with a bang. God, what was he doing?! This was Deanna Troi! This was his friend, the woman that he hoped to one day settle down with.

One day. But not today, not now.

Deanna barely heard his mumbled, 'sorry.' But the moment past as they both realised the song was almost over. Deanna looked up into Will's face and the moment was forgotten as he tried to focus his scattered emotions on the words that were slipping fast and furious from her lips, her need to dish out her barrel load of advice before the song ended and she vanished from his arms back to her own lover's. He barely heard her, 'Be cool, and act like you don't give a damn and I guarantee, she'll come running."

By some small miracle, Deanna's dream came true. Ensign Jameson and Ros moved towards him, and for all intent and purpose, when Deanna looked his way as she left the room draped over Simon Carsdale's arm, Will was in an animated conversation with the two women. She threw him a wide and knowing, 'I told you so' grin as she sashayed out of the door. What she didn't know was that the threesome were having a riveting discussion on the flora and fauna of Alaska.

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