By Carol Sandford


Chapter 07


"I did not rape your daughter, Mrs. Troi."

Deanna stunned gasp as she turned her startled eyes towards her mother quickly told Will that she'd known nothing about his forced return, and as he stood in the middle of the Troi parlour facing the two women, he realised that he'd been played.

"Mother! How could you?! Will did not rape me!"

Lwaxana Troi tried to hide the small smirk from her face, but failed. "I know, little one. But I knew that if I'd have asked him to return nicely, he wouldn't have come. Would you, Mr. Riker?"

Will felt himself shrink as all eyes turned to him and waited. Will's own eyes couldn't hold Deanna's and he looked away with shame. "No, Mrs. Troi, I wouldn't have."

Deanna stepped towards him and lay her hand on his sleeve and her voice trembled with emotion as she asked the obvious. "But, why, Will. What have I done to deserve this treatment? I loved you. You were my Imzadi."

Will turned sad eyes to hers and drank in her features. Her face still bore the tell-tale signs of their love-making and he felt his heart melting. But he couldn't afford to let her invade him anymore than she already had. "Were, Deanna? I thought Imzadi was forever."

Deanna's hand slipped from Will's arm as though he was suddenly too hot to touch. "So did I until you left me high and dry in your bed this morning."

Her mother cut in before Will could respond. "Deanna, I don't think..."

"Then leave if you can't handle talking about your daughters sex life, mother. And anyway, I think you've done enough interfering for one day, don't you?" Deanna responded spitefully, rounding on her.

Lwaxana was taken aback for a moment by her daughters bravado, but knew it for what it was. Fear. Pure, unadulterated fear. Deanna had a lot riding on the upcoming conversation that she herself had enforced. It hadn't been her intention to cause her one and only child more pain, but she had hoped it would result in some kind of closure, for them both.

Only Lwaxana herself knew that the relationship had reached its climax. It was going nowhere because neither Deanna or Will were ready to settle down, despite what they individually thought. There were many benefits to being a telepath. And sometimes, it was the bane of her life. Like now when the couple that stood before her were clearly in a great deal of pain. But she truly believed that she had done the right thing in forcing Will to speak to her daughter. The only thing, for all of their sakes.

So she did the only that she could do and left them to it. With a swirl of her dress she turned away, but not without saying what she felt obligated to say, silently. <Tell him what he needs to hear, little one, then let him go.>

Deanna took a deep breath and turned back to face Will. He was watching her intently, but with a much larger degree of disdain, and then she realised why, when he finally spoke.

"Just what is it that I need to hear before I leave here for good, little one?"

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