By Carol Sandford


Chapter 04


Deanna ungracefully plonked herself down upon her sofa, her face hidden within her hands which still slightly trembled with the aftermath of the intimate thoughts.

'What have I done? What am I doing?'

But something confused her. Deanna felt...violated, but she was not sure why. It was bad enough that Will still managed to make her mind react to him the way it did. But she could not comprehend why he had started to recall their first, and the most sacred joining. The day they became one with each other, with the Universe, and for all eternity.

The day they had become Imzadi.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, Deanna felt, like she was being watched. That they were being watched. She knew that herself and Will had been totally alone in the jungle except for Gods own forest creatures.

No-one had seen the two lovers who had discovered each other, explored and wondered at. And had given each other the ultimate gift; Their hearts, minds, bodies. Souls and eternal love, forever and beyond.

But now, something was not right. Deanna had never felt it before, and she was scared. If her mother had been on board, she would have accused her of trespassing in her mind. But she was not, and she knew of no other with the capability of doing so, but there was no other logical explanation.


Worf watched Will's back from his consul on the bridge as he silently brooded Will had deliberately shown him just how intimate he and Deanna had been. And worse, just what was still between them. He did not understand how a couple that were so obviously in love with each other, could seek out other relationships. And now he had witnessed just how much was between them, Worf knew that his and Deanna's days were numbered.

He was surprised at himself that he was not angry. Well, he was, but not because of them. It was because he was stupid to have got involved in the first place.


Will could feel the big man's eyes boring into his back, and he quietly smirked.

Serves him right!

Worf had not told Deanna that he could read minds, he was not capable of sending himself and he did not think he was going to achieve that goal. Will was pleased about that. The ball was still partly in his court, he was still in control, but, Will was surprised that Worf had not told her. He pondered for some time on the question.

I wonder why?

Moments later Will tuned into Worf's thoughts just when Worf was telling himself that their relationship was a waste of time. Will silently whooped with joy.


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