By Carol Sandford


Chapter 02


When Deanna finally emerged from the bathroom, her pallor made her normally beautiful elfin face look like she'd dunked her head in a bowl of flour after yet another bout of throwing up, it had finally sunk in. She was pregnant.

'How could I have been so stupid? I'm always so careful! how could it have happened?

She racked her brains for an answer until the light suddenly dawned when she remembered a very unpleasant tummy bug she'd had a few weeks ago.

'It must have been then.'

She sat heavily on the bed, her legs still uneasy from the exertion of emptying her stomach for the umpteenth time.

An overwhelming misery washing over her making unwelcome tears spring to her eyes, but her only concern was for the man who she thought would be the only one she would be having babies with, and it was only him that she dreaded a reaction from as she remembered his response from the time when an alien entity entered her body which produced her first born son, Ian. She groaned aloud when she pictured his face at the news then, so what would he say to Worf fathering her baby now? She groaned again,

'My God,what am I going to tell Will?'

They had been so distant since she and Worf had been an item, and many times she had tried to reach his mind since. But he had blocked every single effort and that had hurt her beyond belief. But on top of that, he'd avoided being alone with her. Several times she had walked into a room, only to watch his retreating back practically run out of the door to get away from her and she knew it wouldn't be long before they would get both their asses hauled before the Captain as it was getting beyond control. And now, now she was pregnant, with Worf's baby.

She smiled gently as she thought about Worf. She still wasn't sure why they were together. Oh, he had his sweet moments. Not many, granted, but sometimes he really made a huge effort to be romantic. Underneath that scowl, laid a very sweet, gentle - except when they were making love - very sincere, Klingon. And now she was going to have a half Betazoid/half Klingon baby. Her mind wandered back to when she had given birth to Ian. He was such a beautiful child, albeit an alien child, but he was hers, nevertheless, and she had genuinely loved him. It took a long time to get over his loss with a lot of help from Will and Beverly. Beverly! She had better go and make sure this pregnancy's for real before she even dared to take the next step...


Beverly was staring at her computer screen when she heard the door hiss open to admit her dearest friend on the Enterprise, her delight at seeing Deanna evident on her smiling face.

'Deanna, this is a nice surprise, I didn't expect to see you till this evening at the poker game. Oh, don't tell me, Worf's been a little rough with his, 'adoration' of you again.'

Her infectious grin was very knowing, considering that she usually saw Deanna at least three times a week for minor abrasions, and more commonly, bites. Her pretty face suddenly changed when she realised that this wasn't going to be a 'normal' visit and her professional mode kicked in as she stood and ushered her friend towards a bio-bed, her hand automatically reaching into her pocket,

'Deanna, what's wrong?

Deanna looked into her eyes and Beverly instantly realised that she was scared

'I think I'd like you to tell me.' She whispered.

As Beverly's tri-corder started to scan over Deanna's body, and as she did so, she tried getting more information from her.

'What's the matter Deanna, don't you feel well this morning?

Deanna didn't bother answering her, just waited for her to find it herself, and when she heard the doctor gasp, she knew she'd found it. Beverly couldn't believe her eyes and she ran the tri-corder over her body again, hoping that it had been a mistake. It wasn't.

The two friends silently stared at each other for what seemed an eternity until Beverly gently whispered,

'Oh Deanna, you're pregnant.'

Deanna shuddered out the breath that she didn't even know she'd been holding,

'I know, Beverly, I just needed you to confirm it for me.'

They both sat stunned in their own little world until at the same time, the same thought ran through their heads,

*What are we going to tell Will?*


Will finished his shift. It had been a very trying and exhausting day and his body still ached from the blows he had secretly welcomed from the only man who could match him blow to blow. The pain made his miserable life a little easier to live with, knowing that when he was particularly upset or angry he could go and punch the living daylights out of the one person who had caused it. Until he'd gotten over losing his Imzadi, and he knew that he never would, not for as long as his body drew breath. At the rate he was going it wasn't going to be for much longer if Worf had his own way, but he wasn't going to give him the satisfaction, even if it did mean battling with a hologram several times a week. He chided himself for not letting Beverly finish her job on him this morning, but he was damned if he was going to crawl back to her and face another inquisition about his love life, or lack of.

Several times he thought he was going to get summoned to the Captain's ready room as he had caught Picard watching him on numerous occasions, usually as he either grimaced with pain when he moved, or because of the long silences that seemed commonplace from him as he constantly thought about Deanna and what he'd lost, and what he'd give to get her back where she belonged, in his arms and in his bed. He wanted to be back within her heart, her body and her soul. He just wanted her back and he didn't know how to achieve it without breaking his own promise.

He had seriously considered asking for a transfer, but he didn't want to leave her behind. So he figured it was better to stay just so he could be near her. He would be miserable, but he'd rather be that than not see her at all. Will knew he could not live without knowing his Imzadi was within safe reach, even if had to include Worf.

