By Carol Sandford


Chapter 06


Once Deanna had convinced Worf that what she had in mind, was not really cruel, but more really a ploy to steer the fated couple back on track. She had a harder job convincing him to carry on the charade of the two of them being a couple for a little longer, but the timing had to be right and Will must not suspect anything.

That time finally came one evening a few days later when they were all playing poker. Late into the evening, when Will had cleaned them all out, his big grin showed his obvious glee,

'My night again, ladies and gentleman. Do all come again.'

Data quickly stood, made his goodbyes and promptly left the room, before anyone had even the chance to stand. Will went to stand and as he stood to collect up his chips, Deanna nodded to Worf to indicate that, 'this was the moment.' She hastily touched Will's arm and exclaimed.

'Oh, do we have to end the evening Will? I would to love to stay and have a drink, wouldn't the rest of you like that too?'

Will looked at her surprised, the half grin still upon his face. As he looked at the rest of his colleagues, they all nodded eagerly, a general chorus voicing their agreement.

'Yes...Why not?'

Will stood his full height, clearly surprised. This was unusual. Not unheard of, but unusual, especially during the week.

'Well, okay, I'll see what the replicator can rustle up for us.'

Will ordered some soft jazz music and got everyone drinks, then they all preceeded to have a very pleasant couple of hours chatting, laughing, recalling past missions and past aliens.

Slowly, very slowly, the conversation dwindled down to a very happy, quiet, laid back sort of time, when everyone was lost in their own thoughts. Their own memories. The music added to the tranquil moment.

Deanna watched Will carefully, without being too obvious. When he was sprawled back on the sofa, his head resting on the back of the sofa, his eyes shut, not quite asleep, she indicated to Worf to relax his mind and go through the scenario that they had planned between them when the time was right.

Deanna watched Worf close his eyes and she closed her own. She sought out Worf, and knew that he had started to recall the inimate liaison between the two of them.

Worf had no difficulty remembering this particular mating. He had taken her to the holodeck, intent on showing her a true Klingon mating ritual, which had begun with a rather frenzied stripping session. Along with the biting scratching, and brutal kisses that drew blood, they ripped at each others clothes. He was forced her towards the middle of the room.


Deanna's mind reached into Will's subconscious, until she felt him begin to connect with her. She reached out to him, her hand extended as she led him off to her domain...


Will's body relaxed when he felt Deanna reach into his mind, her eyes beckoned him, her hand outstretched to him and he reached out to take it. He knew he would follow her, even to the end of the universe. She was his universe. Deanna led him to the holodeck, he did not recognise the programme. It was a room, a very primitive room. Small fires lit up the walls, and a huge slab like table dominated the middle of the room.

Deanna turned on him and began to pull at his clothes as well as trying to bite and scratch, and kiss him, and as she did so, she pushed him towards the table in the middle of the room.


In Worf's mind it was him that was in the room, about to take her for his very own...

In Will's mind it was him that was in the room, about to take her for his very own...

Deanna's mind was on herself. She did not want the image of either men at this moment. She kept her sights entirely neutral...


As Deanna was pushed upon the table, she did not know who was between her legs trying to gain entrance. The situation was highly erotic, and headed to an explosive climax.


Beverly picked up on the atmosphere within Will's room. As she watched her friends bodies reacting to...something, she quietly nudged Geordi, and indicated to him to watch. They sat facinated, even slightly envious as it was obvious that minds were working overtime here, and they both desperately wanted to see the end result, even if it was only to stop the fists flying when they finally emerged from their own personal chimera.


Will leaned into Deanna as she lay prone on the table. His mouth assaulted her body. Her hands pulled at his hair, encouraging him to explore. Will's body refused to wait, and he slammed into her, so forcefully, she screamed, forcing her upright. Crushing her body against to his, wave after wave of ecstasy pulsated through her body. She hung on for dear life, until both mind and body came back down to Earth again.


Worf felt her pull at his hair as he bit and scratched at her body, until he could no longer hold back his urgency and plunged into her. Drowning her scream with his own triumphant roar, he throbbed within her, unable to release their locked union until her own muscles relaxed enough to let him go.


As Will, Worf and Deanna slowly came back to reality, it was a while before any of them were capable of opening their eyes. All were physically panting like they had been on a marathon. All of their bodies revealed their highly aroused state.

