By Carol Sandford


Chapter 43


When the steam filled the room once more, Will was aware that Deanna was standing quietly in the bathroom doorway watching him. It seemed eons ago that they had showered together, washing away the last remnants of their love-making, replacing it with something infinitely more memorable and everlasting.

He lay upon her bed face down, his head cushioned by his forearms as he dozed, waiting for her to finish her shower. Moments later, he grinned lazily to himself when he felt her weight touch the bed?s edge and she crawled up his body, kissing her way up his spine until she lay flush upon him, settling her face between his shoulder blades, instantly comforted by the steady and even heartbeat against her breast.

The deep sigh that she took as Will raised a palm and lovingly cupped her head, his large hand engulfing it with its size, momentarily washed away the rising panic that bubbled up within her. It was almost time for the goodbye that had consumed them both for the last couple of hours to be become reality.

"You okay?" Will mumbled, his quiet voice heavy with tiredness, bone weary fatigue, and sadness. Will felt her nod against his back, feeling her thoughts to his question fill her with a pain that coincided with his own and he realized then, that he couldn?t walk away from her tonight and never see her again. As selfish as it made him seem, he needed to see her again. Tomorrow, before he left. Before he moved on with his life, and his career. That was his goal now.

It had taken a long and painful time to make his decision about whether to stay with the woman he loved, or leave her behind and fulfil his destiny.

Destiny had won.

Maybe, just maybe, they would find each other again, somewhere, sometime, out there, and be given a second chance.

Will was willing to risk heartache for a future. Only destiny, a word that had become to feature in many of his hope and dreams, and a few of his nightmares, would decide if he and Deanna would meet again. Only destiny would be cruel enough to deny them that chance.

The lazy strokes upon Will?s arms and the tiny kisses upon his shoulders began to make Deanna?s body stir. The towel that hugged her torso became an unwanted barrier and Deanna wished that she?d slipped it off before she climbed upon Will?s back.

She wanted him, again. How long had it been. Ten, fifteen minutes? It wasn?t long enough but she was dimly aware that it was a desperation creeping in; a futile attempt to keep him with her for longer.

Will felt Deanna wriggle against his butt with a movement that could not be anything other than sexual and he rewarded her with nothing more than a tired chuckle. "Forget it. I?m gonna need at least another hour."

Another hour.

He?d be gone in another hour and the comprehension dawned quicker than having an ice cold bucket of water thrown over them both, but before he could stop himself, his next words surprised them both as he asked her quietly but urgently, "Will you come and see me off tomorrow? I need to see you before I go"

Will turned his head enough to look into Deanna?s startled eyes as she rose her head to move it enough to see his face. To see the plea in his eyes. Her silence as she watched him unnerved him a little; that she seemed to be considering refusing his unreasonable request. But now he?d said it; that he?d asked the unthinkable, he realized that he wanted it, more than anything.

He moved his face nearer to hers, hovering just a breath away from her mouth. Touching his lips to hers, Will whispered one word that was torn from his heart.


Moulding her lips against his, Deanna softened to his plea. She shouldn?t do it. She shouldn?t hurt her soul any more than it was already suffering. But then, she thought rationally, it couldn?t hurt any more than it already does. Her heart ached with sorrow and her mind was numb with grief, but then, Will was suffering as much as she was, and if he was willing to prolong the inevitable, then so was she.

Quietly seperating her lips from his, her eyes shut tight against the pain that had surfaced with his plea, she murmured, before settling her mouth against his once more, "Yes, Imzadi, I will come."

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