By Carol Sandford


Chapter 06


Captain Jean-Luc Picard summoned his senior crew except one to the observation lounge. They had arrived at the edge of what appeared to be a wormhole, one that had never been charted. All the crew agreed that a probe was the first option to see what, if anything lay on the other side.

The probe was launched and they all sat and watched its progress on the view screen. The wormhole appeared to remain stable and the crew sat in silence to see what would transpire when it reached the other side.

At first nothing seemed to be amiss, in fact, it appeared to be exactly the same space as they were already in. That seemed odd to the crew even though the probe«s data banks did not show any abnormalities. Nothing solved the mystery as to why the wormhole was there. The captain asked Deanna if she could sense anything. She shook her head,

"No, nothing, I sense nothing at all, it seems to be totally devoid of...anything."

The captain sighed as he turned to his right-hand man,

"What do think, Will, shall we go in and have a look? I for one am curious. It's an unusual phenomenon: a wormhole that leads to the same place. It's certainly intriguing."

Will stared at the view screen as he considered the options. Maybe a shuttle would be wise for a first entry, but then the probe had been perfectly o.k. He could see no valid reason not to go in, but then, what was the point if there was nothing to see except the same bit of space? He glanced at Deanna to gauge her feelings. Her face held no fear and she did not seem concerned, which settled his dilemma.

"Okay, Sir, I can't see any harm in having a look. Ensign, take us in, half impulse power."

The giant Starship entered the anomaly at a snail«s pace and the crew sat in awe as the walls shimmered with various colours, almost like a rotating circular rainbow. The entire bridge crew was transfixed with the sight that revealed itself before their very eyes. On reaching the exit, Deanna turned to her fellow crewmates to share the experience. Her blood-curdling scream echoed throughout the ship at the horror that stared back at her.

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