By Carol Sandford


Chapter 17


WARNING!!Adult content ahead...

Will buried his hand deeper into her thick hair,cupped her head in his huge palm, and deepened the kiss further, this time, pouring all the emotion and desire into her that he had held back for too long.

Deanna had never felt such a wild, untethered passion from Will before, and it was intoxicating, she dimly realized as she felt his tongue enter her willing mouth to dance with hers. But as his kisses drove her mad, leaving her breathless, she found that, she, too, needed more and edged her aching body closer to his, a shudder of desire giving away her secret.

But even so, even though Will knew the truth behind the shiver, he still broke away from her lips and asked her tenderly, concerned,Are you cold?

Reaching for his lips again, she whispered huskily, her voice trembling,No, please, don’t stop.

Growling low in his throat, Will side-stepped Deanna’s tempting mouth and touched his own to her throat, savouring the tender skin and the intoxicating scent. When she let out a small moan, it only goaded Will on further.Whimpering as he ravaged her sensitive ear lobes, the curve of her creamy shoulder, his small, rapid kisses blazing a path along her jawline, Will lost the ability to breathe.

Desperate to have her closer to him, Will cupped her buttocks and hauled her onto his lap. Deanna instinctively straddled him, pushing her heat up snug against his. Her arms slid around his neck, tipping back her head, exposing her long throat as she let him continue his attack on her.

Will’s large hands spanned her ribcage, unable to stop himself from squeezing her as frustration poured from the depths of his soul in his need to possess her once more. It had been too long, far, far too long.

Deanna,he moaned, finally reaching for her open mouth and sliding his tongue inside. Will pulled her even tighter to his body, crushing her against his chest, the action emitting another groan that came up from his boots as he felt her swollen breasts upon him and he simply had to touch them. Watching Deanna nurse her son time after time had dimmed his lustfulness towards her somewhat, but now, now she was visibly, and wantonly, offering them to him to be touched, he felt honoured.

As his hands came around to cup her, Will’s kisses changed. The precious offering turned his fired up loins to mush. Through the thin cotton fabric of her dress and the nursing bra beneath, Will felt the engorged nipple button against his trembling palms.

Reverently, he stroked their fullness, feeling her swell even more. Gasping, they broke the kiss and both watched his hands play over her body. It was one of the most erotic things he had seen.The air became heavy with yearning and as Deanna’s eyes met his, she reached her crossed hands down to her waist, curled her fingers around it’s edge, and pulled the top over her head, dropping it to the floor beside them, their eyes irresistibly drawn to her body again.

Now with only one layer of white cotton between his hands and her, Will suddenly became nervous. Deanna searched the features that she had fallen completely and irrefutably in love with again and whispered his name.Will.Reaching up for the straps, Deanna pulled them down her arms, revealing her body to him. Giving her body to him.

She watched Will swallow, his bright blue eyes wide and fixed on hers. It was a strange concept seeing Will’s nervousness and the thought made her smile tenderly at him.Touch me,she invited.

For a long moment, Will simply looked her, the story of his devotion etched in the blue depths just for her alone to see. (This sentence is simply perfect!!) Reaching forward, Deanna lightly brushed her mouth across his and whispered again,Touch me, Will.

His eyes, heavy with ardour dropped lower and his breath caught with what he saw. Her already generously proportioned breastsnow seemed to be almost twice the size. Threaded with blue veins, they took on an almost fragile look; untouchable. But it was her nipples that captured his full gaze. Now almost black with motherhood, they stood out proud, begging for attention. But as he gazed upon her, a droplet of milk puddled upon it and Will felt his loins stir, creating an invisible squirm at what it meant and what he could do.

Arching her back towards him, Deanna laced her fingers in his hair and slowly pulled his face to her body. Almost as if it was all being done in slow motion, Will’s tongue snaked out and captured the errant droplet on the tip of his tongue and Deanna gasped as the sensation rocked through her.

Taking the engorged tip fully into his mouth, Will did what he’d secretly wanted to do, ever since he’d tenderly placed her newborn son at her breast all those weeks ago. He suckled her, tasting the warm sweet moistureas it filled his mouth, relishing it as it slid down his throat.

Deanna was breathing in fast, shallow breaths as she watched her beloved nurse from her, and even though what he was doing to her was exactly the same as her darling son, it felt different. There was no sexual need pouring from her soul when Danya fed from her. But as soon as Will took her nipple into his mouth, she became consumed with desire and the wanton tug in her womb was almost her undoing as she set up a small steady rhythm against his bulging hardness.

And then,just when Deanna didn’t think she could stand any more, Will suddenly released her body and reached around her and placed the baby monitor on the floor, but everything else got pushed from the small table behind her; Danya’s near-empty bottle, his dribble rag and other little bits and bobs, all hit the floor with a muted thump, neither of them caring where or how they landed. When the table was cleared and ready, Will began his relentless assault again.

