By Carol Sandford


Chapter 01


Will felt his knuckles crack as his fist connected with the Klingon's jaw and the big man opposite him howled with fury as he staggered back from the force of the impact and Will watched his eyes opening wide as he realised that he wasn't even going to let him recover from the severity of the first punch before he could stand upright. Will dived at him again and his head made contact his chest. Worf grabbed hold of Will's tunic at the shoulders with an attempt to keep standing, but failing to do so, they both crashed to the floor and Will made the most of the situation. Now having the upper hand of landing on top of him Will brought his fist back high to his shoulder, his knuckles turning white as he readied to punch again. Worf looked up at his Commanders face seeing anger and hatred blazing in the normally bright blue eyes that now looked like shards of cold ice, and he knew that he had lost. As he saw Will's fist start to come towards his face he put his own hands up to protect himself, his submission quickly falling from his lips.

'STOP Commander. Please! I'm sorry, If you want her, take her. I will not stand in your way anymore. Just, please, don't hit me again, please.'

Will's hand stopped in mid air as he looked down into Worf's face. He gingerly wiped at his own mouth and looked at the blood that was smeared across the back of his hand and it gave him a great feeling of satisfaction when he saw it. He had won against the man as big as himself. He leaned on the floor to aid his way up from his knees and he winced as the pain in his hands reminded him of the last punch he had thrown at the Klingon's rock hard jaw, and knew he had broken at least two of his knuckles. He turned his attention back to Worf who had also struggled to a stand and Will smirked when he saw that he was in worse shape than himself and backing away from him, he couldn't resist the barbed jibe as he snarled,

'Deanna is mine and she will always be mine. No matter how many times she looks elsewhere, she will always come back to me, because WE are Imzadi.'

William Riker turned and walked away reeling from the blows that Worf had managed to rain upon his body before he finally turned the fight around. The rapidly increasing pain around his torso also told him that he probably had a couple of broken ribs too and he groaned out his command to thin air,

'Computer, end programme.'

The room shimmered back to it's original yellow and black grid eradicating everything and everyone that was in the room and Will made his way out of the steel doors.

Turning into the corridor he collided with Beverly Crusher and he visibly winced as she reached out to steady both herself and him,

'Oh, Will, I'm so sorry...' she paused mid sentence when she saw the condition that he was in and she quickly reached into her pocket and pulled out her ever-present tricorder, running it efficiently over Will's body, and as her eyes rose and met his, she noticed that he had the grace to blush a little, trying to make light of the situation. She smiled gently at him,

'Well, I hope the other guy is still alive!'

As her examination finished he heard her tut to herself,

'Will, you have three fractured fingers and one broken rib. You've massive bruising down your left side and countless grazes on your face, and an eye that's already turning a nice shade of purple. Come on, let's get you back to sickbay and get you sorted out...again!'

At the mention of sickbay Will groaned and tried to evade her arm reaching out to steer him towards the turbo-lift, but she was ready for his little manoeuvre.

'Oh, no you don't, Will Riker, you're coming with me, like it or not.'

He dragged after her, looking rather like a naughty school boy that had been caught scrapping behind the bike sheds.

As they approached the sickbay Will was glad that it appeared to be empty as he swung himself up onto a bio-bed and watched quietly as Beverly busied herself gathering the various instruments to mend his broken body once more. Beverly looked sadly at who she considered one of her closest friends, and the pain she felt for him was evident in her clear blue eyes as she tried to get some answers from him, her voice barely rising above a whisper,

'Why, Will?'

He shrugged,

'It makes me feel better. It's the only way I can deal with the situation.'

He turned away, clearly upset and her heart broke when he turned to look at her again and saw the shimmer of tears in his liquid blue eyes. She gently touched his cheek forcing him to look at her.

'Why won't you just tell her Will?'

As his voice croaked his response his eyes looked despairingly at her,

'I can't, Beverly, I promised I would never stand in her way with anyone. I just want her to be happy.'

Beverly looked at him in exasperation, her voice suddenly rising to screaming pitch,

'But what about YOU, Will? What about YOUR happiness?'

His barely audible answer as he slid off the bio-bed told Beverly that he wanted this conversation finished with.

'I lost my chance of happiness a long time ago.'

He turned to leave, but stopped to look back at her, and giving her shoulder a quick squeeze, whispered.

'Thanks, Bev, next time I'll try and hit something a bit softer than his jaw.'

She watched him swiftly walk out of the sickbay door knowing he would be back within the week.


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