By Carol Sandford


Chapter 05


"Will!! Help me, please! Something is happening. Oh! Oh! I want to push! I want to push!" Deanna cried frantically, her eyes wide with terror as she wriggled and clawed at her body as it violently fought to expel the being within it.

Will fell to Deanna’s side, and her hand automatically reached for his, but she almost wept when he pried her fingers away. Her eyes searching his beseechingly, not understanding why he was refusing her the comfort that she needed. Will felt like a heal, but he couldn’t help her, not that way. "I’m sorry, Deanna, I can’t hold you right now. I’ve got to help your baby."

Deanna wondered what he was doing when he suddenly rose again and moved the couch out of the way, then swung her and her temporary bedding around so that she faced the wall. She almost yelped when he gently grabbed her ankles and pulled her nearer to the wall, placing her feet upon its coolness.

Instantly she understood; He was giving her something to push against instead of using his own strength to hold and help her. Another contraction took hold, and she momentarily forgot everything but the need to breath and ride out the all consuming pain.

Meanwhile Will was hurriedly placing everything he needed within his reach, mentally ticking them off as he eyed them one by one: the scissors, a huge stack of mop-up towels, the bowl for the placenta, the string for the umbilical cord. A huge fluffy towel for the baby when he or she arrived, and last but not least, his wits.

Will was scared stupid. Not about what was going to happen, but for the tiny being that he knew was going to be in his sole care for the next few hours. But he didn’t get to stew over the possibilities of it going wrong for long. Deanna was restlessly moaning, the pains obviously continuous now.

He watched her as she prepared to bare down once more, noticing the way she bravely grit her teeth, forcing herself up onto her elbows, ready to give her all. But Will knew Deanna and knew she was even more scared than he was. She was worried about her own health, and she was scared about her future. But she was absolutely petrified for her baby’s life.

But Will was also aware that Deanna was strong. If anyone could pull this ordeal off, it was her, and looking down at her now as she gasped and panted and groaned her way through the contraction, Will was filled with such pride, it briefly brought tears to his eyes.

And then suddenly his thoughts were distracted from the woman before him by a warm wet feeling. Surprised, he looked down to his knees which were now being stained darker by the liquid that poured from Deanna’s loins. There was no stopping her now.

Will waited until Deanna flopped back down flat to the floor exhausted before gently touching her trembling knee, his own voice none too even as he spoke. "Deanna, darling, your water has broken. I’m going to check you again. Okay?"

As her chest rose up and down with exertion, she could only nod wearily. This time when Will probed her gently he had an intimate knowledge aiding him and his confidence soared. Equally, now that Will had done the exam once, she simply let herself go limp and let him do his job. She was past embarrassment, and she was past caring.

That was until Will spoke excitedly. "I can feel its head, Deanna! You’re almost there, Honey!"

Will couldn’t stop himself as he scuttled back up her body, planting an excited kiss upon her dry, chapped lips, his giant hand already dabbing the damp flannel across her fevered brow. But when he saw her features begin to change and her body begin to prepare for yet another contraction, Will moved back down to her thighs. He watched spellbound as Deanna’s body began to expel the tiny being within.

Two more contractions, and a head the size of a grapefruit coated in dark matted hair made its entrance.

One more after that, and the tiniest baby Will had ever seen placed itself securely into his massive, eagerly waiting hands.

One of the longest minutes in Will’s entire life followed .as he gently but quickly wiped away the sticky mucus surrounding the baby’s nose and eyes and mouth. When he was satisfied with that, he held his breath and gently smacked one minuscule foot, letting his breath go with a strangled whoop of joy as a pitiful mewling noise came from the infant that instantly spasmodically sprang to life at the harsh, unjust treatment.

Deanna watched Will work on her baby with an almost serene smile upon her tear-stained face, her fears passing as he successfully achieved what she undoubtedly would not have been able to do without him there. The image of him tenderly bringing her child to life with tears streaming down his own cheeks was one that she would take to her grave. It would be locked away in her heart and treasured forevermore.

When Will had wiped away the worst of the baby’s gunk, he gently lay it on the huge fluffy towel, half covering it to keep it warm, as he prepared to do the next stage of the delivery. Deftly, as though he’d done it a thousand times before, Will tied the still pulsing lifeline and then deftly severed it.

Seconds later, with the baby now completely enveloped in the towel apart from it’s tiny cherubic face, Will crawled towards Deanna’s waiting arms and placed the child within them. The happiness of what had occurred between them was written all over his handsome face, and his eyes were as glassy as hers with unshed tears of joy and pride.

Will watched mother and child for a long moment and something deep within him surged to life, bringing a huge lump to his throat and a longing that he’d never known before. He’d never really considered settling down before. Nor had he contemplated a need for a family, not since he’d lost the only woman he’d cared enough about to even consider a different way of life.

Until now. As Will watched Deanna tenderly move away the towel so that she could count her baby’s fingers and press a light kiss to its face, it slammed home that he wanted to be a father. More than that. He wanted to be a father to this tiny one. He wanted it all, and that included Deanna.

A plan began to formulate in his mind, but for now he had to put it on hold. Will had things to do, and with one last, somehow proud fatherly glance at his, he hoped, new family, Will made his way back down her body to begin the post-delivery necessaries. He didn’t care that she was still married. The very fact that Jal had abandoned his wife and unborn child did not sit well with Will. Hell, Jal was going to wish he’d never laid eyes on Deanna or himself when Will got his hands on him.

Hell, was the bastard even still alive? Maybe he was dead. Maybe he’d gone and left Deanna for good. Maybe Deanna had kicked the son-of-a-bitch out. Maybe he kicked Deanna about! Hell, maybe Jal was a bastard after all!

Will had a lot of maybe’s racing around in his mind. Maybe’s that needed answering. But not right now. Now he had other things on his mind, like how to keep Deanna’s baby alive until he could put it firmly into safer hands.

Like Beverly Crushers.



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