By Carol Sandford


Chapter 08


No matter how many times Will tried to search out Wesley Crusher, he always managed to either elude him, or conveniently be with anoher crew member. Even hiding behind his mother had become a frequent occurrence.

Of course, Beverly was delighted at her son's attentions, and she related her joy, and confusion to Deanna one evening a couple of days after the stand in the Ten Forward lounge. "I don't know what's got into him, Deanna, he doesn't seem to want to leave my side. I wonder," she mused aloud, "if this girl he's obviously attracted to is giving him the runaround. I wonder who she is. There's only eight teenage girls on board, isn't there? So it must be easy to find out who she is."

Beverly suddenly brightened, an idea forming in her head. "How do you fancy doing a bit of detective work with me, Counselor?" she asked, grinning.

Beverly looked up at Deanna in surprise when the counselor suddenly jumped to her feet, and proclaimed, "Crikey, is that the time? Duty calls, I'm afraid. My next appointment was due five minutes ago! Gotta run, bye, Beverly."

Beverly watched her closest friend practically run from the lounge, her own, 'bye' dying on her lips as she wondered what she'd said.


Wesley was in Engineering when he heard the hail for all senior officers to report to the Ready room. He was aware that they had just reached an unchartered moon, which meant that after a short briefing, an away team would be heading down to the planet surface for a look around. His private grin brought a curious look from Geordie La Forge. "Everything okay, Ensign?"

Wesley face beamed full force, "Yes, sir, things couldn't be better."

Geordie frowned as the younger man made his way out of engineering, and muttered, "Now what's that boy up to?"

But knowing how intelligent he was, Geordi had no qualms about leaving him under the guidance of his other staff. Geordie chuckled to himself, recalling many a time when Wesley had indeed taught him a few things about his job.


From a viewport, Wesley watched the runabout leave the docking bay and his heart-beat quickened with anticipation. "Computer, location of Counselor Troi?"

"The Counselor is in her office." It replied.

He quickly made his way to her office's level, constantly looking around him, expecting Will Riker to leap out of the shadows and put a huge hand on his shoulder, and he heaved a huge sigh of relief when he finally reached his destination. Wesley listened with his ear against the metallic door and heard no voices on the other side, and decided that surprise was the best course of action.

Wesley quickly entered and Deanna looked up in surprise, her mouth opening wide when she saw who it was. He walked straight over to her, his steps quick and sure, and before she had a chance to move, and before he had a chance to lose his bottle, Wesley bent and planted a quick kiss on her upturned lips.

Nothing had been said, and nothing wanted to be said. Before Deanna even had a chance to react, Wesley took the chance and her stunned silence and kissed her again, this time deepening the kiss. She felt his tongue try to invade her mouth and Deanna resisted until his hand came up and gently held the back of her head. His other hand reached down to capture hers and pull it up to his chest and Wesley felt her submission as she flowered beneath him and his tongue finally made it's way into the hot depths of her willing mouth.

Neither heard the soft footsteps approaching her door, but both heard the horrified gasp that told them that their intimacy had been witnessed, and as they guiltily sprung apart, they both turned to face Beverly Crusher.

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