By Carol Sandford


Chapter 01


She was from Betazed, he was from Earth.

Two people, two entirely different lives.

One destined to roam the universe, the other seemingly happy with her chosen vocation.

Isn't it strange that they even met; Even managed to fall in love, despite all that?

He wanted lightness, she wanted sincerity.

He wanted her body, she wanted his mind.

They both got what they wanted, and more.

Isn't it strange that it couldn't have happened anywhere else in the universe, but there?

From opposite ends of the universe, two different people met.

A man with a goal, a woman with a dream.

One lost his heart, the other lost her innocence.

Isn't it strange that losing both, together they became one? That's love. That's Imzadi. That's not strange.

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