By Carol Sandford


Chapter 01


It was strange having Worf serving - albeit briefly - on the Titan while he waited for his own ship to be repaired. Two weeks, they had said.

That had been three weeks ago.

And still counting.

We were friends. We'd always been friends, even when we shouldn't have been. I had loved him, and I had lost him. I had shared my heart with him for a while, and he had taken it away and cherished it.

Until he had met Jazdia.

And now he was back.

A widower.

A friend.

A good friend.

Sharing my space along side my husband.


My Imzadi.

For a while it was comfortable. I sensed no longing, nor regrets. I felt no fear, nor sadness.

Which was strange.

For a widower.

I began to enjoy his company again. I began to look forward to working by his side.

Until today.

When I touched him.

When I touched his hand.

And I felt...

I felt...


A memory.

A memory that we both remembered together.

When he had clasped that same hand along with it's counterpart and had held them above my head as he'd made love to me.

It had been our first time.

And our last.

I'd wanted Will.

I'd said his name.

Out aloud.

And he'd understood.

It had been a good memory.

Because that day I'd seen my future.

And it hadn't included Worf.

My friend.

My very good friend.

It had been my Will that was my future.

My Imzadi.

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