By Carol Sandford


Chapter 01


I missed him. I hadn't seen my beloved husband for three, whole weeks and my entire body ached for his touch again. I blamed it on the pregnancy as I had never felt so wanton in my life, and I do almost constantly now, even more so than when we had first got together. When sex had come along with a blinding love that constantly threatened to consume our whole life.

It still did and I missed it. I missed his huge arms around me, the whispers in my ear, of what he wanted to do to me, and how he wanted to do it to me. I missed him deep inside, not only with his magnificent body, but his heart, his very soul. I loved him desperately and my body tingled with a desire that refused to be ignored anymore.

Which is why I found myself in our bedroom groping around in the back of the wardrobe for that box.

Our first months of non-stop passion was contained within that box of secrets and this had been the first time I had touched it since we had moved into our new quarters. It was the first time that I had needed to touch it. I needed to be sent to heaven and back, and the contents of our box was the only way.

My fingertips touched the velvety material, sparking an instant warmth deep in my belly. Pulling out the luscious material, a smile touched my lips and I couldn't stop myself as I brushed the fabric across my cheek, instantly going back to the last time that I felt its softness. The sigh that left my mouth was filled with memories and promise.

Reaching inside the box once more, I found what I was really looking for. The hard black wordless case hid its contents from the rest of the world, but for us, it held another tale. One of ecstasy, hunger, raw emotions and a love that was so painfully obvious, you could almost visualise the electricity between us.

Slipping the cassette into the machine and switching the vidi-screen on, I waited until it sparked into life. The throb of expectancy began to build within me, more so as I began to strip my heated body of its confining clothes. One by one each garment added to the pile until I was naked and highly aroused. The goose-bumps sprung up from every visible pore and my hands automatically hugged my frame, highlighting even more so the desire that was already coursing through my body as the images that I was about to lose myself in began to start within my mind before the film had even begun.

Flicking the switch as I sat on the bed, I instantly heard his throaty chuckle amd I so badly wanted to see him, and feel him. I fell back onto the bed, groaning. I wasn't sure if it was a groan of desire, or for what I was about to do, or because I missed the other half of me so badly. I did know. It was for all three. I wanted him home, I needed him home.

I needed him inside me.

I could hear Will's voice in the background as he began to strip my clothes from me. We were so young then. I would never have done this tape now, even though our baby was still too tiny to see. But she was there, I could feel her fluttering's deep within me, and along side the laughter that bubbled up when I first felt her came a flood of tears to know that her daddy had missed it.

The room went silent and I knew that Will was kissing me. I closed my eyes and let myself remember. I remembered him nipping my ear lobe and capturing my hands above my head, effectively immobilising me as he began on my mouth. Oh, my God, I had never been kissed that way before. His tongue kept teasing mine, and every time I went to join his lips with mine, he moved away, just hovering. Then he would start over again. And then he began to thrust his tongue so deeply I thought I was going to die, but the sensation was mind-blowing and I didn't want him to stop. And then he really did blow my mind.

Will began to plunge his tongue into my mouth over and over again. He made deep, penetrating love to my mouth until my body could stand no more. I needed to touch him, to egg his body on, but he denied me that need. His grip on my hands tightened as I struggled to free myself. I felt my insides begin to explode with a passion like I had never felt before and he swallowed my whimpers as he continued to pillage my mouth until I couldn't stand it any longer. And then I screamed, out loud as my body pulsated with an inner orgasm that swept me to oblivion and beyond.

As the scream dissipated into the distance, it still raged on within my head as the moment swam over and over in my mind. My body was ready, more than ready for the scene that I knew was coming next.

Hands, his hands began to work on my fevered body. Lightly scrapping his fingernail across every inch of my torso and barely brushing the one part that I need him to touch. The one part that silently begged, but he steadfastly ignored it. Soft fingertips traced each breast until, at last, he couldn't deny himself any longer, or me. His tongue trailed its own sensuous trail along my collar bone and down between the valley that separated my rosy tips, until finally, he began to suckle, drawing a primative longing from my very core. First one then the other, and then back for more until I felt the fire within me begin to build again.

