By Carol Sandford


Chapter 01


~I can't believe you've gone. I can't believe you've walked away without putting up a fight. I know you wouldn't have won, and I guess you knew it too, but at least you could have tried.

I miss you.

I wonder what you are doing, up there, in space. Are you thinking about me like I am thinking about you?

I hope so.

Oh, God, I hope so.

I wonder if you will come back, and I wonder if you'll fight for me next time. How long shall I wait? I would wait forever for you, my love. But I'm not going to, and you wouldn't want me to.

Not really.

But I will, if not in body, then I will within my heart. I know that one day you'll come back. Will it be tomorrow, or will it be next week. Next month. Next year?

How will I stand the wait. How will I stand not having you hold me, or kissing me, or loving me?


We created a universe, you and I, a universe that will only fit you and I. There will never be another that will take that place, ever.

Whether I will be at home, or out there, somewhere, we will find each other again, of that I am certain. And you know it too, I saw it in your eyes when you left me crying as though my heart would break.

And it did break.

And I'm waiting for you to come back and mend it. And you will, Imzadi,

one day~

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