By Carol Sandford


Chapter 03


(One week later)


All hands flew to their designated stations to await further instructions and everyone was watching the view-screen as the massive Klingon bird-of-prey uncloaked before them. Moments later, they even more surprised because as soon as the ship made it's presence known it disappeared again. All senior officers looked to each other with puzzlement before they all looked towards their chief security officer for an explanation, only to find him missing from his station.

Picard looked to Will for an answer and Will shrugged. Now Picard was angry. It was one thing to leave your post without permission, but it was entirely another story when they had a situation

'Computer, locate Lieutenant Worf.'

A stunned silence followed the ever positive response,

'Lieutenant Worf is no longer on board the Enterprise.'

Will had a bad feeling and reaching into his mind, he looked for her, his shock turning into panic when moments passed and he couldn't find what he was looking for. He stared at his Captain who was watching the various thoughts and scenario's flitting across the younger mans face, and he unsteadily asked the question that he already knew the answer to.

'Computer, locate Councellor Troi.'

And the same unemotional response came back,

'Councellor Troi is no longer on board the Enterprise.'

Picard watched the colour drain from his commanders face as the shock settled over the handsome features, and still watching him, he carefully asked Data,

'Mr. Data, can you get a fix on their location?'

Data's hands flew over the console in front of him at a speed that only Data could achieve before eventually turning his yellow eyes back to his Captain,

'I am sorry, sir, the Klingon vessel has left no trace.'

No one turned when the door hissed open to admit a very worried Beverly and only her voice broke the silence that had fell on the bridge when she asked the inevitable,

'Is it true? Have they really taken Deanna and Worf?

She looked from one officer to another waiting for an answer, her professional eyes automatically taking in the pallor of Will's face. Data chose to be the one to answer her.

'Apparently so, Doctor Crusher, it has become obvious that it was their intention to do so, and also to make sure they could not be traced.'

Will's quiet voice finally spoke when the realisation became to obvious to be ignored.

'I don't think they've been kidnapped. I think they've left on purpose.'

The Captain turned on his First officer, expecting an explanation for his comment.

'Explain yourself, Commander.'

The Captain watched him take a loud swallow as his eyes took on a defeated look,

'I think they might have eloped.'

Picard stared at Will as though he had lost his mind.

'Worf would never have placed Deanna in such a hazardous situation. She could not survive a Klingon's way of life, they're...BARBARIANS!'

All eyes turned to Beverly when they heard her choked cry.

'Oh, my God! Oh, my God, NO!'

Picard quickly went to Beverley, reaching for her arm to steady her as she all but collapsed onto the chair

'What is it, Beverly? What's wrong?'

She looked blankly at him, then turned her full stare to Will as she barely whispered tearfully,

'She's pregnant Will. Deanna's pregnant.'

Everything came to a full stop as Beverly's words filtered through Will's already distraught and frantic mind until it screeched back to the last statement he'd ever wanted anyone to utter; Deanna's pregnant. His Imzadi was pregnant with someone else's baby. Now along with the sheer terror of her predicament that she had possibly unwillingly placed herself in, he had always held on to the dream of him and her eventually getting over their commitment problems and eventually having their own babies together,one day. But now she was having HIS baby and he was torn between a feeling he'd never known before; anger at Worf, and much to his shame, anger at himself, for, everything.


Even after three weeks aboard the Klingon ship Deanna still feared for her life, every single second of the day. The Klingon's took great delight at taunting her, and frequently. And regularly the taunting would result into a full scale battle right outside her door. Luckily she had managed to damage the lock so no-one could enter, including Worf, but even he could not stop the hot bloodied Klingon males that fantasised after the tiny Betazoid woman, each one wanting a little piece of the action. The Klingon women wanted to rip her apart purely because she was there, on their turf and was considered to be a threat. Even Worf hadn't bargained for the aggravation that she had created. Kurn had been delighted to welcome his brother back into the Klingon fold, but even he didn't think that he would bring a woman that clearly didn't want to be there, a woman he knew the federation would happily start a war for, so they had quickly disappeared. First to the distant Halee System, then on to the Kriosian System that was still under Klingon control, and finally they ended up in the Mempa System, landing on Morska which housed a sub-space monitoring out-post. It had taken three weeks to get there, and believing that they had managed to elude the Enterprise once and for all, they finally felt safe enough to lie low for a while and take a breather.

Deanna had become locked within her own self, her mind constantly going over the same questions, again and again,

*How could he do this to me?*

*What have I done to deserve this?*

and the only question that kept her sane

*Where are you, Imzadi?*

She tried and tried, day in, day out to send to him, knowing it was the only way they were going to trace her, but as the days flew by, she slowly come to realise that they had managed to disappear into deep space. And with despair, she knew she was totally alone on a ship who's replicator spewed out food that usually had her running for the bathroom, and no matter how hard she tried, even for her baby's sake, she could not swallow the gagh, dead, or alive, and so had become to depend on water. She knew she was becoming more and more weaker by the hour. Every day Worf tried to talk to her, first with aggression, then with tenderness, then he tried begging, and finally, two days ago, he'd given up.


Beverly watched Will as she sat in Deanna's place on the bridge. He spent almost every minute of the day here now, watching, and waiting. She was deeply concerned about him, and for most of the time, he sat with his eyes shut trying to find Deanna within his mind, despair reflecting in them when he opened them having failed again and again.

Will could not - would not give up trying to reach her. He was sure she wasn't dead, his gut instinct telling him so, and it was that instinct alone that kept him going. He was not going to give up until they had found her. Will nearly sobbed aloud whenever he thought about her, his mind picturing her classically beautiful face, her luscious body, but carrying Worf's baby. The pain he felt within his heart whenever he was reminded of it nearly made him sick. But over and over in his mind he had only one thought. *If only it was mine, Imzadi*


Deanna gasped with shock as the pain ripped through her abdomen as she leaned over the bowl she had filled with water from the replicator to try and wash the worst of the grime from her face. She longed for a bath or a sonic shower, anything to make her feel clean again.

She knew there were showers on board, but she could not ask. The last thing she wanted was Worf or anyone else to see was that she was with child. She had been so pleased that she had never gotten around to telling him.

The pain came again causing her to double over clutching her tummy, fighting to keep the bile that rapidly rose to her mouth as the implications as to what was happening washed over her and she silently fell to her knees and begged,

*Oh no, no, no, I cannot lose the baby on board this ship, Please, please, baby, stay within me.*'

But within two hours she knew it was not going to be. The pains had become unbearable and it took all her strength and willing not to scream out loud as the tiny being slipped from her body. It was barely recognisable as a baby, but it broke Deanna's heart that she had lost yet another life.

She waited for the heavy flow of blood to slow down but became concerned when it didn't abate. Unsure if it was supposed to be that way, and on all fours, she crawled towards the loo, quietly sobbing as she flushed the tiny foetus away.

*Goodbye, little one, I'm so sorry.*

Crawling back to the hard bed Deana fell into a deep, almost comatose sleep, her dreams filled with the horror that her life had become. and of Worf exploding when he found out her deception. And of Will coming to rescue her one day soon.


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