I began to squirm, my legs automatically parting with the ache that pulsed through me, and it was then, that he touched the feminine heart of me. I was already saturated from the orgasm that had soaked my soul when he'd kissed me all the way to heaven and back. I shuddered before he had even reached the entrance, the expectancy alone was enough to deliver the delicious shiver and I heard the seductive chuckle against my breast. I grinned in response, suddenly shy and I squealed the intimate name in embarrassment. "Imzadi!"

He kissed me in response, whispering into my mouth, "Shhhh, sweetheart, soon, I promise." I responded by catching his hand and putting it right where I wanted it to go. He laughed out aloud.

I heard his laughter across the room and I laughed along too as I remembered what I did to him. Scuttling up the bed further, I draped the velvety cloth over my eyes, plunging me into darkness and I waited.

At last, he touched me. As his finger touched me inside I flew upright as the surge of feelings catapulted me to a place that was beyond reach, no matter how much I tried. Rocked by the force of my emotions my head fell back and I just let it wash over me. I knew Will was watching me, and I felt like a goddess. He made me feel like a goddess. As he searched for that special place that would send me tumbling over, the rest of my being began to get ready to tumble along with it. I could feel it building, I could feel it invading every fibre, every emotion, threatening and bullying me to let go, but I needed more.

Falling back onto the bed, I grabbed Will's hair forcing his face back to mine. I wanted to feel what I felt earlier. I wanted him to make love to my mouth. I was so close, so close, but he had other ideas and I whimpered when I lost the contact as he broke away from me. But barely seconds later he was kissing me again but this time, my mouth was free to gratefully gasp in precious air as we began the climb again. His tongue began a new dance, one of discovery for him, and for me. Oh, we'd done this before, but this...

This time we were in love. No longer just lovers, but in love, and it felt so right, so good. God, it felt good. I had to watch him take me there, to that place, so I sat up and watched. He knelt on the floor, his hands caressed my waist as his tongue caressed my bud of desire. I couldn't stop my hand from reaching down to stroke his dark hair, pushing the damp tendrils off his forehead, watching those long, black sooty lashes that I loved as much as the vivid blue eyes that they shielded. It was those eyes that I first fell in love with. When our eyes had met at a friends wedding, I found myself caught in those blue eyes and it was several moments before either one of us broke the contact.But in those moments, his eyes and his mind had told her, "I want you." It was enough.

I smiled at the memory. It seemed so long ago now, and here we were, married, blissfully happy and waiting for the birth of our baby daughter. It was just a shame that Will had to work away sometimes, but this job had been the hardest. Hard enough for me to have to resort to our own private video to ease that desperate ache. I heard the groan erupt from the screen across the room and knew it was time.

I watched Will's head come up from between my quivering thighs and his eyes locked with mine and I knew that he was going to make love to me. I trembled with the sheer expectation as his eyes fell shut and his lips touched mine. Pulling me to the edge of the bed I felt his hardness push against my swollen softness. I was ready and as his tongue entered my waiting mouth, that hardness embedded itself so deep within me that I felt it touch my womb. A guttural moan left our lips simultaneously as I embraced him inside and out, the sensations so strong that it was a full minute before either one of us could move.

And then it began. In and out, in and out, plunge after plunge, one breathless grunt mingled with another, our bodies encased in a sheen of perspiration as we both rode the storm of desire and locked in a timeless embrace that defied logic and understanding to intrude. A time for eternal lovers. ~*~ I couldn't help myself, I had to I had to replace his touch, just for a minute. In the privacy of my own bedroom, I had to relieve the ache that had steadily built. I knew Will would be shocked if he could see me now, but I had to do this, for me, because I needed to feel him so badly, so desperately.


And that was how Will found her.

