By Carol Sandford


Chapter 01


Their laughter echoed through the ~Enterprise's~ corridors. It was delightful, carefree, teasing and sensuous.

The laughter of lovers.

Deanna was still smiling as she attempted to turn her thoughts to the task at hand: Crew evaluations, hence why the Commander had just visited.

Hence the high-cheeked blush that still lingered on her flushed cheeks, and hence why she was struggling to keep her limbs from squirming. William Riker touched her like no other.William Riker invaded her head like no other.

Because he was like no other.

Just one look. Just one tender stroke to her hair. Just one word; ~The~ word, Imzadi.

Just thinking of that word sent an invisible punch to her midriff and an ache to her feminine core.

But when he physically touched her; When he looked a her with those innocent blue eyes; when he touched her in places that ignited a flame that only he could turn to a heat that could curl her toes. That is when she knows she has been blessed.

Her smile grew wider, but Deanna knew she had to push on with her work. The Captain was expecting the padd on his desk in two hours time.

She tried to push him from her mind, if only for a little while. She tried to think of everything and everything to remove his image; His hands; His mouth. Oh, Lord, that mouth.

Deanna groaned, hitting the padd's flat surface with such force, it bleeped at her alarmingly. She soothed the delicate computer as she would have soothed Will's body; with tender, loving, intimate strokes.

She laughed outright,"My God, I'm making love to a padd! Get out of my head, Will Riker, I'm too busy for you.


As Deanna tapped in the final word, she dropped the padd onto the desktop's surface with relief. "Thank goodness." But no sooner had the remark left her head, when the door chime sounded, and she grinned wider, just like the cat that had at last got at the cream, "Come in, Will."

They met half way across the room, unable to stand the prolonged wait for him to reach her. Once more he invaded her mind, and her heart, her body as well as her very soul. Only this time she welcomed him in and let him stay.

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