By Carol Sandford


Chapter 05


Deanna took nearly a week to get over her physical problems and Beverly had refused to release her until she had gained all her lost weight, much to Deanna's despair, insisting that she had been overweight in the first place! Not by Beverly's standards she wasn't and refused point blank to be swayed until she had gained every last ounce.

Her mind had been a different matter altogether. Deanna desperately grieved for her lost baby but Will made her talk about it whether she wanted to or not. After he had heard how she had to dispose of the baby, one of the things that he insisted she do because he firmly believed it would help, was to actually give the child a name, and hold a proper memorial service so that she could say goodbye properly. They did so the first day Deanna left sickbay. Will had kept the service in the chapel down to himself, Deanna, Beverly and the Captain, who held the short, but sincere service. She had settled on the name Sammy as she hadn't known if the baby was male or female, so she chose a neutral name that would suit either. And as a memorial they planted one of Deanna's favourite flowers, a blue rose, in the arboretum.

From then on Deanna made progress, slowly, but a definite progress. Will was her constant companion, and it was him who sat with her for hours on end. Sometimes they talked, sometimes they cried together, but mostly they sat in silence, drawing on each others inner strength, and just knowing that Will was there with her, helped her more than anything else. In the early days of her recovery he had stayed with her day and night and her nightmares had frequently resorted to blood curdling screams that shook him to the very core. And night after night he had calmed her fears with gentle caresses and whispered endearments of love to her. Somehow the need for a physical relationship got pushed to one side as the emotional bonds needed to be repaired long before that next step. Some months later, Will had plucked up the courage to ask Beverly if Deanna had been affected, 'that way', by the trauma she had experienced, and Beverly had assured him that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her physically, but emotionally, only Deanna knew when the time would be right.


That day finally arrived as the two of them were slumped on her sofa in there usual reflective quiet position with Will's hand loosely holding hers upon his stomach, her head lay against his huge shoulder. He felt her mind change gear and he felt his own grow pensive as he waited for whatever question she was going to throw at him. He stared at the top of her head with some surprise when it finally did come.

'Will, Imzadi, I've been thinking about this a lot. Can we have a baby of our own?

Will pulled himself up so that he could turn to look at her.

'Deanna, you're not ready for another baby just yet, I think you need a little more time, sweetheart.'

She felt her hopes rise a little when she realised that he hadn't said no.

'Do you mean you'll consider having a baby with me, Will?

His smile warmed her heart as he reached out and gently caressed her face, his voice lowering to get the importance of his statement across,

'Oh, Deanna, if only you knew how much I want to have babies with you.'

He leaned forward to kiss her tenderly on the lips and Deanna's hand crept up behind his head so she could pull him closer to deepen the kiss. Both groaned as their bodies reacted to the intimacy that finally came out from the depths of their being that had been keeping them safe until they were both ready. Wave after wave of desire coursed through their bodies until they both came up gasping for air.

Deanna pushed Will off so that she could move her position, and within seconds had planted herself firmly on her knees, across his lap. Her fingers played with the threatening curls whenever he was near due for a haircut, and she looked deep into his now smoky filled eyes that mirrored her own rich chocolate ones.

'What's stopping you, Will?'

He looked at her for a long moment, until eventually that famous Riker grin suddenly sprung across his face,

'Well, nothing, I suppose.'

With his head firmly clasped within her tiny hands she placed gentle kisses on every part of his face, every kiss built up Will's desire to fever pitch, until she sunk her tongue into his mouth and all sense and reasoning went out of the porthole. Will's thoughts battled between wanting to get so deep inside her he thought he would die, to trying to be gentle with her in case she broke in two.

As they began to explore each other's bodies the same thoughts went through their minds. After years of longing, teasing and testing on other subjects they had at last, come full circle. This is where they wanted to be. This is where they belonged. Together. It was time to stop playing with each other. It was time to take a chance, and now it was time to make a commitment.

When they finally broke the embrace they both were grinning, amazed at what they had forgotten, and both sorry that they had.

'My God, I didn't realise it could still be like that.'

Deanna chuckled seductively,

'That's just the beginning, Imzadi. I'm ready to take the chance to see it through to the end/ Are you?/p>

And without a shadow of a doubt, Will knew he was.

The end

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