Managing to wrap the job he was working on earlier than he'd expected, he had hopped on the first shuttle home to see his wife, the mother of his eagerly awaited child.

He had been surprised when she hadn't greeted him in the lounge. He knew she was in because the radio was on, so perhaps she was in the bathroom or asleep as he knew that she had started to take naps as the child within her body began to take its toll.

Creeping towards the bedroom, Will was surprised to hear his own voice, "I love you baby. I love you." She was watching their video. He was more surprised when he opened the bedroom door.

His wife was laying on the bed completely naked, the soft velvet piece of material that they had used to bind her hands as they had 'played', lay draped across her eyes. Her dark hair splayed across the pillow was constantly moving as she moved her head back and forth, her lips were apart as she brought herself nearer to the edge of her own oblivious pleasure.

His eyes travelled lower, admiring her silky smooth skin and then her breasts that were beginning to swell along with the mound of her belly which lovingly held their child. But it was her hand that captured his full attention. Delicate finger tips barely touched the tiny bud hidden by the matching thatch of hair that kept her secrets hidden, but it seemed to be enough for her. He watched the gentle rise and fall of her body as she picked up the pace slightly. Glancing at the scene being played out on the screen he realised that she was playing along with the scenario.

Quietly slipping out of his clothes, Will smiled as his own desire sprung free of its confinement. Lord, he wanted her, but he was desperate not to spoil the magical moment that was being played out on the bed.

Tiptoeing over to the beds edge, he simultaneously reached down to remove her hand whilst tracing her surprised mouth with his tongue. Capturing her other hand before it flew to her startled face to remove the cover from her eyes, Will effectively pinned her hands in the familiar position as he began to kiss her in earnest. It didn't take long for the panic to subside once she realised that it was truly him and opened herself to what ever he was offering.

Unable to wait any longer, Will moved over her, propping himself upon his elbows as he continued to kiss her senseless, tormenting her with his maleness as it created its own wanton path against her moistness. She blossomed beneath him, opening her mind, her heart and her thighs to let him in and take over completely. But she needed to see him. Needed to look into those eyes that were undoubtedly smouldering with an ache that was solely for her, and her alone.

"Let me see you, please!"

Will removed the scrap of material, but as soon as he did, his heart jumped into his throat. Her eyes brimmed with huge tears that she struggled to hold onto. But she failed miserably when seconds later they began to fall. He could do nothing more than kiss her, and as she cried, he kissed her deeply. Drinking the love that flowed from her soul he continued to kiss her until the muffled sobs turned to sighs of delight as he fought to bring her to the place that she so sought.

He entered her in one, long agonising plunge, capturing the deep groan that rose from inside of her with an earth-shattering kiss that left her gasping for air. Still frantically trying to release her hands from his vice-like grip. she began to struggle as her intense need to move her arms become paramount and eventually, he let her have her way. But so lost in the sensations that soared throughout her body, she could do no more than flail helplessly until, at last, Will felt his own liquid release explode from his loins and at that same moment, she raked her long nails up the entire length of his back, forcing him to go absolutely rigid, highlighting his own deliciously orgasmic pain as she rode the storm of desire along with him.

As their heartbeats pounded in their ears it seemed like an eternity before either could speak. Will rolled gently off bringing her sweat drenched body along with him and together they lay face to face, heartbeat to heartbeat. He kissed her with a gentleness that brought tears to her eyes once more. Will pulled her tightly to him, "Shhhh, it's okay, I'm here now, you don't have to do this alone anymore."

His statement brought her tears to an abrupt halt as she considered his words, but before she could say anything, he finished it off, "I've requested a desk job planet-side. No more racing around the universe anymore. I want to be there for you, with you, and with our daughter when she's born. I want to be a proper husband and a proper dad. I want to be with you sweetheart, more than anything."

Reaching up, I lovingly stroked his handsome cheek, revelling in the sensations as his bristles scraped my palm, but I didn't care. Will was home and he was staying home, for always.


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