When they did finally open their eyes, they became uncomfortably aware that they were not alone. All three sets of eyes focused on Geordi and Beverly, who were watching with an amazed look of wonderment. The room was silent for an eternity, until finally Beverly stood, pulling Geordi up with her, quietly saying with an embarrassed, but knowing look on her face.

'Well, time to say goodnight. Sweet dreams everyone.'

She hurridly pulled Geordi through Will's door without looking back. Geordi managed to sneak one quick glance before Beverly yanked him away.

It stayed silent for some time as the three of them thought about what had happened, their eyes darting to each other, full of questions, no-one daring to ask.

Soon after, Deanna suddenly stood, making an effort to non-challantly stretch her arms above her head, complete with a wide yawn.

'Well, you guys, I'm off to bed. See you all in the morning.'

Will hurridly made his way to stop her leaving. He lightly touched her arm.

'deanna, wait. I've got to know...'

He glanced around to Worf, who stood stiffly, with his hands behind his back, but Will did wonder at the odd expression on his face.

'Yes, Will, what do you want to know?'

'Who...who were you making love to Deanna. Was it Worf, or was it me?'

She smiled enigmatically, and continued to do so as she walked out of his quarters and off down the corridor without looking back at his stunned face.

Will turned to Worf, his face a picture of disbelieving, surprise, horror and envy.


Worf made his way to the door, and casually making his way around his Commander, he smirked.

'sorry Sir, I guess that's what you get for intruding on other people's private thoughts.'

And he left Will standing in the middle of the room, mouth open, and his bright blue eyes wide, as he wondered what the hell had happened.


Some time later, Will paced around his room for the hundredth time, churning over the dream, trying to decipher who was making love to his Imzadi. Recognising some of his own tactics, he also recognised some of the brutal moves of a Klingon on heat.

Will did not think that he could be that rough with a woman, least of all Deanna, but he did often wonder at what it would be like to be that savage.

He knew he was not going to settle without clearing it with her, so he made his way down to her quarters. Before he had even got there, Deanna's door opened. He stopped in surprise, looking around the door, not sure of what he was going to find.

Deanna was sitting on her sofa, having changed into a long loose kaftan, looking totally serene, which is more than he could say for his own upside down, inside out, and confused mind.


'I've been waiting for you Will. I'm surprised you waited this long.'

He cautiously stepped into the room, looking furtively around.

'Where's, Worf?'

''Why would Worf be in here Will. We haven't been seeing each other for some time now.'

He looked at her incredously,

'What do you mean?'

She lifted her eyes in merriment.

'I mean, we are no longer seeing each other. It didn't work out between us. There seemed to be somebody always in the way. We gave up trying to pretend he wasn't there'

Will could not believe it. How come he had not noticed? What was all that about tonight?

Deanna chuckled.

'That Will Riker, was a healthy dose of your own medicine. Did you enjoy it? '

Before he had a chance to answer, Deanna stood and made her way towards him. A slow seductive walk. Her tongue snaked out to lick her lips. Her rising desire evident in her eyes. As she approached him, her long finger reached up to lightly scratch a trail down the side of his face, continuing on down his body, lightly touching his rapidly mounting hardness.

'How do you fancy a trip to the holodeck suites? I found a terrific programme that I think you'd enjoy...Tiger!!'

The end?....

As soon as the holodeck door shut on them, Deanna swung round on Will. Pure devilment, determination, passion and a look that could only be described as cruel appeared on her face. Will felt the dread and antisipation surge through his body, and his surprise.

No sooner had Deanna turned on him, she grabbed the front of his tunic and ripped a large shred from it. His eyes flew to hers in shock and before he had a chance to react, she nuzzled up to his neck and sucked.

No, she bit. Because he felt the pain rip through him and he automatically went to push her away before she did any real damage. Half of him wanting her to carry on, the other half scared out of his mind. She could sense his turmoil, but pushed on ahead anyway. She bit him again.

'deanna! Stop!'

Deanna did not answer him and before he had realised it, another large chunk of his clothing tore off and hit the floor. She pressed her body close to his and he felt her hips gyrate against him, bringing the response that she had wanted. Will heard her triumphant growl against his throat as she licked at his neck. Will began to at last respond when she raised her knee and rubbed it against his groin. The last movement gave all the encouragement he needed to join in.

