By Carol Sandford


Chapter 01


As Will walked into the Ten forward lounge, he hesitated as he heard Deanna's seductive chuckle. He inwardly groaned. The last thing he wanted to see tonight was Deanna draped across the klingon, hanging on to his every growl... no, that was not fair, Worf did not deserve that...Hell!, yes he did.

Will saw Deanna's head come up as she realised his presence was near. Deliberately emptied his mind, he plastered on a huge fake smile, and sauntered past the two of them, acknowledging their presence with a sarcastic nod.

He headed over towards Geordi, who was propping up the bar, slapping the smaller man on the back, causing him to slop his beer, which earned him a withering look from Guinan.

Will held up his hand in silent apology to her and whispered to his friend, his relief evident that he was there.

'I'm glad to see you. You made walking in here a whole lot easier.'

Geordi quickly glanced behind him, his eyes falling on the object of Will's discomfort and chuckled quietly.

'Now THAT is a relationship I never thought I'd see...I wonder what she sees in him?'

Will briefly glanced back over to the couple who had resumed their conversation, but he did notice that Worf was now sitting a little stiffer. He now looked like he was waiting for a confrontation. Will smirked to himself, glad that he still had the power to intimidate the man who was even bigger than he was, and that was saying something!.

Will turned his head back to Geordi pasting a,don't care expression firmly in place.

'God knows...but, if Deanna's happy, I'm happy.'

Geordi looked up at the tall man. Will's face looked like it didn't care, but his eyes were telling a whole different story.

'Hey, Commander. Who are you trying to convince, me, or yourself?'

Will looked back towards her again, Geordi's words hurt more than he wanted to admit.

'Yeah, well...She know's where I am if she changes her mind. I can wait.'

Will took a long swig of the drink that Guinan had silently left him, not knowing that what he had just said and felt, had been heard by Deanna.

Deanna went quiet as she listened to Will's heartfelt thoughts. Worf watched her and knew that they had just communicated again, even if was one sided. It used to anger him beyond reason. The betrayal he felt was enough on more than one occasion to bring a roar of frustration from him, but he felt differently.

Worf was envious of them, and more than once he wished he could do the same. Many times he had questioned himself as to whether he could make anything of the relationship between himself and Deanna.

Apart from Deanna being as far removed from a klingon woman as she possible could be, Worf had to contend with the past relationship between her and Commander Riker. He knew that they had been intimate, that in itself didn't bother him. In fact it made their own intimacy better. Deanna was not shy like a virgin would have been, so was less inhibited around him. She was learning fast how to satisy his needs, and would have probably achieved it by now if she was not so petite and feminine. But she was learning...

As Worf walked her back to her quarters, Deanna noticed that he seemed distracted.

'Worf, are you okay?'

They stopped and Worf looked down at her. He thought about the question he wanted to ask.

'deanna...your empathy, can it be taught?'

Deanna laughed at the question, it catching her by surprise.

'No...Well, I don't know. I think you can learn to be more sensitive to people, maybe pick up the stronger emotions, that sort of thing, why?'

Worf took her arm and carried on walking, unwilling to press her further.

'It does not matter, I was just curious that's all'

They reached her door which Deanna opened. She hesitated when Worf did not follow her in.

'Aren't you coming in tonight, Worf?'

'No, not until later, I have some things to see to first. You go to bed, I'll be back soon.'

He gave her a cursory kiss on the cheek and strode off back the way he came. Deanna watched him go, clearly puzzled.

What's with him tonight?

Shrugging to herself, she went inside and prepared for bed.


Worf's stride was purposeful as he made his way to Commander Riker's quarters. As he approached his door, Will came around the corner from the other direction. He slowed up when he saw the big man approach. Both felt the antagonism between them but surpressed the urge to fly at each other. Curiosity getting the better of him, Will spoke, unable to keep the snarl from his voice.

'something I can do for you Mr. Worf?'

Worf stood his full height, looking Will straight in the eyes.

'Commander. I wanted to speak with you about Counselor Troi.'

Will's eyes flew open at the mere mention of her, and Worf watched in disbelief as Will tried to connect with her to make sure she was not harmed or in any danger. Will seemed puzzled as he looked back to Worf, once he had foolishly realised that he had indeed come to talk to him about her.

'What about the Counselor?'

'Precisely that, Sir. What has just happened. What you just did. I want you to teach me how to read Deanna's mind.'

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