The Captain was fully aware of his plight and was trying to delay the inevitable for as long as possible, hoping things would return back to normal before drastic changes were going to have to be made, like ordering either Will or Deanna to transfer to another star ship, which he obviously didn't want. Will was like a son to him and he was extremely fond of the pretty Betazoid too and was loathe to lose either of them. But things were reaching a critical point where he wasn't going to be able to ignore the situation for much longer. He knew Will was regularly visiting the holo-deck, Beverly had been keeping him apprised of his declining mental and physical health, and in any other circumstances, he would have ordered him to see a councellor, but that was out of the question as he couldn't even bear to be in the same room as her, which was becoming a problem on the work front. Picard knew it wasn't going to be long before he was going to need both their talents. Sooner or later, something happens, out there in space. He just wasn't sure if his finest officers could put aside their differences and do their job when it happened.


Worf admitted himself into Deanna's quarters, and instinctivly knew something was wrong, she had always met him with a welcoming kiss and a huge smile, but today he found her sitting with her back to him, staring out of the porthole at the passing stars, so deep in thought, she hadn't even heard him come in, and it scared Worf to know that she was probably thinking about Commander Riker, again. He unconsciously growled, which alerted Deanna that she was no longer alone, still with her back to him he watched her movements and realised that she was wiping her face, he gasped when it dawned on him that she was crying, When Deanna had considered herself suitable to face him, his anger erupted when she finally turned and he saw her watery smile, her welcome dying on her lips when she saw how angry he was.


she was astounded when he turned and walked back out of the door without saying a word, her tears returning in earnest as she realised that he had taken her misery the wrong way, assuming it was about Will, when , for a change, it wasn't...

Worf found himself in the Ten Forward lounge without even realising he'd got there, Guinan watched the huge Klingon enter the room, anger radiating from his body, and she watched in awe as fellow shipmates took a wide berth around him, he placed himself on a stool at the furthest point of the bar, and as she went and stood quietly in front of him, he looked up at her, surprised ,

'Your usual, Mr. Worf?'

he grunted his reply, and she quietly served him his drink and then just as quietly sidled away, she knew that he did not want to talk, and for that alone, he was grateful...

Some time, and some drinks later, his initial anger had turned to a simmering irritation, as he acknowledged where he was, and as he looked around the room, his eyes finally rested on the back the solitary figure, who too, was staring out of the porthole at the passing stars, just like Deanna had been, Worf sighed, things had to change, but however many times he tried to hate Will Riker, he couldn't, and before he knew it, he found himself quietly standing a few feet behind him.

He started when he heard the low, sombre voice speak to him

Yes Mr. Worf, what can I do for you?

For several moments Worf pondered on what to say to him, finally settling on honesty,

'I do love the Councellor, deeply Commander, and I promise, that whilst she is with me, you have my solemn oath as a Klingon warrior, that no harm will come to her...I just wanted you to know that sir...'

Will slowly swung his chair around to face him, his eyes travelling up to his face, Worf could see that the smile that Will had plastered across his face did not reach his eyes, but he didn't really expect it to, he didn't expect his first quiet response either,

'I know you do Worf, and for that I will be eternally grateful, she deserves to be happy, god knows, I can't seem to be able to occomplish it, and you have my blessing'

but Will's next words turned his blood cold,

'But Mr. Worf, if you ever hurt her, I swear, I will personally tear you limb from limb, I will gladly let you die like a true warrior...'

and with that, he swung the chair slowly back to it's original position and continued his stargazing.

Worf stood for a few moments longer, letting the words sink in, and in those few moments, he realised that he and Deanna had no chance of a long term relationship whilst they were all on board this ship...

When Worf finally walked away from him, the bartenders eyes followed him out, then swung back to huge shoulders that had slumped down, his head bowed, Guinan watched sadly as his hand came up to cover his eyes, and she knew...that he was silently weeping...


His decision made, Worf made his way back to Deanna's quarters, he let himself in to find her pacing the floor, she stopped as she heard him enter, but before she had a chance to say anything, he held up his hand to stop her. she sensed what he had to say was important, so she kept quiet and let him have his say.

'deanna... You and I are going to leave the Enterprise, we are going to start afresh on another starship, I think it would be best...'

She stared open mouthed at him, at a total loss as what to say, it was the last thing she was expecting, and the last thing she wanted, especially now,

'Worf, I...'

He held up his hand to silence her again,

'Not now Deanna, I will not discuss this now, I know it's an important decision for us, but under the circumstances, you leave me little choice. I know why you don't want to leave, but I think HE is the main reason we have to do this, it is the only way we will ever be free of him...'

Understanding finally registered in her mind, and she knew that she had to try to make him understand,

'But Worf...if I were a million miles away from him, I would not be free...we are Imzadi..., I thought you understood that'

she jumped, fear making her eyes wide as he angrily shouted

'Enough!. I do not need it forced down my throat, We will leave, you have no choice if you want to be with me...I can no longer tolerate this situation'

his voice changed, his concern evident on his face

' and to perfectly honest,.. I don't think he can take much more either.'

Deanna heart raced when his words filtered through the onslaught of his demands,

'what do you mean Worf?, is he in trouble, I don't sense that he is...'

and as the words spilled out of her mouth, the following silence rammed home to her just what he'd meant...

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