Running his tongue along the silky length of her shoulders, his hands cherished her slender form, every part that he could reach. Itching to do the same, Deanna’s hands blazed a path of their own along his hard, muscular frame, enjoying the feeling and the freedom to do so. Will was so well sculptured that she could trace every muscle in his upper body and she did so with a feather-light touch that made Will shiver with heat.

As their lips mutually met again, Will gently shifted both their bodies forward and eased Deanna onto the table. It was a little low, but neither seemed to care as she helped him shed the rest of her clothing and watched as he shed his own. As soon as he was as naked as her, he covered her stomach with hot kisses and trailed along the inside of her thigh with his tongue.

Deanna’s hands itched to explore him as he was her, but she could not reach, so she settled with running her fingers through his silky hair. His breath was so hot on her skin, she felt incapable of thought or words.Caressing her thighs, he moved them further apart, jumping withsurprise when he licked across the most sensitive part of her sex before melting with the sensations that he evoked.

Using his fingers to open her fully, he ran his tongue along her in broad, bold strokes, eliciting shivers of delight from her. Flicking his tongue across her entrance, Deanna moaned low in her throat, squirming under his touch as he brought her closer and deeper into his mouth. She tugged at his hair that was intertwined with her fingers, moaning, moving beneath him and Will knew he was driving her wild with pleasure. He stuck his tongue in deeper still and grinned as her body quivered in reaction, calling out his name as her breathing deepened.

Knowing how close she was to her release, Will sucked on her as he slid one finger into her. As she began to melt around him, he slid in another one, amazed at how tight she was around his fingers. As he moved, his tongue continued it’s sweet torture, until she began to gyrate wildly, fighting him, encouraging him with her movements and her small cries of abandonment, until suddenly, she arched her body up to his mouth and cried out his name as she violently climaxed, crushing his fingers within her. Eventually as she slowly came back to earth, Will pulled his fingers away and sucked deeply, drinking the nectar that poured from her.

Before she had even stopped quivering in the aftermath of his assault, Will was moving up her body, nibbling and sucking on her now damp skin. When Will eventually reached her shoulder, Deanna finally got the opportunity to start on him, taking a huge playful bite on his shoulder, creating a shudder that she felt ripple throughout his entire alive and hardened body. When he lifted his head and looked deeply into her eyes, she silently begged him to take her body, her trembling fingers grazing him everywhere, desperately aching to cherish every part of him that was now hers.

Quickly lifting her face to his and planting a frantic kiss to his mouth, she whispered hoarsely,Please, Will, touch me again.

Will knew exactly what Deanna wanted. This time it wasn’t his hands that she craved, or his mouth. She wanted the ultimate union, the union that would make them one again. Make her whole.

Will reached down and pulled her knee against his hips, stroking her satiny skin. Taking her hips in his strong hands he pulled her to the edge of the table. Watching him closely, Deanna suddenly sat up, lovingly and longingly letting her gaze rove over his magnificent body. It had been a long, long time since she had seen Will in this state. He had changed, but then so had she. She was a mother now, and she was acutely aware of the small markings that scared her body, whereas Will had only grown to be even more perfect.

Reaching down, she tenderly touched his hardness and traced the full length of him with her fingertips, smiling as she watched his eyes close and his head fall back in ecstasy. Her fingers continued to tease him until he almost climaxed in her hand. Grabbing the same hand he murmured in a strangled voice,Stop. God, Deanna, I want you so much, it hurts.

Laying her body back down onto the table’s surface, and parting her legs further, offering herself like a sacrifice to the Gods, she whispered huskily,Then have me, Imzadi.

When Deanna first sawthe size of Will’s manhood, it had filled her with trepidation. Aware that even though her body was healed from childbirth, she was still tender and worriedly wondered if she was going to be able to accommodate his size.

But after his gentle foreplay and her own greedy need, Deanna was so consumed with desire that she no longer cared if he hurt her. She just needed him inside her. She just ached to complete the union.

As Will slowly entered her, her moist heat made him nearly lose his senses; he had to struggle to hold on as he tender tightness enveloped him. Gently, he slid further into her untilhe could go no further and held still, feeling her pulse against him, knowing that his own was echoing the motion.

Will watched as a sadness flittered over her features and wondered what had suddenly caused it.Was she remembering the last time with her husband? Maybe she truly wasn’t ready for this stage of their relationship to happen, despite what her mouth and her body were telling him.Deanna was far more complex than that, and he briefly chided himself for thinking that their love-making would be what he expected it to be. Wanted it to be.

Will studied her face. He didn’t want to take advantage of her in her sorrow, and yet she had asked him of her own free will to become lovers. Still embedded deep inside her, Will leaned forward and gently kissed her, testing her response to his romantic gesture. If she was going to let go, he realized it would be now. He knew kissing her would release the grief that she was holding inside, if it was going to come.

