By Carol Sandford


Chapter 04


It was one of those sharp, crisp autumn mornings. The kind to take a long, miserable, solitary walk on. Deanna was alone, and alone meant lonely, and right then, at that moment in her life, she felt lonely.

Her night with Simon had been an unmitigated disaster, for a variety of reasons. The main one being him. Her imaginary night of passion had been a non-starter. The man, Simon, had been entirely self centred, chauvinistic, boring and so in love with himself that Deanna had turned off sexually as soon as he'd stripped off down to his black satin thong. He also had a silky smooth and totally hairless body, and he had skin that was even softer than her own. And he had the silliest, tiniest willy she had ever seen.

As he had crawled up the bed towards her like a tiger stalking its prey, Deanna's thoughts had flicked back to the man she had left standing at the party,surrounded by women, one of which he was likely to now be doing pretty much the self same thing as she.

Only Rosalind was being entertained by a real man; a virile man. A man that had an enticing smattering of body hair, just enough to make him look like a man and not a gorilla. A man that put a woman's need long before his own. Long before.

Deanna wanted Will's touch; his arms around her, his lips on hers, his body melded to hers. His words uttered to her and only for her.

She also wanted Will's love, but it was too late because she'd lost him to Rosalind.

As Deanna stood and looked across the valley that she had created in the holo-deck; the early morning frost still covering the ground creating a landscape of infinite beauty. Autumn colours graced the trees in a blanket of leaves. The icy cold water in the stream just a few meters away from her feet ran rapidly over the array of tiny rocks on its way to Lord knows where.

But Deanna didn't see any of it. Her heart was heavy with, not only her loss, but with her new found knowledge, a knowledge that she had no one to share with except the vista before her. Words slipped from her lips without her realising it, " I still love you, Imzadi."

Only the wind listened to her heart-breaking confession.

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