Deanna felt him reach behind her and grasp at her own tunic. Her own heightened sexuality jumped another notch when she heard the material rip. She looked up at Will's eyes. They mirrored her own. Desperately seductive, and begging for more.

Will grasped her head, forcing her to lean back allowing him to dominate the situation and began to kiss her deeply, savagely. Her own tongue tangled with his, as they each fought for total invasion, each feeling desire pouring through their bodies. Both hanging on for dear life.

Deanna nipped at his lips, tasting his blood. She felt him begin to move her backwards towards the table, still kissing her, still tugging at her clothes, herself helping as best she could. By the time she had reached the table's edge, she was naked.

Deanna jerked with shock as her bare ass touched the cold stone. Will was past caring as he pushed her back down onto the flat surface, still devouring her mouth as his hands devoured her body.

Deanna was still tearing at his clothes, and he heard her whimper with frustration. Will let her up enough to complete the job. As she slid his trousers down his legs, her mouth followed their trail. She heard him gasp and convulse as she kissed the intimate tip of him, his hands grasped her head to hold her there. She gladly obliged.

Taking him in, Deanna tested and tasted, nipping at the tender tip, driving him insane. Her hands raked across his buttocks and she felt him begin to jerk against her. He was getting close.

Seconds later, Will yanked her up by the hair and slammed her back down upon the table, pinning her hands above her head. His throbbing hardness taunted her aching femininity, rubbing up and down on the sensitive bud, making her own body jerk. Her groans were swallowed within his mouth as he continued to kiss her.

Deanna felt him release her hands and he began to move his mouth down her body, his beard created its own erotic dance. Will bit at her distended nipples, and she panted out loud as her excitement grew. Her own hands now grasped his head, pushing him to where she wanted him to go.

Will slid his hands behind her back making her arch her body towards him. His nails gauged their own trail down her ribcage. Deanna pushed him farther down until his face finally nestled on her soft fur. He could feel her huge bud already fully extended from his ardent rubbing with his own hardness. He sucked on the bud roughly adding his own nips that made her gasp as she squirmed.

Deanna felt him move his hands around and push her legs up and place them upon his shoulders, finally reaching the very core of her being, relishing in the scent and taste of her. As he slowly slid one long finger inside of her, he felt her stiffen, and he knew that she was about to erupt, and when it did, he was waiting.

Deanna flew upright upon the table. Will pushed his rock hard member deep into her whilst she was still in the full throws of her climax. Wave after wave of delicious orgasm rocked through to her very soul.

Will could not move until he felt her muscles relax enough to be able to move himself and reach his own goal, which he did so within a few seconds. Both cryied out at the release. Both collapsed in an undignified heap back onto the stone table. Both too exhausted to speak. Both in awe of the experience, and both wondering how they were ever going to look each other in the face without blushing.


In his quarters, Worf slowly came back to reality, his own satisfaction clearly showing upon his face, his arousal evident within his own hands. He looked down with satisfaction at himself as he murmured.

Maybe I should have waited a little longer before giving up on you Deanna. That was some mating ritual you just performed on Commander Riker

Worf vowed never, ever to read his colleagues minds again.


Eventually the two lovers sat up to survey the damage done to their bodies. Deanna had definitely come off better. Will looked like he had been dragged through a barbed wire fence, backwards!

Deanna gently touched him, but quickly removed her hand when he winced. She looked tentively up to his eyes, expecting to see shame and disgust in them, but all she saw was a quiet respect, wonder, lustfulness.

But the only emotion that she ever wanted to see, and to feel from him, was his love and total devotion. And she had got that.

Deanna's hand reached up to tenderly caress Will's face. His hand captured her tiny hand within his. No words were needed, and no explanations. They knew they were never likely to do this again, a definite one off. But they were better for the experience, and both silently wondered at it.

Before long, Will sheepishly smiled at his beloved, and quietly chuckled, Deanna looked at him in puzzlement, a smile creeping onto her own face.


Will laughed out loud, before reducing it to a nervous chuckle again.

'Who's going to give Beverly a call to see to these wounds?'

Definitely the end this time (Blush!)

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