By Carol Sandford


Chapter 12


The tree was the perfect place to stake out the Troi mansion. Will stood behind its vast trunk watching the house across the street. Night was falling rapidly and the only sounds to be heard were the sounds of the night creatures, none of which were a threat to him. It was one of the things that Will liked about the planet; the lack of bugs. The other thing he liked was the constant balmy weather, although he'd heard that occasionally, Betazed had rain storms, but he had yet to witness one.

His dark outfit made him inconspicuous in the moonlit shadows that stretched out from the tree. It also made him look dashing, and dangerous. He looked good in black, with his extra long limbs and his dark hair. He found that ladies liked him in dark clothing. Made him look, 'sexy and mysterious.' so one particular lady had told him, as she'd taken each bit off, bit by bit.

Tonight though, he other plans for the dark outfit.


It had been two days since he'd approached the Troi mansion. Only last time, it had been in broad daylight and he'd been turned away. This time though, he wasn't going to wait to be invited. Will had been watching for signs of movement. His instincts had told him that Deanna hadn't disappeared and that she was just, 'laying low'. It stuck in his craw that she had lied to him. It had also hurt that she hadn't had the balls to tell him to his face.

But then again, whenever they got face to face, other feelings got in the way, and morosely, Will kinda understood that maybe that was why she'd taken the cowards way out, and using her mother to do her dirty work.

But it still didn't squash the empty feeling inside that had consumed him ever since. His life seemed to have come to a stand-still. He still did his job, nobody could fault him for the that, but everything else seemed to be unhappily suspended. Was this another facet of this Imzadi thing that he'd yet to understand?

He'd begun to feel as though he was on a dog's lead; wanting to go for the walk, but with no one to take him. Constantly under the control of his master. Walked when he wanted to be. Petted when he wanted to be. Loved when he wanted to be. Only Will felt as though his master had abandoned him, without taking off the dog-lead.

So lost was he in his self-analysis of his feelings for Deanna, he almost missed the real reason he was there, skulking in the shadows, waiting. A light flicked on in her bedroom and a movement within the room sent the gauzy curtain moving. But as quick as the light went on, it went off again. But it was enough evidence for Will to tell him that Deanna was home. He glanced at his watch; 10.35 p.m. it read. Bedtime.

Confrontation time.

And moments later, his dark, shadowy figure made its move.

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