By Carol Sandford


Chapter 10


"Say goodbye to Will, little one."

Deanna looked uneasily from her mother to the tall man standing beside her. Will looked as uneasily as Deanna as he mirrored the same unease to the two women.

"What are you up to, mother?"

Lwaxana Troi linked her arm through Will's and gently steered him away from her, throwing a jaunty wave over her shoulder as she determinedly kept Will walking. "Oh, not much, dear. I just want to have a chat with Will, in private. We have a future to plan and I want to get Will's own thoughts without you constantly chirping in. See you in a little while!"

The sing-song tone grated on Deanna's already frazzled nerves. 'Future?' She pondered as she watched the only two people who meant the universe to her walk away. She frowned warily as Will bent her head towards her mother grimacing as she heard his throaty deep chuckle and hoped that it wasn't her they were ridiculing.

What was mother up to?

Well, whatever it was, it had been made very clear that she wasn't included in the little 'tete-a-tete'. Defeated, Deanna headed upstairs and minutes later she was in the shower wallowing in the heavenly sensations of being cleaned, relaxed and then revitalised.

Some half an hour later after donning black leggings and a long stylish lilac belted T-shirt emblazoned with pink hibiscus lowers, Deanna made her way back down the elegant stairway. After a quick perusal of the lower floor and finding no-one, Deanna headed towards the rear gardens.

She stopped short as she reached the door. Looking through the window she spied her mother and Will seated in the summerhouse. Almost touching head to head, Deanna watched as the two talked. Her mothers hands gestured along with her words but Will's remained flat on his thighs as he listened intently to whatever she was telling him.

Sorely tempted to intrude on her mothers thoughts, Deanna had to fight to restrain herself from doing so. And in any case, her mother would have known she was silently listening in and would have halted her words. No, she was going to have to wait and it rattled her something awful wondering just what they were discussing.

But it didn't stop her from watching them from afar, especially as she had no choice in the matter!

Eventually, though, an uneasy wave of tension rippled through Deanna and she pushed her body away from the door jamb that she had been leaning against as she waited for Will and her mother to end their discussion.

And as their solemn eyes locked onto hers from across the garden, Deanna knew without being told just exactly 'what' they had been discussing.

And it wasn't weddings.

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