By Carol Sandford


Chapter 11


Three weeks later...

The Captain looked around at his senior officers who were waiting for his explanation as to why they were taking on board their latest guests, who were due to be beamed aboard from the planet Clavdia. "We have been asked to escort the new leader, and her companion to her home world, Daled 1V. The planet is in the middle of an uprising and are in desperate need of the new ruler to arrive and take leadership. " He turned to his security officer. "Worf, you will accompany me to the transporter room please." He stood, ending the meeting. "Thank you, that'll be all."

They all rose together and headed back to their various duties. Returning back down in engineering, Geordie remembered that he'd forgotten to pick a new SCM from the stores on route. He spotted Wesley and called him over, "Hey, Wes, do me a favour and run to stores for me and pick up a new SCM, will you, please?"

Wesley grinned, finally, a chance to fit a new superconducting magnet, "Yes, sir, right away!"

Minutes later, as he stepped out off the turbo-lift, he nearly walked head-on into the group who were walking along the corridor. Wesley's eyes focused on another pair of eyes and he couldn't help himself as he stared into the face of the prettiest girl he seen since, well, since Deanna.

He had gotten over his infatuation with her after constantly being chaperoned everywhere so that they were never alone. Although Deanna had somehow managed to block his attentions out now, all had been forgiven, because, after all, everybody had to have a first love.

The Captain broke into his wayward thoughts and he turned he attention to him. "Ah, Salia, Anya, this is, Ensign Wesley Crusher, a very promising young officer who will go far with his chosen career in Starfleet."

As Salia and Wesley looked longingly into each others eyes, Captain Picard raised his own to the heavens and thought, 'Oh, no, here we go again...'

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