By Carol Sandford


Chapter 02


Will watched Deanna from the bar as he drank with one of the visitors that had come aboard two days ago from a ship in need of repairs. They had been very pleasant guests, and one in particular had obviously become attracted to Deanna, much to Will's chagrin. Now he found himself watching them, wondering if they had become lovers.

"Does their 'attraction' to each other bother you Commander Riker?"

Will looked back to his companion, startled from his reverie and slightly embarrassed at having been caught mulling over something that was not his business, his response came out harsher than he intended.

"Of course not, Ranshell. Counselor Troi and I are purely business colleagues, I have no claims on her what-so-ever. Whoever she chooses to be, 'intimate' with, is fine by me."

The elder man studied the handsome Commander across from him, noting that he had glanced back to check on the couple, who had now risen from their chairs. He also watched Will stiffen as Jaran placed his arm around Deanna's shoulder as he pulled her towards him to whisper into her ear.

Clearly, their relationship had reached intimacy, and now they were going to explore that intimacy in the privacy of their own sanctuary. Ranshell looked back to Will, who had turned back to face him, with a nervous, and very fake grin now firmly placed upon his face.

"Pardon me for being blunt, sir but...That is one of the biggest lies I think I have ever heard...Sir."

Will stared at him open-mouthed and astounded as the tiny man slid off his stool and made his way over towards Geordi. My god, was it that obvious so that a stranger could pick up his feeling for her? He was going to have to try harder to mask his emotions; otherwise everyone was going to know how much he really felt for her, and he did not want that to happen...ever.

~*~*~*~*~Deanna propped herself up on her elbow, her fingers casually tracing a path down his chest, coming to settle low on his stomach. Will reached down to pick up her hand and cradled it upon his chest. Each looked into desire filled eyes, hers dark and sultry, his blazing blue, both reading the rapture that radiated from within them.

Moving together, they tasted each others lips, tentatively at first, and savoured the sensation that rapidly built before hunger took over. Deanna found herself being dragged on top of his body as they began that age old familiar embrace. Throughout the universe, there would never be anything to replace this sacred act of intimacy of hearts and minds and body and souls joining together for the ultimate act of love, made all the more precious because they were Imzadi. ~*~*~*~*~

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