By Carol Sandford


Chapter 02


Will punched in his code and entered his quarters. Worf hesitated before he followed him in, sure that he was surposed to do so. Will ground to a halt in the middle of the room, slightly bemused before finally turning to face the Klingon.

'Are you kidding, Mr. Worf? Have you any idea of how strong this link is? Worf, we are, Imzadi. That is the only reason I am telepathically linked to her. We are as good as joined at the hip. We are one, even if we are no longer a couple. We will always be linked, whether you like it or not.'

Will expected Worf to be livid at the purposely spiteful remarks about his one true love. But other than looking slightly frustrated he did not react at all. That surprised him.

'I know that, Commander, but I want to be able to do the least, enough for her to know how I feel.'

Worf hesitated before continuing. Unsure of how much to reveal to him without looking a total fool.

'I cannot put into words my true emotions, and sometimes I hurt her without meaning to. Please, Sir... Show me. I will be forever in your debt, and you know a Klingon's word is an honorable one.'

They stood in silence for some time, weighing each other up. Will began to pace around the room, occasionally throwing a look his way. Worf's hopes grew as he realised that at least, Will was considering it.

Suddenly Will sat down, and beckoned Worf to do the same. Worf perched uneasily on the edge of the sofa, as Will looked into his eyes. He could see the antisipation mirrored on his face. As Will touched the bridge of his own nose as he tried to think of how to help. Hell, he did not want to, but his thoughts were of Deanna. As much as he wanted this relationship to end, he knew that it had to run its own course. Just as he also knew that after it had run its course, Will would be waiting, with his arms wide open, for her.

That thought alone helped make up Will's mind. His decision made, he began the difficult task of revealing the sacred link between Imzadi lovers.

'Okay. You have to totally empty your mind, and then focus your whole body, and mind on Deanna.'

Worf nodded.

'And then it's a bit like taking a photograph of something. Sort of printing the image in your head.'

Worf nodded again.

'then you send the message to her.'

Worf paused as he pondered the information.

'I see. That sounds simple enough'

Will laughed out loud.

'Believe me, Worf, it is not 'simple'. You have to be in tune with her all the time. You have to keep a little corner of your head open to her every second of the day so that she can send to you...She might be in trouble, or trying to tell you something in secret. Or she just might want to say hello.'

Worf attempted a half smile, not quite sure of how to take the information.

'so...How do we try it out?'

Will smiled.

'Well, I seem to be the obvious guinea pig. Are you comfortable trying it out on me?'

Worf nodded vaguely.

Will grinned. He was beginning to enjoy this. He was sure he was not going to succeed. Worf was far too much of a lunk-head to be able to pull this off, but he felt he had to at least try, for Deanna's sake.

'Okay, here goes nothin'. I'm going to clear my mind, and you're going to do the same. Then I want you to think of me...only me, and when the 'snap' happens, your head that is, say, 'hello Will' okay?'

Worf nodded again, and they each shut their eyes. Both shut down their minds, and Will sat waiting for the message. Nothing happened, surprise, surprise!

Will opened one eye and peeked at Worf. He nearly laughed out loud at the expression on Worf's face, but caught himself in time, and tried once more to hear his message. He heard Worf's sigh and looked at him.

'I cannot do this'

Will smiled at him.

'Let's try it the other way around. It might be easier to show you this way. Just empty your mind, and I'll do the rest.'

The both shut their eyes again, and when Will felt Worf's mind relax, he sent hello Worf to him. When he heard Worf's gasp of surprise, he was not sure who was surprised more. Will had not expected Worf to receive it.

'I heard you. I heard you in my head, Commander. Do it again, please.'

Will grinned, shut his eyes and waited for a while for Worf's now over excited mind to clear, then he sent to him, Do you love her?

When he heard Worf's gasp again, Will knew that he had heard him. Worf confirmed it by telling him out loud.

'Yes Commander, I do.

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