By Carol Sandford


Chapter 07


Will kissed her so thoroughly, so deeply, so...erotically, that Deanna's head began to swim with desire, making her feel drunk, and very, very wanted. Will's hands reverently ran up and down her body, his need to touch and explore as fevered as the tongue that swept in and and out of her mouth. Each time Will plunged in his moist tongue to dance with hers, she felt the tug deep within her, giving her a taste of what intimacy was going to feel like when his body finally joined with hers.

Will felt Deanna shudder and gently pulled away from her lips, their heaving breaths mingling as they slowly opened their drugged, heavy eyes. Will licked his tender lips, relishing the sweet moisture that lingered there, the taste sparking his already swollen loins into readiness again. His eyes dropped to Deanna's mouth and noticed the feint tremble. He lifted one arm and tenderly stroked the soft pad of his thumb across her lower lip. "Are you afraid of me, Deanna?"

He saw the flare of sureness in, not only her eyes, but her entire body as it came alive, along with her need to tell him that she wasn't, ", I'm not afraid of you, Will. I..." She confessed, "I'm afraid of...other things, but not of you."

He understood. Lightly pecking her lips with his, Will tightened his hold on her body. The arms that held her loosely before, now tightened as he spoke, his voice louder, urgent even, as his eyes bored into hers, asking her very soul, "Do - you - trust - me, Deanna?"

Deanna didn't quite know where the long silent moment came from, or why, but it did, even though she knew deep in her melting heart why. She slid her hands up higher, fastening them behind his neck, pulling him back towards her waiting mouth. Her whispered, confident, "Always." got lost in the drugging kiss she bestowed upon him.

Deanna felt herself being lowered; the back of her knees touching the cushioned seating. She allowed herself to be seated, half expecting Will to follow. But instead, he slowly dropped to his knees on the floor before her. She didn't realise how tightly her knees were closed until she felt him softly kneading her outer thighs, his eyes never leaving her face.

Forcing herself to relax, she released the stiffness in her muscles and let Will create his magic on her. Now at a vantage point, Deanna took delight in controlling what was happening between them. She began to trace her fingertips along his masculine contours; his strong, hard jawline, his ears - far too small for his overall size but beautiful, non-the-less. Her own thumb ran along his full bottom lip, her eyes, heavy with desire, watching the motion until she could stand the separation no more. Slipping her long fingernail between his lips, opening them wider, she moaned before settling her own mouth against his again, and as she did that, the legs that Will had been working on, and the dress that he had ridden up inch by inch, finally gave way and he moved his body between her thighs.

Unable to, and not even wanting to pretend that what was happening between them was chaste, Will roughly dragged her own heated body against his. He could feel her warmth against his stomach and growled when it dawned on him that all that was separating him from her was a tiny scrap of lace. This time when Will ripped his mouth away from hers and held her face within his massive hands, gasping with unleashed agony, again he asked her, "Do you trust me, Deanna?"

As Deanna's dreamy eyes stared deeply into his, she gently chewed on her already swollen bottom lip, until Will moved his hands away from her face and down to her bare thighs. Her gaze followed their descent and she then understood what he was asking of her; Will was giving her one, last final chance to stop what was about to happen.

She sucked in a shaky breath and released it along with one, solitary word, "Yes." Her body throbbed with need and expectancy. Even though she was prepared to accept whatever was about to happen, Deanna was determined to fight against Will becoming her Imzadi. But she could no longer fight her bodily craving. It was time, and if it meant giving away her soul to feel what she was about to feel, then so be it. But she was going to fight it, all the way.

Once more Will surprised her when he dropped his head to her knees and kissed the tender spot on its inside, and then duplicated the movement on the other side. Her heart fluttered with unease at the intimate motion. It wasn't what she was expecting. But then she really didn't know what to expect. Was this the normal course of love-making, or was it something that Terran's did? She just didn't know, and that scared her a little.

Nervously, Deanna watched his head as he systematically worked his way along her inner thighs, but by the time he'd reached barely a few inches from his ultimate goal, her breathing was laboured and she was clinging on to the seat's edge, her head was thrown back as she waited for... something!

Deanna felt Will gently stroke his finger across her lace panties, aware that he was pleased to find that they were already saturated with need. She couldn't stop the tiny pants from leaving her lungs as she waited for whatever was to happen next. And she waited. He was killing her with his slowness, until she dimly realised that he was still giving her a chance to halt the inevitable.

