By Carol Sandford


Chapter 15


Deanna’s eyes beseeched Antony’s to show Will that there was something between them; Something more than sex. Sex that neither one them had shared with each other. Their kisses had never scorched a path to her toes, nor had any kisses they had shared been done in public, and they were both as scared as hell.

Deanna’s eyes dropped to Antony’s lips, and she subconsciously licked her own, waiting. Almost in slow motion, Antony’s mouth touched hers and she was relieved that at least he had gotten that far. But would he go any further. Would his blood begin to heat up and take the kiss deeper?

She got her answer when Antony lowered his hands and pulled her closer to him, she felt his tongue trying to invade her mouth. Deanna, against her better judgement, let him in, and let him get swept away on the tide of emotion that surged through his body, the evidence of his desire pressing into her stomach.

Antony twisted and turned his head, each time devouring Deanna’s mouth, feeling himself getting drunk on his own body’s awakening. He felt Deanna’s arms slip around his waist as she too clung to him, matching his tongue’s thrusts as he continued to show the man he knew was standing only a couple of feet away, that he did indeed have a claim on the woman in his arms, but to no avail. Despite her seeming to put everything she had into the kiss, even he could feel that it was a monumental effort on her part, and if he admitted it, his own too.

Riker knew what he was doing when he ordered this challenge and even though right at this minute Antony was as angry as any man would be when faced with an adversary, he could sympathise with him. He only wished he loved a woman with enough intensity and passion, then he would have the kind of love that they had.

Will watched the show before him with interest. A part of him was highly amused as he watched the couple twist and turn as they fumbled for desire in an action that wasn’t there. But the kiss seemed to go on and on, and the other part of him festered at Deanna’s determination to prove that she could feel that way for another man. Even Will knew she was fooling herself much more than she was fooling him.

Deanna tried, she really tried. Every ounce of her screamed to her heart to love this man and kiss him as though she really meant it. But as she kissed him, mimicking the action of making love to him with her tongue in the vain hope that something would spark, the magic just was not there and nor was the conviction.

Why wasn’t it working? Antony matched her thrusting tongue, revelling with the knowledge that it must have be eating Riker alive to watch watch the woman he wanted do what she was doing to him. But from relationships before Deanna came into his life, he could sense and feel. That there was a whole lot missing. An awful lot.

Even though Antony told himself that the relationship was over; that Riker had won, he still wasn’t prepared to just hand her over without some kind of effort on his part. Hell, it was his pride at stake too. Moments later, the charade was over when he felt Deanna’s hands drop to his hips as the fire petered out of her kiss. He reluctantly let his mouth sever from hers and simultaneously, their eyes opened and they found themselves looking at each other, seeing the truth for the very first time.

They were still staring into each others eyes, searching for a way to say goodbye when Deanna felt a cool hand take one of hers and gently pull her out of her fiance’s arms.

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