By Carol Sandford


Chapter 02


I swung her into my arms, pulled her hard against my body and kissed her deeply. Her initial shock at my strange behaviour quickly wore off as I gave it my all, and as her arms lifted I felt her small hands cradle my head as she deepened the kiss further of her own accord, unable to resist the magnetism between us. The magic.

I hadn't realised how hard this moment was going to be as we had strolled hand in hand up to his door. It wasn't until we reached it that I also realised that I couldn't go in there and watch him fall apart when he saw her again, and I knew instinctively that he would. The vision was as crystal clear to me as it had been when it had happened to us so long ago. And I'll be honest, I don't think I could handle seeing her with him either.

Okay, I accepted that he would probably kiss her, which is why I made damn sure that when she walked into that room, she could still feel the remnants of my kiss lingering on her lips and thoughts, and I revelled in the knowledge that he'd 'know' - he'd 'see' that she'd just been devoured by me.

It took a monumental effort to reach for the access button on his door panel, look deep into her eyes to let her know how I truly felt about her, give her one last sharp shattering kiss, hit the damned button and walk away before I could change my mind.

Within seconds, I heard - I felt the raw emotions fill my mind as the other Will responded in the only way that I knew he could. He would still be crazy about her and he would still want her and I knew I was going to have one hell of a fight on my hands to keep her away from him, and I'd just handed her to him on a plate. What was I doing?

I didn't doubt Deanna's love for me, that was a given. What I did doubt was her ability to actually separate him from me. I was aware that it wouldn't take much to make her lean towards him. Over the years, I'd lost that rough, unrefined excitement that had kept me functioning in the early days. But he still had it, I saw it in his eyes as soon as I first met him. I also saw that he resented my success because he'd been trapped on that planet for all that time.

I also saw the glimmer of hope within him at having a second chance at finding the woman he'd left behind, the same woman that I knew was now encased within arms and hopefully doing nothing more than kissing him.

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