By Carol Sandford


Chapter 18


Deanna watched with trepidation and affection as Beverly cradled her son against her shoulder, tucking the nursing rag against between him and her, Will stood beside her, his arm casually surrounding her shoulders, but the motion was anything but casual, acutely aware that Deanna needed his support and tenderness, now more than ever.

He’ll be in safe hands, Deanna. Trust me.The vibrant red-head assured her, sincerity and sureness in her words.You two need this time alone, and you can’t do what you need to do with this darling little bundle butting in all the time, can you?

Deanna made to step forward but Will held her gently but firmly, his grip tightening just a fraction, reminding her that he was there with her and that she needed to let her son go so that they could do the talking and planning that they so desperately needed without interruption.

Will felt Deanna’s form wilt with resignation, the puff of frustration leaving her lungs at the same time before her eyes focused on the child that she wouldn’t see for two long days, unless something drastically went wrong with either him, or them. Will squeezed her quickly, moving even closer to her side and unconsciously, she slipped her arm around his waist, glad that he was there.

Planting a tender kiss on Danya’s head, Beverly turned to the door and headed determinedly towards it saying softly in a sing-song tone,Say goodbye to mommy and daddy, sweetheart, and tell them to have some fun. Meanwhile, you and me, little guy, are going to have a ball with Uncle Jean-Luc, aren’t we, sweetheart?

For a long moment the couple stared silently at the now closed door before Will took two quiet steps and come to a stand in front of the woman he loved, searching her eyes which were suspiciously bright as she seemingly stared straight through him at the door behind.

He’ll be alright, Deanna, you know he will.He said gently with understanding, moving both of his hands to her shoulders, massaging away the tension he felt beneath his fingers.

His voice broke the trance and Deanna rose her face to his, blinking away the pain that she knew he saw there.I know. I just...miss him, already.she whispered with a shrug.

Will chuckled as he dragged her against his body,Well, if I know Beverly, Danya won’t be missing you, not for quite some time. I must say though,he added with a grin,I’d like to be a fly on the wall when she plonks Danya in Uncle Jean-Luc’s arms for the first time.

And as Deanna giggled against his throat with the amusing image racing through her mind, Will felt her tension melt clean away. Casually moving her away far enough so that he could see her face, Will said, with the laughter still in his voice,So, do we go and make mad passionate love, Miss Troi,and then the laughter left him as he looked down at her with nothing but love in his blue eyes and asked,or do we talk the talk?

Standing on tip-toe, Deanna reached up and touched her lips lightly to his and whispered sensually,Can we do a little of both, Imzadi?

Will’s face broke into a smile as he reached down and slipped her hand into his and turned her towards the bedroom and led the way.Now that’s my kinda talk.


Will sank into Deanna and moaned in ecstasy as he tipped back his head and gasped to the heavens.Oh, God, Deanna, you feel so damn good.

Deanna chuckled, reached up and dragged Will’s head down to hers and kissed him deeply. Now unable to move his upper body, Will gyrated gently against her, the minimalistic movement as erotic as any other that they’d done before.

Their bodies slicked with sweat glistened in the room’s dim interior. Closing the port-hole shutters and turning out the lights once they’d said goodbye to Danya and Beverly, Will and Deanna had stripped naked and climbed into bed. For a long time they had simply lay in each others arms, content to just simply be together, until, eventually, someone’s hand moved. And then’s someone’s foot dragged along a silky calf. And then a nipple was gently bitten, and then, together, they attacked each other as though they’d been starved of attention for eons.

Deanna tore her mouth away from Will’s as sensation upon sensation tugged at her womb, creating an ache that began to throb inside her. Only one man had ever managed to elicit that depth of feeling from her and that man was Will. As memories crashed through her and as she crushed her face against his shoulder, her nails unwittingly ragged his back, Deanna struggled, and failed to hold onto her emotions. Why? Why? Why? she cried silently.Why didn’t Willlove me this way before. What did I do wrong? What stopped?

So acutely atuned to her, Will felt the change within Deanna again as he clung precariously onto his impending release. His back stung where Deanna’s nails dug into his skin - not that he was complaining, usually. It all added to the moment. It all contributed to the intense depth of feeling that they both experienced when they exploded within each other, usually.

But not this time as he quickly realized that Deanna was beating herself up again. Lifting his head from her neck, Will studied her face in the darkness, unsure whether to make a big thing of her uncanny ability to shatter romantic moments, or to make light of it,

Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut, and unable to resist the pull of her tempting mouth, Will touched her lips with his tongue, tracing their delicate shape with the tip before gently placing a tender kiss upon them.Deanna, honey, are you going to cry again?he asked quietly, tenderly.

Eyes, full of glistening, unshed tears slipped open and looked into his.No,she whispered, determination forcing her words to tremble and her plea from her heart desperate.I’m not. Don’t stop loving me, Will, please.

His heart melting with warmth, Will gathered her up into his arms, crushing her against his hard body and cursed huskily against her head,Shit, Deanna, don’t you know? I’ve never stopped loving you, ever, dammit!

Then why?!she cried, as the tears slipped unheeded down into her hair.Why didn’t you marry me instead of Jal, Will? Why didn’t you stop me? Why didn’t you love me enough to marry me? What did I do wrong?!

Will’s body stilled. Even though he was still embedded deep inside her, Will rose himself onto his elbows and took her face in his hands, forcing her to look at him. God, he was angry, and hurt.You, did nothing wrong, Deanna. I screwed up here, big time. Me, not you. You did nothing wrong.

Kissing away some of the tears and stroking her hair gently, Will continued hoarsely,When you came and told me that you were marrying Jal, Deanna, I didn’t know what the hell to do. I knew I’d left it too late for us, but I couldn’t stop you. I didn’t feel that I had that right.he explained with frustration.

But I wanted you to stop me, Will!She sniffled, unable to tear her face away from his gripping fingers, making her confront him so that she was unable to hide her face or her feelings away from him.

Then why did you go ahead and marry him, Deanna! Why didn’t you say something - anything that would have given me a clue??he asked, realizing that his voice was rising. Purposely he dropped it as he asked another question.Deanna, why didn’t you come to me?

Deanna’s complete body deflated, Will felt it and saw it and an inner panic settled in his own. Realizing that his libido had completely gone now, he slipped effortlessly from her body and settled his thighs upon hers, letting her flatten her legs beside him, but he still held onto her face. This was clearly the confrontation that was needed before they could move on and Will was determined to settle it, once and for all, no matter who was to blame.

He asked again, steely determination lacing his one solitary word as the war to put their love to rights began.Deanna?

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