By Carol Sandford


Chapter 01


"He's back, Doctor."

Nurse Ogawa moved away from Will's prone form so that the first thing that Will saw when he opened his heavily drugged eyes was his friend, Beverly Crusher, and the first words he would hear would be hers telling him that he was alive.

She moved closer, leaning over him so that her face was close to his; her hand lay lightly upon his chest, feeling its comforting beat. She watched his eyes moving beneath his still closed lids as they struggled to open. She smiled warmly as he lost the battle, but she wasn't concerned; he had been so heavily sedated that she was even surprised that he had managed to even come to, let alone look up at her with those beautiful piercing eyes.

Why couldn't he open his eyes? Will struggled against the force that kept him in the darkness. He wanted to wake. He wanted to see the sun in the sky; the grass on the ground; the salmon leaping the falls on their doomed travel home.

But it all eluded him. He felt the sting to his neck and wished he could splatter the infuriating bug that had left its poison to fester beneath his skin, but barely seconds later he felt the fog begin to lift; the darkness fade away as the light filtered through his still closed lids.

{{Wow, what kinda bug was that!?}} His hazy brain flicked through the memorised catalogue of insect life indigenous to Alaska but came up blank to a bug that cured rather than ailed. {{Hey, maybe I've just discovered a cure or something!}}

His brow furrowed as he pondered on the thought, {{Does that mean I have something?}}

"Commander. Will, come on, open those eyes, I know you're in there. Come on."

Beverly watched Will's forehead wrinkle when she spoke to him. She knew he could hear her but was troubled by the lack of recognition.

"Will, it's Beverly. Do you know where you are?"

Will heard a strange bleeping noise by his ear but didn't recognise the unusual sound. God, he wished he could open his eyes but they were so heavy, just so damned heavy. And that voice, who was it? Who was Beverly? Why was she here, in his home? He'd only fallen over and banged his head, God dammit! Although he must admit, he didn't remember the fall.

He heard 'her' voice again, "I know he's in there and he's conscious, but I can't understand why he won't open his eyes."

Will figured that she was a doctor. But what happened to old Doctor Franklin? Damn, the old man must be in his eighties by now. He was the first man that ever gave Will a whack on his ass. Oh, he'd never forget Doctor Franklin! Will wondered if he'd died. He hoped not.

Will was abruptly brought back to the moment in time when he felt one of his eyelids being forcibly pushed open, but he couldn't focus on the face before him as she was too close. But damn, she sure smelt nice. He tried to lift his arm to push her hand away, but it wouldn't work. He felt as if he had been tied down.

He felt the panic begin to rise within him. The doctor must have seen the fright in his eye for she quickly released the eyelid and hushed him with a very feminine whisper, her breath, cool against his lightly fevered skin. "Shhhhhh, it's okay."

Will felt the woman move away from him as she began to speak to the nurse, "I think it's time we let Deanna know that the Commander is conscious. Maybe she can revive him the rest of the way, he may respond to her."

Will heard a feint tap before the doctor began speaking, presumably to thin air, "Crusher to Counselor Troi, can you come to sickbay, please? we have a resident that is in need of a warm hello."

Will heard the distant response, noticing the excitement in the sultry and slightly foreign voice, "I'm on my way, Beverly."

But who was Counselor Troi. Is she my girlfriend? Do I even have a girlfriend? Heck, I must have. I'm Will Riker, the hottest f*** in highschool. Will inwardly sniggered. Yeah, course I've got a girlfriend. And I bet she's a blonde and got the longest legs in town. With that accent she could even be European, a Swede maybe. Swedes were hot. Yeah, that sounds like my babe.

So lost in his meandering and erotic thoughts, he physically jumped when he felt the small, cool hand take his, and an even cooler moist kiss touch his knuckles. But it was the word that threw him; "Imzadi."

Will panicked again. She doesn't recognise me! My face must be totally destroyed. She thinks I'm some guy called Imzadi! But I'm not, I'm William Riker. Redfern's quarterback. Highschool Jock!

It was then he realised he was sitting bolt upright staring at a trio of frightened faces. One Asian looking woman, a stunning red-head that was hovering some contraption over his body which bleeped like crazy. And then his eyes settled on the woman that still clutched his hand to her breast.

She was neither blonde, nor tall. In fact, quite the opposite. Raven hair that spiralled half way down her back, and eyes as black as coal, he'd never seen anything like her before. But aside the bleep of the surrounding machines, and in the background Will could hear the feint hum of something that was clearly the life source of whatever he was in, because it rapidly became very clear that he was no longer in his cabin in Valdez, Alaska. In fact he didn't even think he was on his own planet.

Puzzled, he pondered that if they were aliens, how could they understand him? If they were aliens, how come they hadn't fixed him? Aside from what he remembered in his youth, Will Riker didn't have a clue what day it was. What time it was. Where he was, or who the beautiful young woman was that still stood before him with huge tears falling down her cheeks. He hated asking, but he had to; He had to know.

"Who are you?"

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