When he slowly moved his hand away from her, bringing them to rest on the outside of her knees once more, she dragged her heavy head back to face his to find that Will was watching her intently. Gently, he moved back, pushing her knees together, and Deanna thought he'd had a change of heart; that he was the one who was going to stop. But when he slid his hands up the outside of her thighs and found the thin elastic strip of her panties, she realised that he was asking her consent to remove them, along with yet another chance for him to stop.

She answered him by lifting her bottom just high enough for Will to slip his fingers beneath the band and tug them towards him, slipping them the entire length of her slim legs. He lifted her feet, marvelling at how sexy she looked in the high heels and very little else, making a mental note that if in the future they ever got together, he would have her parading around their bedroom in nothing else but those high heels. And maybe a sexy smile. And just a touch of make-up.

But that would be all.

Will watched the woman before him with shadowed eyes. He'd never done anything like this on a first date before. With other women, it had been about getting the act done, for both of them. But with Deanna, it was different. It felt different. Something special was about to happen. He didn't know what, but his gut, his heart, told him that Deanna Troi was going to need everything he'd got, and he was happy, and proud, to give it. Deliriously happy.

Deanna looked down and studied the man between her knees and audibly gasped when he moved her knees back apart - even further this time, the rush of cool air tickling her sex. Will was going to give her the most intimate kiss of all and Deanna wasn't quite sure what to do about it. Her whole body began to tremble with fear, excitement, and, anticipation. Unable to look at him any longer, she frantically looked around the gazebo at anything, and everything until she felt Will's hot breath reheat her exposed genitalia, and his searing, wet tongue touched her.

The unexpected, sudden, wondrous, gasped, "Oh!" left her mouth as she felt him flick against the sensitive bud, sending a kick to her womb that only cried out for more, and it was then she let her head fall back again, and she allowed herself to be carried away on the tidal wave of wonder and ecstasy that engulfed her.

She tasted of paradise, Will surmised, as he gently shifted his own now very uncomfortable lap to accommodate the bulging, welcome heat in his pants. What he would have done at that moment to have been able to shuck his clothes and bury himself in paradise. But he couldn't, not yet. Will was about to make history with this woman. He didn't know why, or how, only that he was certain that he was about to go on the most exquisite ride of his life.

Deanna struggled against what was happening to her body. The insistent lapping of Will's tongue against her felt strange. Delicious. An inner heat began to boil deep inside of her and she felt herself begin to panic, the sensation unlike anything she had ever felt or imagined before, and she was terrified. Deanna had to stop it from happening, she just had to. Freedom was imminent, but she was terrified of the escape.

She heard her own desperate soft moans of, No, no, no! tickle her mind, unaware that the words were slipping from between her lips too. But with her last heartfelt 'no!', she felt her legs shift higher and Will's tongue deepen the contact, deepen the ache, releasing a strangled gasped, 'Oh!' from her. Deanna felt Will's triumphant thought rush over her, as she struggled to keep herself upright, her position more precarious than ever - in more ways than one.

Will was winning against her, she could feel it. As her body began to rock against him, the movement unfamiliar to her innocent loins, Deanna felt herself begin to fly. Over and over, her heart, and her mind groaned, 'no' but her body cried,'Yes!' The battle was relentless. Futile even, but she struggled on.

The war raged on, but the man between her knees was oblivious, only intent on winning his own fight. He could sense her fighting him; her fear drenched him from head to toe. But she was so near, so close, she just needed one minuscule moment of acceptance, and he'd send her off like an exploding rocket. He had to change tactics.

So Will touched her.

He didn't know who was surprised more when Deanna shot back, away from his probing fingers, her eyes ablaze with shock and embarrassment, her legs instantly squeezing closed, shutting him out. But it didn't stop the throbbing from coursing through her body, in tune with her pounding heartbeat. It matched his.

For a long moment they simple stared at each other; his eyes, glistening like sapphires, hers, like glorious, luminous orbs of jet, wide and wild like the breath that left her mouth. The silence hung between them, waiting. Will dropped his eyes to her lips, and then licked his own, the simple movement sent a flare of remembrance to her womb, and her head filled with regret, and longing.

Somehow, Will sensed the loss, the need, and when he gently tugged her back towards him and pulled her knees apart, moving in between them again, there was no resistance. But this time, when his tongue touched her, it was against her own as he began a relentless assault on her mouth.