He moulded his mouth to hers, keeping the pressure light and teasing, turning this way and that, sliding his tongue around the lush and now swollen lips, gently nipping and slipping his tongue inside to touch hers. Their bodies were still; the sex momentarily forgotten as Will concentrated on Deanna, and only Deanna. Cupping her shoulders within his large palms, he felt Deanna slide her arms around his shoulders and they both mutually deepened the kiss, twisting and turning as desire began to build again, eventually forcing their bodies to gently move together, unable to fight the power of the union any longer.

Her inner canal was tight around him and for a moment he couldn’t feel anything but her. Tearing his mouth away, Will reached down a hand and slid it under her thigh, pulling her leg higher so that he could deepen the contact. He watched her beautiful face, feeling blessed that she had given herself to him. God, how much he loved this woman, how much he cared for her, and how much he physically ached for her.

Opening her eyes as the waves of tenderness engulfed her, Deanna looked into his. Dark smoky-blue with his ardour, Will studied her, his admiration for her fuelling his desire. The depth of his feelings that she felt and saw created an ache in her chest. How she loved this man, a man that had come to her in her darkest hours and simply stepped into his place beside her as though he’d never been gone.

But he had, and it was her fault. Everything was her fault. She used to think that it was Will holding back before, but it wasn’t, it was her. It was always her; afraid of being hurt again, or rejected again. Deep in her soul, she knew that that was not the case. Will loved her, he had always loved her, but she’d been too afraid.

And then she’d simply upped and married Jal. Deanna was too afraid to go to Will and give him the chance to pledge his love for her when she realized that her feelings for Jal were getting stronger and stronger, strong enough to consider marriage. Several times she had approached Will’s quarters to give him the chance to ask her not to marry him; that he loved her and wanted her for himself, but she’d refused to let her heart rule her head, and within weeks, she was married, with Will’s blessing.

And now she was here, right where she wanted to be in the first place, because she’d failed. She’d failed Jal, herself, and Will. But because he loved her, Will had let her step back straight into his heart and arms as though Jal had never happened. But he had happened, and she was consciously aware that if Jal hadn’t become a part of her life, even though it was for only a short time, she and Will would still just be good friends. Close friends. The best of friends.

They were lovers because she’d failed.

Will watched the dark eyes that studied him fill with tears. His loving had slowed as he gently gyrated inside her, relishing the moment and the movement. He never thought this day would ever happen for them again. He never thought he’d get the chance to go back. Unable to take his gaze from her, Will slowly began to move harder, watching with fascination as the hovering tears trickled down her temples and into her hair as he jolted her body against the hard, unforgiving table, gripping her thighs within his hard grip to hold her still as he steadily pounded into her.

He continued his rough thrusts until she cried out, her eyes squeezing shut as she struggled against the pains in her heart and soul as they collided with the euphoric pleasures that her Imzadi was creating for her. He quickened his pace as he felt an inner pressure begin to build, escalated by Deanna’s tears and the overwhelming sorrow that robbed her of the magical feeling that she should be experiencing. Leaning forward again, Will captured her lips, harsher than he meant to, but she met him, nonetheless, her arms clinging to his neck, holding him to her as he loved her body, hiding her eyes as her tears began to fall.

Will felt the quivers against his torso, the tiny tell-tale shudders that told him that she was crying in earnest. Her mouth trembled beneath his and he desperately tried to kiss away her grief, plunging his tongue deep into her mouth, catching the sad whimpers that tore from her throat.

A moment later, Will tore his mouth away from hers and pushed himself up onto his elbows. Deanna’s body shook with her silent sobs, and her face was contorted with grief. It ripped at Will’s heart to witness her loss and her pain. But still he continued to move inside her, seemingly locked with her body, unable to let go as though the devil was taking hold of his soul until the deed was done, prolonging the agony, tormenting her tormentor.

But eventually, Will came as his fingers dug into the soft flesh upon her thighs as he shuddered his release before dragging her body up into a sitting position, pulling her up hard against him, enfolding her within his arms, letting her spend her tears against his shoulder, and shedding a few of his own at having to put her through the ordeal of laying her husband’s memory to rest.

Disengaging his body from hers, Will swept the weeping woman up into his arms and carried her into the bedroom. Pulling back the coverlet, Will lay her on the lilac sheet, took a moment to check on Danya, who slept peacefully in the crib beside the bed, and then slipped under the covers himself, never considering on returning to his own quarters, like he usually did.

They had finally made the move from friends to lovers,it was the next logical and obvious step. Will was here to stay and become a part of the family that he’d so badly wanted. Determined to put their lives to rights once more, after he had kissed away Deanna’s tears, and after they both had gotten some sleep, they would talk.

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