By Carol Sandford


Chapter 07


"Ensign Crusher to Commander Riker."

Will looked at Deanna's face while they waited for his response to come back across the airwaves, eventually the got the response they were waiting for. "Yes, sir."

"Can you please join the Counselor and I in her quarters, A.S.A.P?"

They heard Wesley's voice turned squeaky as he answered. "Y..Yes, sir. I..I'm on my way."

Will and Deanna sat on her sofa and readied herself for the confrontation that they all knew that they had to have. Will's hand reached across and briefly gripped hers in a reassuring gesture and she smiled nervously at him, jumping a little when the door acknowledged his arrival.

Will barked to his hail, "Come!"

The door hissed open, and Wesley, suddenly looking like the scared little boy that he technically was, hesitated on the threshhold. Unsure of what was going to happen to him, his large eyes unable to hide his fear at what the man who had become like a second father to him, was going to do. The same man who, besides the captain, held his respected awe in every aspect of his young life. All his goals that he aimed for were incited by his reverence of his commanding officer, which made the next few minutes ahead, ten times harder.

But he wasn't ready to give up on Deanna and had to pluck up the nerve to tell him so, when the time was right.

"Come in Wesley, I'm not going to bite you, yet" he added, just for the hell of it.

Wesley hesitantly stepped further into the room and Will watched the handsome young man's eyes settle upon Deanna, his innocent longings for her very obviously evident in his eyes.

Will turned to speak to Deanna and was startled to see her looking at him in much the same way. No words were said, but the air was charged with a smouldering passion, and Will quickly realized that his task of ending the ridiculous situation, was going to be harder than what he thought, because he now knew that it wasn't just Wesley Crusher he was dealing with, but his own Imzadi, too.


Before Wesley had arrived to her quarters, they had originally planned to talk openly about the attraction, and to try and make Wesley understand Deanna's dilemma, and then to let him down gently. But now Will decided that it need a much larger shock tactic.

Reaching across, Will took Deanna's hand and proclaimed, "Wesley, Deanna and I have decided to become a couple again."

He watched Wesley's eyes leave Deanna's face to turn and look at him, his confusion apparent and Will tried again, a little more forcefully. "We are lovers, Wes."

Deanna gasped at the bluntness of his remark and his apparent disregard for ship's protocol. "Will!"

Wesley mind finally focused on what was being said, his reply puzzled and ignorant. "But...Deanna wants to be with me!"

Keeping his preditory smile hidden, Will gently shook his head, realizing, that for the boy's sake, this wasn't the time for ridicule. "No, Wesley, Deanna's attraction to you was because she was having difficulty getting through a traumatic event in her past with me. You reminded her of it, and subsequently of me and she realized it was because she was still in love with me."

Deanna finally found her voice, understanding where Will was going with his brutal lesson. "'I'm sorry, Wesley, but Will is right, it can never work between us. I love Will, and he loves me."

Wesley jumped to his feet, staring alternatively at both of them, his eyes crazy with denial. "No! No, you love me, Deanna, and one day you'll love me instead of him. I'm not giving up. I'm going to fight for you, Deanna!" He spluttered bravely

Before either of them could react at his ridiculous challenge, Wesley rushed out of her quarters. Will watched him go with a feeling of trepidation, and Deanna watched him go with a feeling of anticipation.

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