By Carol Sandford


Chapter 02


Deanna couldn't wait to reach her quarters after her shift. She felt miserable. It had been a bad day. Will didn't know what to say to her, so he said nothing at all, and that hurt. Even Beverly's teasing didn't manage to raise a smile from her, and Worf, well, Worf practically snarled at her if she came within ten foot of him.

She spotted the envelope as she threw her appointment padd on the table. Looking around her in alarm as she made sure no-one was behind her, she trusted her senses telling her that she was alone and eased her fears. She gingerly picked the envelope up and pulled out the piece of paper inside. It was a poem, very basic, very immature, but very sweet.

'One day you will be mine, to have, to kiss, to hold,
like your picture that speaks of many secrets untold,
One day we will be together. One day, you will love only me
until then, my love, my dreams will fulfil my fantasy.'

Deanna didn't know whether to be flattered or scared. She knew now that it wasn't Will, and surely it couldn't be Worf...could it? Having nothing to lose, she decided to go and ask him. She'd humiliated herself in front of the only person that mattered, so confronting Worf should be a breeze.

She made her way to his quarters and made herself known. When he opened the door and saw that it was her, he snarled, baring his teeth, growling deep in his throat, "What do you want!?"

Deanna took a step back, and knew there and then Worf was not the sender, so she turned and scurried away, throwing over her shoulder by way of an apology, "Sorry, nothing, wrong door."


She hesitated outside Will's door, and was startled when it opened and he stood looking at her, his eyes not quite trusting what he saw. "Deanna?" he asked.

"Hello, Will," she started. "I... I just wanted to ask, did you send me the poem?"

She held her breath, hoping that he was going to smile and say that it was him, but her heart hit the floor when he shook his head and muttered, now annoyed, "No Deanna, it wasn't me. Like I said before, I like to make sure my ladies know..."

She held up her hands to stop him going any further. She didn't need reminding that he didn't want her. "I know, I know. Sorry I asked"

Deanna quickly turned and walked away before will could say another word. Back inside her quarters, she found herself pacing back and forth, the same frustrating question going over and over in her mind. Who could it be?


Deanna sat uncomfortably in her chair on the bridge the next day, her back ramrod straight, and her hands clasped nervously together on her lap. She couldn't look at Will, but she could feel him watching her. Eventually when her jarred nerves had just about enough, she asked the captain if she could be excused. Using a raging headache as an excuse, Deanna made her way to sickbay.

Beverly was just finishing up some notes in her office when she walked in. Beverly looked up in surprise to see her friend walk in, clearly in mental pain. She rose to meet her, took her arm and ushered her to a bio-bed and as she ran the tricorder over her, she asked. "What's up, Deanna? You look like hell."

She decided to spill the whole story about the brooch, and then the following episode with Will, and then she told her about Worf and the poem. "It's beginning to worry me for some reason, Beverly. I know it's very flattering, but I'm becoming very uneasy. Someone is coming into my room, and I'm sure I've been followed a few times."

Beverly looked worriedly at her dearest friend. "Have you told the Captain about this?" she asked with genuine concern.

Deanna shook her head, and answered, "No, because I thought it was Will, or maybe Worf..."

Beverly's eyebrows shot up, "Worf! I hadn't noticed he'd got a crush on you."

Deanna 's look made Beverly change her mind. "Have you tried talking to Will?"

Deanna nodded sadly, remembering solemnly the previous nights confrontation, and the night before. "I really blew that one. I thought he wanted us to be a couple again. How could I have been so wrong? He barely speaks to me now." she complained.

Beverly smiled knowingly, "I think you should try and talk to him again. If anyone can help, it's Will, you know that"

As Beverly administered a hypospray for her headache, Deanna knew she was right. Jumping off the biobed, she followed her back into her office. " are things with you and Wesley. Has he settled in yet?"

Beverly smiled tenderly at the mere mention of her precious son. "Oh, yes. I think he's in love," she said, conspiriously, "He's always got this goofy look on his face these days, and I am absolutely not allowed to go into his bedroom. Mind you," she wondered aloud, "I haven't seen him with any particular girl, so I don't know if he's actually going out with one or not. But I'm not worried, it's just nice to see that he's normal."

They both laughed and Deanna felt a lot better for their chat and left Beverly to her work. But as she headed back towards her quarters, she felt the creepy sensations wash over her again. But every time she turned around, there was no one there. She reached the turbolift and pretended to go in, then quickly and quietly backed up around the corner and waited with bated breath. She waited until she heard the soft footsteps and then stepped out, only to face Wesley Crusher.

She didn't know who was more surprised, him or her,



There was an uncomfortable silence as they stared at one another, but then, as Deanna realized that Wesley was teh cuplrit, she exclaimed,. "It was you!"

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