By Carol Sandford


Chapter 03


The Captain had called a meeting in the ready room. Picard was rambling on about an expedition that he had just been on, and thought his senior officers would appreciate knowing all the finer details of the archaelogical dig that had unearthed some particularly facinating pots.

Worf looked around at his comrades. His eyes settled on Deanna, who was trying to listen intently to her Captain,. His eyes wandered on to Data. Needless to say, he was totally engrossed with the information that he was storing away in that vast space between his ears. That was Data's duty. To learn. To store away information. Worf felt sure that some day, this useless conversation would need to be recalled, and Data would have it tucked away in some corner of that fantastic brain of his, word for word.

Worf smirked to himself and his eyes carried on their travel around the table to Will Riker. He was surprised to see him quietly watching Deanna. At first he was annoyed. Then he began to wonder what Will was thinking about. Worf glanced around the table to make sure nobody was watching and closed his eyes, emptied his mind and tried to pick up on Will's thoughts.

Will watched Deanna across the table, his thoughts automatically going back in time to when they were together. Since she had been with Worf, he had thought more and more about her. Will lay awake at night sometimes, tuning into her mind, only to hear her passionate moans as she made love to the man not sitting six feet away from him.

Will glanced at Worf, and frowned when he saw the Klingon with his eyes shut. He first thought he had drifted off to sleep, but Will saw the familiar expression and he realised that Worf was reading either his own or Deanna's mind.

Will's sadistic mind kicked in, and he thought he would give him something to wake him up with.

Will shut his eyes and cast his mind back to the Jalara jungle, more precisely, Janaran Falls. He was stripping Deanna of her clothes and she him. Both had fell to the soft jungle floor, his body moulding itself in the soft dirt beneath him. Deanna had sat on top of him. Will sat and watched her in her full naked glory as her creamy skin glistened with the sweat of the jungle heat. Her eyes closed as he sank himself into her, in one, slow, agonizing movement.Imzadi screamed through their minds.

Worf jumped up at the same time Deanna did. Will opened his eyes which were still suffused with the passion that was surging through his veins and he was glad he was sitting at a table with his lower half tucked underneath to hide his evident desire.

Will looked to both Worf and Deanna, double taking on Deanna when he realised that she had tuned into his erotic thoughts too. Another voice interrupted the electric moment.

'Aherm...Is there a problem here?'

They all looked towards their Captain with silent surprise. No one wanting to reveal what had happened. All knowing that he was going to want an explanation

Will decided to take the flak for this one, being as he had technically caused it.

'sorry sir, I accidently kicked Deanna. Reflexes you know.'

The Captain looked at each of them uncertainly.

'I see. Well, this seems a good time to end the discussion. I believe it's lunch time. Dismissed.'

As they all walked out of the ready room, Worf sidled up to Will and growled quietly.

'that was a cheap shot, Commander, I did not find it funny.'

Will grinned, not in the least bit apologetic.

'sorry, Mr. Worf, I guess that's what you get for intruding on other peoples private thoughts.'

Will left him standing as he made his way off the bridge. Deanna had long since parted. Her humiliation was something she did not want to share with either Will or Worf. And she was also aware that she had gladly joined in with Will's erotic thoughts, but she had not realised that Worf had witnessed every moment of it.

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