By Carol Sandford


Chapter 09



As Beverly screeched the command out, her anger and shock made her visibly shake. As her finger pointed to the door, Wesley went to walk towards it, his head hanging in shame. His feet stopped as somehow, her voice managed to raise another octave. "NOT YOU! HER!" She turned to face Deanna. "GET OUT!" she screamed.

Deanna visibly paled as she stood and spoke. "Beverly, please, let me expl..."

"NOT NOW, COUNSELOR!" She roared, her next words shaking Deanna to the core, "I'll deal with you, later."

Uneasily, Deanna walked towards to the door, pausing briefly to try once more to explain. But when she looked into her dearest friends eyes, and saw the anguish and pain, she knew that now was not the time. The distraught counselor quietly left the room, and the tears began to run unchecked down her cheeks, blinding her vision.

As soon as she was out of earshot of her office, Deanna slumped against the corridor wall and slid down onto the floor as her sobs became uncontrollable, as she hid her face, and her shame in her hands.

How long for, she didn't know, but it wasn't long before she felt herself being pulled into the familiar strong arms of the only person who knew that, despite what had clearly happened, still adored her, and still whispered comforting words to her, and still loved her with every fibre of his heart, body and soul.

As they heard the hiss of the door opening, they both looked up. Will gripped her firmlyand Deanna didn't know whether it was to stop her running away, or for the moral support for whatever they were about to receive fromtheir mutual friend.

As mother and son came face to face with their two friends that werestill locked in a comforting embrace, Wesley nearly walked into his mother. A stony silence followed as each pair of eyes looked at each others. Hurt, betrayal, anger and despair showed. Eventually it was Beverly who broke the frozen moment, and holding her head high with tears in her blotchy red eyes, she walked past them without a second glance.

Wesley followed his mother past and his eyes never left Deanna's face. He hesitated briefly, as if to say something, and then thought better of it and hurriedly caught up with his mom. Will and Deanna watched them walk down the corridor until they were out of sight.

Will hugged her tighter against him and gently manoeuvred her back towards her office. Deanna broke away from him as soon as the door closed and Will leant against it, watching her pace restlessly aound the small room, until eventually, she sat stiffly on the edge of the plush couch, her quiet voice finally breaking the tense silence. "I'm sorry."

Will tried hard to keep the anger out of his own voice when he asked, "What happened, Deanna?"

Deanna vaguely raised her hands, she wasn't sure how it happened and didn't know how to explain it to him, either, "I don't know," she whispered. "He just came to see me, and we...started kissing. Beverly caught us." she added, unnecessarily.

Will pushed himself off the door, walked over and sat beside her, facing her, But she couldn't bring herself to look into those brilliant blue eyes that only wanted to understand, and that made her feel even more like a wretch.

Here she was, trying her hardest to screw around with a teenager, when, in truth, she had the dishiest man to grace the universe at her back and call. A man who loved her, and who worshipped her very being. The man who had made her what she was today, and she wanted to die.

Will's hand rose to lift her chin and forced her to look at him. A single teardrop escaped from the pool that had gathered again in her eye and he watched it trickle down her cheek, eventually stopping at her lip.

Will leaned forward and gently kissed the moisture away, and said quietly, "I love you, Imzadi. I want to help. Help me."

Her choked sob brought on a fresh wave of tears and Will began to kiss her as she sobbed, kissing away her tears, until eventually, she finally stopped and after a quick hug, he pulled her back to a stand, his words bringing a new dread. "Come on, it's time to talk to Beverly."

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