By Carol Sandford


Chapter 03

  The couple become inseparable over the next few days. Will learnt that she had lost her entire family; her mother and two sisters in an explosion at their home on Betazed. She had drifted from one friend to another, getting steadily more and more depressed as time slipped by.

Until eventually, after four months, her best friend had brought her to Risa, insisting that she needed to be among happy people that weren't telepathic, nor among her own kind who constantly recalled the nightmare images whenever they saw he. Ssometimes it almost felt like she was in a movie theatre watching the horror unfold before her, several times a day. She, herself had been in a coma for a week and mercifully hadn't personally witnessed any of it, but she had almost the entire story from other peoples recollections and images.

Carleena had confessed to Will that she was only half Betazoid and so was only partially telepathic. Her father was unknown to her, but was definitely alien, hence the green eyes. Her mother had stalled for years about revealing his identity, and now, having lost her in the fire, she had no hope what-so-ever of finding out who he was, or even if her only living relative was still alive.

And in turn, Will had recounted his own nightmares to her. About the horror of watching families drifting in space after the attack from the Breen. And he had also found himself telling her about other battles that had left scars so deep they would never be healed.

Will found talking to someone who didn't have a clue about the identities of who or what he was describing helped better than any member of Star fleet because Carleena stayed neutral and afterwards, they felt their spirits renewed as they both cleansed their souls to each other. Neither leaving anything out, and ending up weeping in each others arms on many occasions.

They'd understood that talking it through was an important part of their healing process, and Carleena had urged Will, and he, her, to let it all go to the point of actually screaming and shouting at each other. If anyone had been watching them they would have thought that they were an old married couple having a spat. In truth Will felt as comfortable with her as he did with Deanna, and he had often wondered if this was what married life would be like with her.

Will had chosen not to mention his relationship with Deanna. He couldn't really put a finger on why he hadn't, but he felt an enormous sense of betrayal whenever he thought of her, and he didn't want Carleena to know they were Imzadi. They hadn't become intimate yet, but it was only a matter of time.

Once Will and Carleena had finally gotten over the worst of their individual demons, they had become a twosome to rival Laurel and Hardy. They were totally in tune with each other, and most nights they would be seen in the bar, slightly worse for wear, in hysterics at one or the others jokes and stories. As much as he loved Deanna, she did not share Will's sense of humour in the slightest, and he realised that he missed this side of the relationship enormously now he was experiencing it with Carleena. The laughter they shared in itself was healing him.

One day before Will was rejoin his ship, things changed between the two bosom buddy's. They had become absolute best friends and Will did not want to leave her behind. And Carleena had no intentions of being left behind.


Later that night, when the merry twosome staggered arm in arm back to Will's room, they were still giggling like a pair of naughty school children. Carleena had propped her back up against the door, and as usual and Will had put his palms flat on the door either side of her head, and her hands gently rested comfortably on his waistline.

Eventually as the laughter died, they found themselves lovingly gazing into each other's eyes. Jollity changed into a smouldering ache as both recognised the want and both minds begged each other to make the first move.

Will made that first move by sliding his hand beneath her hair to caress the soft nape of her neck. The kiss that followed, happened in slow motion as they teased and tasted. The brooding desire that had steadily built over the past few days finally overflowed and took control. Kiss upon kiss, groan upon groan escalated almost into a frenzy.

Will reached down behind herto open the door without breaking the kiss. It swung open and they both stumbled in, landing in an undignified heap on the floor, but still they kissed.

Gone was the laughter, left was a need, one so desperate nothing existed except them, the moment, and the urgency. Will kicked back to slam shut the door with his foot, rolling Carleena underneath him as he did so. Settling his long body over the full length of her, he propped himself up on his elbows, and his hands began to gently stroke back the silky hair from her face. As he reached lower and lightly kissed her swollen lips, both became lost in the expectant magic of what was about to happen between them.

Her emerald eyes smouldered with desire and Will was bewitched as he lost himself totally to her. Confidence soared through his veins as he whispered, "It's been a long time since I've felt this way. Please, let me love you Carleena."

Carleena could feel Will's heartbeat through the cumbersome barrier of their clothing. She looked into the blue crystal chips, and saw the hunger there. He heard her unspoken assent and his lips descended upon hers once again.

