By Carol Sandford


Chapter 05


Worf propped himself up with his hand as he watched Deanna sleep. He loved to watch her as she slept, it was the only time he could truly tell her the things that went through his mind. Worf was not able to tell her out loud, but this way he could, and he felt better with himself for doing so.

He reached over and lightly traced a line down between her breast to her flat tummy, she stirred slightly as a light groan escaping her lips. Worf smiled to himself, pleased that she responded to his touch.

Worf went lower and as his hand briefly touched the soft down that hid her from him, Deanna's leg automatically shifted to allow him access. He gently touched her, her groan became a purr. Closing his mind, he tried to reach into hers.

Deanna's image came to his, and he saw her very much as she was now, laying prone, naked and waiting. Her hands reached out to pull him to her, her legs opened wide to allow him entry. Worf climbed on top and looked down at her face, now flushed with passion. Deanna's eyes pleaded, her body begged. He entered her in one swift, fluid motion, and he watched her mouth silently say a name.


Worf reacted so violently to the image, that he leapt back, almost slipping off the edge of the bed. In his desperation to stop himself falling, he reached out and hitched himself to Deanna, who woke with a start.

'Worf! Are you okay?'

Deanna's sleep-filled face shocked at the scene before her, but her astonishment turned to one of merriment as Worf's legs stuck up from the side of the bed. She heard him growl.

'Yes, I'm alright. I must have had a bad dream.'

Deanna giggled until she started to recall her own dream. But then she grew silent. Worf stood up from his ungainly position on the floor, and he knew that she had realised that he had invaded her dream.

'deanna. I'm sorry, I only wanted...'

Deanna did not let him finish.

'I knew something was not right, I could sense it. I didn't realise it was you. How long have you been doing this Worf? How long have you been violating my most intimate thoughts? How long, Worf?'

He stood his full height, as a nasty sneer appeared on his face.

'Long enough to know that it's really him you want.'

Now it was her turn to be angry,

'How dare you Worf! How dare you presume to know what I want. I can assure you, if I had wanted Commander Riker, I could have had him at any time.'

Deanna stopped herself from saying much more, knowing that what ever she said, Worf would have known that it was a lie. She did want Will, but not until they were both totally committed to a relationship that would outlast every obstacle, every career move either of them wanted to make. At this moment in time, neither were.

'Worf, I can't wipe out what went on between Will and I. He hurt me very badly, but I also know that one day, when we both are ready, we will together again.'

Worf watched her speak, knowing that she was telling the truth. With each word she spoke, he felt his anger be replaced with understanding.

'What about us.?'

Deanna looked up into his face as she stepped nearer to him.she smiled tenderly.

'I don't know Worf. Right now I'm enjoying this relationship, just as I'm sure Will is enjoying his little...flirtations.'

Worf held her away from his traitorous body. He knew that he could no longer make love to her, he did not think he could tolerate seeing her making love to Will Riker as he did so. The Klingon way was 'all or nothing', and if he could not have all of her, then he would have to have nothing.

'No, Deanna, we can only be friends now. I no longer want a physical relationship with you. It would not be...honourable.'

Deanna stepped away from him, both embarrassed and disappointed. She quickly turned to pick up the sheet to cover herself. As she did so, Deanna suddenly asked him.

'How did you learn to read my mind?'

Worf looked acutely ashamed of himself as he deliberated whether to tell her or not. Deanna's growl prompted him to.


'I asked Commander Riker to show me,'

He hastily added,

'But I can only read minds, I cannot send.'

Deanna pondered on this information a little bit. Eventually a sly smile crept across her face as a plan formulated in her head.

'Worf, I think it's time we gave Commander Riker a dose of his own medicine, don't you?'

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