Deanna inched nearer to him, her body unable to sustain the loss of having him so far away. Locked. That was how she felt; locked, and Will held the key, and as he continued to batter her defences down, she felt her entire being begin to open.

Will felt it too. When he reached down between their bodies and gently touched her again, she was ready for it. A long finger began to mimic his tongue and he felt her begin a mimic of her own. He pushed, and she pushed back, harder, wanting - begging for more. Gone was the struggle deep within her that was holding her back. The woman was emerging, the one that wanted to feel. To learn. To love. The fire began to build inside her again. Her entire insides; her womb, her belly, her mind, and her heart, filled with an overwhelming desire to be set free.

Will threaded his fingers into her hair, gripping the back of her neck, turning her head so that he could plunder her mouth even deeper still. She was close, so close. He felt her hands caress the vast expanse of his chest, her nails digging into the taut muscles that he knew rippled with his own tension. He wanted her. Will ached to get so deep inside her, that he let himself drift off into a dream, a dream that he hoped the night would let come alive.

He felt rather than heard her explosion, in the way her body went taut, gripping his hand between her now firmly clamped thighs, and the sudden release of hot liquid that poured into his palm, along with the intimate throbbing. And by the way her fingers left his chest and rose to his neck, ripping their mouths apart as she stared, open-mouthed and stunned at his overjoyed, and revered face.

And then he found himself flat on his ass, watching her fleeing form scuttling away from him as though the devil himself was hard on her heels, her billowing skirts rippled in a multitude of glorious reds as it danced with the moonlight that poured in through the glass overhead.

It took him a full ten seconds for the shock to pass and for sanity to prevail as he jumped to his feet and set off after her. "Deanna!" he called, his voice echoing though the quiet darkness as he followed her retreating path. He couldn't see her, but he could hear the light tapping of her shoes, and she was still running - away from him. As he chased after her, his way only lit by the small colourful lights that lit up the flower beds, Will frantically wondered what had gone wrong. He was so sure she was enjoying herself, and so sure that it was what she had wanted, that he was quite frankly, totally mystified. And scared.

"Deanna! Please stop! Let's talk about this." Even he heard the fear in his voice as it bounced around the huge structure. His only answer was silence. Total, eerie silence, which instantly told him she'd stopped running.

But where was she? Will was pretty certain that she hadn't left the building because she had been running in the wrong direction, towards the back. Will groaned. Maybe there was another way out - an emergency exit. There had to be one.

He stopped running, dragging his feet to an unwelcome halt and let his laboured and fear-ridden breath ease a little. He stared deep into the surrounding flora trying to hopefully catch a glimpse of his quarry, but she had disappeared - merging herself into the dark shadows.

"Damn!" he angrily muttered, his heartbeat still pounding in his chest - not just from the exertion, but from the loss of her. Deanna. Will began to miss her in the worst possible way, and it shocked him. How could that be? He hardly knew her. But then, he thought, he'd gotten closer to her than any other woman he'd been with. He had to find her.

But then a tidal wave of common sense drenched him from head to toe. He felt it start in his dense head, squeeze his loins and then dribble on down to his feet. He could find her, he had the ability. He didn't know how, or why, only that if he put a mind to it, he could find her. Sense her.

He figured it was his years of training with Starfleet that had honed in his senses. Learning to seek out silent, hidden enemies had been par for the course. He also figured that if you wanted something - or someone bad enough, you could draw on your gut feelings. And so that's what he did.

He stood ramrod still, illuminated only by the moonlight, and forced his mind to empty; calm itself. Once more his eyes surveyed the dense area letting his experience, and his heart, do the job at hand, taking in the various structures - seeing which one would hide a terrified woman.

It took a few moments until his head and eyes were drawn to an archway of sorts. The flowers that created the structure were stunning. Rich, purple blossoms hung like bunches of grapes from its branches, but beyond the arch lay a black area of some kind. His eyes travelled above the structure gauging the depth. It was enough to hide in.

Sure, slow footsteps took him nearer and he felt his heartbeat begin to hammer in his chest. She was here, he could feel it. He put one tentative foot between the arch, and then another, lowering his tall frame beneath the dangling flowers. His eyes adjusted automatically to the somewhat dimmer surrounding as he swung them furtively around, and even though he knew he'd find her there, he was still mildly surprised when he found himself staring into a pair of wide, cautious, ebony eyes.

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