This time, more demanding, more forceful, and more urgent, Carleena met his urgency with a guttural moan that made her gasp. Will captured the moan, taking the opportunity to plunder her open mouth with his tongue.

Evidence of his hardness pressed against her pelvic bone, and she found herself pressing back, her own rapidly building ache threatening to make her cry out. The ache won, and she tugged at his shirt, desperate to feel his skin. "Help me, Will, I'm on fire."

The two become possessed. Will slipped his hand up under her dress to tug down her panties, and her own hands frantically continued to pull at his shirt, this time sending the tiny buttons flying. The need to feel his bare body against hers became so great, that Carleena cried out in frustration as she tried to negotiate his zipper on his pants, "Christ, Will, hurry!"

Will rapidly stood to his feet to shuck off the offending clothing, along with his boots and at long last, his shorts. He heard Carleena's gasp of wonderment as he stood before her in all his naked glory. Will felt himself swell with pride, and then even more so as he looked down to the woman laying prone before him.

Her dress was bunched around her waist, the chestnut thatch barely hiding her secret. Slowly, Will lowered himself back down over her, pushing the dress up higher and above her head as he did so. Carleena was surprised when he didn't remove it, but instead held her arms captive within it's folds with one hand as he looked longingly, and lovingly at her.

She felt a moment of panic as she realised he now had her totally at his mercy, but relaxed when his obvious intent was purely sensual. His other hand slid down to raise her leg, allowing him to nestle between her thighs, letting her get comfortable with his large weight.

They looked deep into each others eyes, as Will began to gently rock against her slowly and gently easing himself into her. Neither broke eye contact, but Carleena's eyes gradually grew wider as Will filled her more and more, and when he was totally embedded, and held fast by her slick, tight channel, only then did he allow himself a triumphant groan.

Once more Will began to ravage her mouth as he continued to love her, feeling her begin to tense as she fought the impending orgasm rising. But she coudln't hold it off for long, and seconds later, Carleena arched herself off the floor as wave after wave of liquid-fire surged throughout her pulsating body.

Carleena felt like she was drowning in exstacy. Never, never in her entire adult life, had she ever felt like she did tight then as they'd lost themselves in their own intimate embraces, finally reaching for their long awaited mutual climax, Carleena knew he was the one. He had managed to touch her heart, her soul, her spirit and more, and he was worthy of the only thing she could give him.

Opening up her mind to reach deep into his, Carleena opened up her body and soul and silently whispered, Only you my beloved, my Imzadi, only you.

Will heard her endearment as he filled her with his seed, knowing that he had met hers along the way. He buried his face in her sweet smelling hair, and desperately tried to calm his ragged breath, as well as block out his betrayal to the beautiful woman beneath him.

Imzadi He had heard her call out to him as he'd climaxed within her. He pushed himself up to look down into her flushed face, deliberately blocking out the thoughts that raged through his mind. His stomach turned as he saw the love radiating from her eyes and she brought her hand up to gently wipe the trickle of perspiration away from his temple, afterwards moving her hand to cup his face to bring his face down for a feather-light kiss.

"I love you, Will." She whispered honestly.

"I..I love you too, Carleena." He replied slowly.

After a long moment, Carleena asked quietly, "Will, did you hear me?"

Will closed his eyes and nodded his head, "I heard you." he replied.

Carleena quietly chuckled. Suprised, Will opened his eyes, bewilderment creating a frown as he asked in puzzlement, "What's so funny?"

Carleena traced her finger around his lips, then slowly stroked his beard as she answered him, "It's o.k. I don't expect you to understand. I...I just wanted you to know, that's all."

Will silently kissed her, cutting off any other communication. Carleena felt his withdrawal from her mentally, but it was soon forgotten as she marvelled at his renewed desire as it began to rise again. Words became forgotten as they got swept away once more.

This time as they'd reached their ultimate goal, it was Will who cried out, "I love you, Carleena," his declaration turning to a hushed, revered, "I love you."

It was the best he could give her, but she'd been content with that, for now. Eventually the spent couple managed to crawl to bed, both falling asleep, instantly, enveloped within each others safe embrace.

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